Saturday, December 20, 2008

I help Mami..

The other day I had fever viral for a week. So I didn't go to school and stayed at home with Mami, Titi and Jasmine Cheh Cheh. Although I'm sick, but I helped mami to take care of TiTi. Like this....


Friday, December 19, 2008

I look Like my Mami

My mami say I look like her when she was young. Now I know where i got my nose and mouth from.

My New Chair...


Mami and Dadi bought this chair for me. They said I can use this in our new house while I watch tv. I'm starting to like it already!

Don't Yike!

Mami: Jayden good boy okay? Jayden go to school tomorrow and see Tacher Mani...
Jayden: MM AI teacher mani. Ai Sensei...
Mami: No..sensei is only on Saturdays. Tomorrow you see teacher Mani..then you play with friends..Then eat together...then bom bom...then sleep...then koong koong will bring you back home.
Jayden: MM ai teacher Mani. Ai Sensei.................Don't....Yike......Friends......
Mami: Ai la... Ai friends la. Play together ma..
Jayden: Don't yike.


In the shop trying Thomas shoes.

Mami: Try this one Jayden *showed him rm89.90 shoes*
Jayden: try....try....(remove shoes and try Thomas shoes)
Mami: (in mind: so expensive.If go home then don't like edi how? better buy cheaper one) Try this one Jayden..*pass him the 69.90 thomas shoes)
Jayden: Wah..... try try....
Mami: *pass rm19.90 thomas slipper* How about this one?
Jayden: NO. Don't yike Put Back! Put Back!
Mami: Okay Okay...Then what you want?
Jayden: *look around* This one! *grab a Thomas cap and walk to the counter.*

Muahahahha He love the cap and the thomas t-shirt so much. But I kept asking him to pose nicely for me and he wanted to go watch his tele. So he kept telling me DON'T YIKE PICTURE!!!! I'm such an evil mum!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Cheeky Lil Guy


Me: What's your dadidi's name?
Jayden: Chan WAK MI! (very near to the real name)
Me: Good... What's your mamimi's name? Tan.....
Jayden: Tan....
Me: Tan What?
Me: No.. Tan.....?
Me: :S
Jayden: TAN WHAT ONE! (quite near but the middle one totally wrong...)

He's one very cheeky lil guy!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You're Right!


Me: *cutting Persimmon*
Jayden: Meminon......Thank You sayang...
Me: Persimmon....and welcome sayang...
Jayden: Meninon..Welcome sayang...
Me: Perrrrrrsimmoooooon
Jayden: Peminon...
Me: Yeah Persimmon..
Jayden: You're right! You're right! You're right! You're Right!
Me: Okay Okay.. You're right!
Jayden : :D

Thursday, December 04, 2008

I Love My TiTi

Yes, I love my titi. When mami wants to bath my titi, I'll tell mamimi " I want wipe titi" and mami will say " Okay but becareful okay?"


One day mami was about to bath titi and I wanted to help as well.. then mami said "okay you come and bath too"...


See? My titi is so cute. I like to kiss my titi on his lips and mamimi and dadidi will say "EYERRRRRRRR!"

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Love Phonas!

Yes I love Phonas. I used to love Awi but then My awi went missing in school one day. Then mami and dad bought me new awi.. but he doesn't look the same. Then I love Phonas. I love Phonas so much, I carry it with me everywhere I go. And Aunty Mott know that I love Phonas so much, she bought me many many Phonas Shirt from Australia. Thank You Aunty Mott!


Even my Titi Has a Phonas Shirt!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

First Class Picture

This is his first ever class picture. Look at him! haha I really cannot believe that he can actualy sit still to take a formal picture like this. You can even see a lil smile there.


But look at his eyes...he looks so sleepy and tired. Sigh.. I hope he can get through this phase fast and be a cheerie boy again.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Big Time, Love And Notty

We're in Old town kopitiam when he decided to go on top of the table to reach for a spoon. Then he accidently knock over his dadi's kueh teow soup. So I quickly grab him and brought him to the toilet to wash his hands when he said..

Jayden: Pour..... Big Time!!!
Me: Yeah you pour dadidi's food. Who asked you to go up the table?
Jayden: :( Big time!

Either its BIG TIME = Big Problem or Big Time= Beat Time I'm not sure. Probably he's saying that its beating time, cos he knows that his dadidi will punish him by smacking his buttock later. :S


I was working at home in front of the pc and he kept coming to pull my hand. I shouted at him and asked him to sit down in the room. He went in and he sat down. Then he came out again and started pulling my hand again.

Me: WHAT!!!
Jayden: *put his hand on under my chin* Mamimi, I love you. *run back to the room*
Me: :O


Dad pick him up from school everyday and everyday without fail, dad will complain to me.

Dad: Aiyoh ..yr son ah... just now lie down on 7-11's floor. Refused to stand up. Ask me to buy vitagen, yakult and this sweet.
Jayden: Notty Boy!
Dad: Somemore you say Notty boy?
Jayden: Notty boy! :D
Dad: :#

Kek Sei Yan....

Monday, November 03, 2008

A Video For Kok Kor Kor

Kok Kor Kor, My mami said you want to hear me talking. So she took this video for you.
This is me singing my favourite song.. "Salty" from Thomas and friends.

check out my mouth when I sing. Tee hee hee.

Pretty & Honey

In 7-11 before Shichida class:
Me: (choosing coffee in chiller)
Jayden: Mamimi..... Pease? (holding mentos) Tit! Tit! (asking me to pay)
Me: Okay.. :) (since he said please without me asking him to do so gazzilion times) Let's go see your sensei now.

Walk side by side..

Jayden: *stop walking*
Me: why Jayden?
Jayden : *grin* Hi...Perrtttie
Me: What did u say?
Jayden: Hi Perrtie.............*Big Grin*
Me: Hi Pretty? where did u learn that?
Jayden: *laugh* and continued to walk
Me: :D


At mum's house last night, Jayden was playing with Jeremy and suddenly he ran to me and said:
Jayden: Hi Honey!
Me: Huh? Honey?
Jayden: Hi Honey!!! bye!
Me: :O


Rolling on the bed:
Jayden : I......Igloo (said it Eye Gloo)
Me: (about to correct him)
Jayden: I said... Igloo.. (EEEEE GLOOO)
ME: :#

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Super Benjol Boy!


See... one night Mami and Dadi asked me to sleep. But I refused and roll roll on the bed and BOOM! I fell down and my head landed on the musical hook. That's why you can see a "C" on my benjol. Dadidi went and boil an egg and tried to massage my benjol. But then half way massaging, yolk started to drip! Mamimi asked him to take ice and massage me but Dadidi refused. Dadidi even massages my head with the egg without removing the shell at first! Sigh.. I know I'm a funny boy and I have a funny Dadidi. :)

Good Job Baby!

We're in the car when I heard him saying "Good Job Baby!" And gave Justin a big wet kiss on the lips. We laughed and HL asked me what did Justin do?

Basically nothing, just being himself sitting on the baby car seat. And that, his kor kor praised him and gave him a kiss. :)


Jayden is so loving and adores his lil brother. I hope it stays this way even after Justin knows how to walk and know how to fight for toys *fingers crossed*

Sunday, October 26, 2008


We went to hunt for tiles for our new house. And while we're in the showroom, I heard him saying this..

Hey! Look at that! Wow, Cool!

That's cool. Cos we don't know where he learnt that. Haha


In The Car:

Mami: We're going to bring you to see monkeys okay? Feed monkeys, okay?
Jayden: I want elephant...
Mami and Dadi : *alamak* errr no ler.. we're going to see monkey only ok?
Jayden: Feed monkey...


Before going to bed:

Jayden: Say Night Night Jayden...
Mami: Night Night Jayden. You say Night Night Mami?
Jayden: *smile* Night Night..................Dadidi
Mami: :( You don't wanna say night night mami?
Dadi: Night night Jayden. Say night night mami ok?
Jayden: Night Night......*smile* dadidi *Close eyes*

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Because I Never Say Sorry

Last Friday I didn't go to school because Dadidi woke up late. Everyone didn't sleep well because TiTi kept crying for milk in the middle of the night. Then Mamimi wanted to send me to school but her car broke down. So I end up being at home with TiTi and Mamimi alone. Mamimi supposed to work on that day but because TiTi and I are being very demanding, Mamimi ended up not working at all.

And then when mamimi refused to give in to my request, I started throwing things and started kick and lie down on the floor. Mamimi "Tah Tah" me and asked me to sit down until I say sorry. But I don't want to. So I sat on the floor and cry...cry... cry....

And since I don't have any toys with me, I started to do some houdini action and I ended up wearing my shirt like this.

And I still refused to say sorry. And I cried for 1 hour plus until my eyes are all swollen. Then Mami yelled "You don't wanna say sorry? Then go SLEEP!"

And I crawl to my elmo pillow while crying and Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



He can now count 1-12 in English And 1-10 in Cantonese and BM. But his Cantonese and BM sounds kinda funny...



Sometimes he will even count his own fingers and also he loves counting Titi's lil toes.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I want COMB (cut) hair!

Mami said my hair is looking like a ball soon. So she brought me to comb (cut) hair. This is a very special comb hair place because they have a car and barney show too. The uncle cut my hair so fast like ZAP ZAP ZUP.

My dadi asking the uncle "faster come!"

Oh yeah.. i hate the cover so dadi took my shirt off when the uncle cut my hair.

When I looked up, I can see that my hair is shorter already! Then he let me ride on the car with the music and I like this place. Now I always tell my mami that I want to COMB (cut) hair!

Monday, September 22, 2008

30 Months Kor Kor!

Yes, I turned 30 months (yesterday). But mami is busy eating, pumping milk, enjoying her massage session, she was abit late in posting this. Well, at least she posted. Normally she will just totally forget about it. :P


Loving Thomas
Suddenly I have shifted my attention from Henry to Thomas. All day I will ask mami to play Thomas video, Thomas and more Thomas. Aunt Su from Ozzie sent me and my TiTi so many Thomas things, like the hat I'm wearing up there. Thanks Aunty SU!

Loving TiTi

Every morning I will go to TiTi's room and say "Hi Baby....." and sometimes I will share my toys with him. But he doesn't know how to play yet...:(

Enjoying School.
Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night, singing and then I will tell my mami "I want school..." Koong Koong has been fetching me from school since mami gave birth. Today, I told koong koong "Thank you koong koong" and koong koong was so happy.

Mami's note: Jayden had his flu jab (syr polaramine) on the 19/9/2008

Playing with my TiTi

Every morning I will run to my TiTi's room and say "Hi Baby.....".

Sometimes I will share my trains with him and put it on his chest.

Sometimes I will play train with him...

and sometimes I will use him as my train track.

But TiTi is always so sleepy...

I wonder when he can play with me...


Sunday, September 21, 2008

MoonCake Festival

This year, I played blow candles lantern with my Jasmine cheh cheh and Jeremy kor kor. Jee Boh Leh, Jee boh and Aunty Andrea(Jee Boh Leh's twin sister) came too. My Koong2 and Poh2 also came.But mamimi cannot come out from the house because she just gave birth to my TiTi.

I really enjoyed myself blowing candles and singing Happy Birthday song! Next year My TiTi can play lantern with me and we can blow real candles because his birthday is so near to Mooncake Festival!

Friday, September 12, 2008

This is my TiTi

One night, my Boh Boh came and took me to her house. Then, she told me that my mami went to work. And then the next day, I went to hospital and saw her sitting on a bed. I miss her so much and wanted to jump on the bed with her. Then she showed me something...

She said this is my TiTi, Justin Boy.

Then, I got confused because baby is supposed to be in the tummy. How come it's out here?

So I said Sayang Baby and I accidently slap my TiTi's head and everyone got shocked. I got upset and ran out of the room and told my Boh Boh "Angry Baby, Yes!"

Then dadi and I went home. Mami stay in the hospital with TiTi. I miss my mami...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Things He Said...


Thank You Sayang....
When I help him to put the straw in his Yakult Drink. But he'll only say it to me but not his dadi. A guy thing? hmmmmm

No Thanks!
I wanted to spoon feed him during dinner that day and suddenly he said "NO THANKS" and ate himself.

Chu Chu Ann
That's what he called Ambulance...

Pok Pok Ann
That's what he said when he is singing Polly Put The Kettle On.

OOOh ba ba...
That's what he said when he do something by himself... hahah That's what his dad used to say also. In the genes?

He's getting more verbal now and we can't wait for him to have a long conversation with us. Perhaps at that time we'll find him irritating. Haha..

Monday, September 01, 2008

I had HFMD er...

Last week, I was down with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. Mami think I got it from the school. So I stayed home with mami and I only can eat Ice Cream and cold drinks because my mouth was painful. See?


I have a few in my mouth. So painful.

Then my hand and legs got these dots everywhere.
I told mami its itchy and she applied cream for me. After that it is not itchy anymore.

So what did I do at home?
I watched tv...

Ate ice cream....

Sometimes I feel tired and I will chill like this...

And sometimes I play in my tent when my Mami is working in front of her computer until I sleep..

Now, I got better but my dadidi got it from me. Mami hopes that dadidi will get well soon cos baby is coming out soon!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Love My Mami's Tummy

My mami's tummy is so round and big,
I can use it as a table to play my puzzle.

My mami's tummy is so round and big,
I can hardly see her when I'm playing aeroplane on her lap.

My mami's tummy is so round and big,
It's hard for me to reach her lips when I want to kiss her.

When its in the way,
I'll say "Sayang baby?"
Sometimes I will say "Kiss baby?" And kiss my mami's big and round tummy.
Sometimes when I feel I should give some hug, I'll hug mami's tummy.
I just love my mami's big and round tummy.

I'm going to be a kor kor

In 29 days time ( or earlier) i'm going to be a kor kor. This is how i practise to be a kor kor...

This is the bassinet for my mami's new baby. But I need to test it first. The bassinet is old and worn off, mami said that she's throwing it away. But I think its just fine...
See..I can play my puzzle in this bassinet.

When my mami's new baby comes, I will sleep in the bassinet with baby like this..
I will share my chit chit.
Put blanket.
Sleep on Elmo pillow.
Then I will clap my hands and sing for baby.
Then we watch tv together...

And I will read for baby...
And pat baby to sleep..
and sing la la la...

When I'm angry or sad...

Remember my mami wrote that when I'm angry I will start to say my ABC?? She managed to record it the other day. She said she wants me to watch it when I'm older...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Looking back...

This pic was taken back in Dec 2006 when J was about 9 months old. How time flies..He was still very botak with his mohawk hairstyle. haha

Monday, August 11, 2008

Family Pics

Here are some of our latest pictures taken by Tricia during my maternity photoshoot.






Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jayden at 28 months


At 28 months he can:
* recites A-Z accurately when he's angry or sad. Probably a way to calm himself down?

* count 1-12 accurately, but then proceeded with kookteen kookteen, eighteen, twengty.

* Strings up to 4 words like - I en (am) git (good) boy.

* Learnt to say Dang Ku (thank you) from the cartoon "Can you teach my aligator manners". Sigh... I have been teaching him this and he refused to say it. The other day, he heard it over the tv and been saying it since then. But anyway, I'm glad he learnt some manners.

* Learnt the word Soweee (sorry) and said it when he accidently knock on something/someone and when someone knocked him.

*request whatever he wants and he's very demanding. I want Yakult. I want nana. Endless requests.

*fling the fridge door anytime he wants and will take whatever he wish from the fridge like yakult, vitagen and cheese.

* know how to differentiate between itchy and pain.

*hates bathing these few days. I wonder why.

*love to read book while he's doing his no.2 just like his dadidi.

*started to drag his own school bag. Elmo sch bag given by Aunty Violet for his belated bday pressie. *thanks violet*

*loves his dadidi very much. But refused to ask dadidi to pway (play) with him or go to toilet with him. His dadidi's only duty to him is to bring him out to kaikai. Lately he will shout "DADIDI!!" and when there's no reply he will say "Dadidi".

*calls me mami or mamimi. And he just loves to call me- NON STOP!

What else? Cannot remember anymore....*sigh* I'm getting old.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Crazy about ABCs!


He's crazy about ABCs.

When he's angry he will say EH!!!!!!! b, c, d, f, g, h, ...........Z! UWa!!!!!!!!!! Probably he was distracting himself not to be so sad with whatever that made him sad.

Or he will say AR!!!! s, t , u, v, w , x, y, z!!!

Even his teacher asked me why is he like that. I said I have no idea. Probably he's just crazy about ABCs!

Well, at least we know he can remember all 26 alphabets correctly.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Sometimes you can hear him sing:



Yeap! He was singing

Happy Birthday to you!

*slap forehead* ABADUDU!!!

I want....

Ever since we taught him how to say "I want ...... (something)" he's been asking for many things. Everyday after school he will rush to the fridge and ask for
I want Yakult.
I want Cheese.
I want nana (banana)
I want tantantan (rambutan)

And while he is enjoying his food he will ask for
I want Elmo.
I want play.
I want book.

Although he only began to talk in short sentences at 27 months, it's okay. At least he is starting somewhere and we're not pressuring him. However his vocab on single words improved. Being able to differentiate between Wash and Watch really surprised me cos' I have never really taught him. I guess he's finally listening to what I'm saying. Hahaha

But no matter how much he improved and changed, he's still stucked to his pacifier (which is about to koyak anytime now) and his Elmo pillow. Look at his shy face when I snapped his picture in the car the other day.

I just love this shy look of my kiddo!