Monday, September 22, 2008

30 Months Kor Kor!

Yes, I turned 30 months (yesterday). But mami is busy eating, pumping milk, enjoying her massage session, she was abit late in posting this. Well, at least she posted. Normally she will just totally forget about it. :P


Loving Thomas
Suddenly I have shifted my attention from Henry to Thomas. All day I will ask mami to play Thomas video, Thomas and more Thomas. Aunt Su from Ozzie sent me and my TiTi so many Thomas things, like the hat I'm wearing up there. Thanks Aunty SU!

Loving TiTi

Every morning I will go to TiTi's room and say "Hi Baby....." and sometimes I will share my toys with him. But he doesn't know how to play yet...:(

Enjoying School.
Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night, singing and then I will tell my mami "I want school..." Koong Koong has been fetching me from school since mami gave birth. Today, I told koong koong "Thank you koong koong" and koong koong was so happy.

Mami's note: Jayden had his flu jab (syr polaramine) on the 19/9/2008

Playing with my TiTi

Every morning I will run to my TiTi's room and say "Hi Baby.....".

Sometimes I will share my trains with him and put it on his chest.

Sometimes I will play train with him...

and sometimes I will use him as my train track.

But TiTi is always so sleepy...

I wonder when he can play with me...


Sunday, September 21, 2008

MoonCake Festival

This year, I played blow candles lantern with my Jasmine cheh cheh and Jeremy kor kor. Jee Boh Leh, Jee boh and Aunty Andrea(Jee Boh Leh's twin sister) came too. My Koong2 and Poh2 also came.But mamimi cannot come out from the house because she just gave birth to my TiTi.

I really enjoyed myself blowing candles and singing Happy Birthday song! Next year My TiTi can play lantern with me and we can blow real candles because his birthday is so near to Mooncake Festival!

Friday, September 12, 2008

This is my TiTi

One night, my Boh Boh came and took me to her house. Then, she told me that my mami went to work. And then the next day, I went to hospital and saw her sitting on a bed. I miss her so much and wanted to jump on the bed with her. Then she showed me something...

She said this is my TiTi, Justin Boy.

Then, I got confused because baby is supposed to be in the tummy. How come it's out here?

So I said Sayang Baby and I accidently slap my TiTi's head and everyone got shocked. I got upset and ran out of the room and told my Boh Boh "Angry Baby, Yes!"

Then dadi and I went home. Mami stay in the hospital with TiTi. I miss my mami...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Things He Said...


Thank You Sayang....
When I help him to put the straw in his Yakult Drink. But he'll only say it to me but not his dadi. A guy thing? hmmmmm

No Thanks!
I wanted to spoon feed him during dinner that day and suddenly he said "NO THANKS" and ate himself.

Chu Chu Ann
That's what he called Ambulance...

Pok Pok Ann
That's what he said when he is singing Polly Put The Kettle On.

OOOh ba ba...
That's what he said when he do something by himself... hahah That's what his dad used to say also. In the genes?

He's getting more verbal now and we can't wait for him to have a long conversation with us. Perhaps at that time we'll find him irritating. Haha..

Monday, September 01, 2008

I had HFMD er...

Last week, I was down with Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. Mami think I got it from the school. So I stayed home with mami and I only can eat Ice Cream and cold drinks because my mouth was painful. See?


I have a few in my mouth. So painful.

Then my hand and legs got these dots everywhere.
I told mami its itchy and she applied cream for me. After that it is not itchy anymore.

So what did I do at home?
I watched tv...

Ate ice cream....

Sometimes I feel tired and I will chill like this...

And sometimes I play in my tent when my Mami is working in front of her computer until I sleep..

Now, I got better but my dadidi got it from me. Mami hopes that dadidi will get well soon cos baby is coming out soon!