Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jayden's First Time Swimming

This is Jayden's first time in the swimming pool. Want to share it with you guys. Be patient while waiting for the may take a while to load ..after you click on it.
Tips: Click and let it load till finish and click "watch again". You can see the whole video without interruption.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I'm 6 Months Old!

We celebrated Jayden's 6 months old happy day in Langkawi. And yesterday he went for his Hepatitis B Jab. As usual..never cry and continued to disturb the paed and played with the toys on the bed.

Weight : 7.5 kg. Not thin Not fat.

Height : 53.5 cm. Shorter than supposed to be. But grew 2 cm taller since 3 weeks ago.

Hair : Growing longer Mohawk style.But not growing more.
Eat/Drink: Sweet Potato, Porridge, 8 oz of milk every 3 or 2 1/2 hours.
Can say :
*Da..Di..Da..Di... Now you guys know why his Dadi switched from being Papa to Dadi la..he said his son calling him Dadi wor..hehe. But Mama also need to changed to Mami wor..
*MeMeMeMe Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa if I goes missing
*AyayaAyaya Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa if he wants milk.

Can do :
*Can put 8 fingers into his mouth. (big mouth leh?)
*Can turn in a few seconds time or as soon as his body touch the ground or bed.
*Trying to crawl..lifting butt and one leg at a time.
*Likes to play with own legs
*Throw things so that his maid (Mami) will pick it up for him. Sometimes the toy can land on his head like this..

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

We're Back From Holiday!

Yes..we're back! And its time to share our holiday pikture as plomised...

Our flight supposed to be 11.30 am. The taxi driver is so efficient.. he supposed to come at 9am, he reached at 8.30 am. So we gotto go to airport earlier...Then 11.30 came and left..then 11.50am...then 12.00 pm then delayed and delayed till 2.30pm. Air Asia ma.. it's like that wan..

Jayden says.."It's free ticket from Air Asia..we cannot complain la.."

We stayed at Helang Hotel...2 mins away from the airport..but far away from town. Dadi rented a Sentra to drive us around. All day just go round and round and round...cos nothing much to do and Dadi accidently pumped too much must utilise it round and round.
So this is the pikture of the lift in Helang hotelBut I like it when it reached 4pm. Cos that's the time when the water is hot enough to SWIM!!!

After swim swim, Mami and Dadi say hungry. So we went and Kai Kai around Langkawi town. But I can see the same thing over and over again.. I think we're going in round. hehehe Mami and Dadi ate alot of seafood..Mami say the soft shell crab very nice to eat..

The next day Dadi says he wants to bring me to swim at the beach side. So we to Langkasuka Hotel nearby to swim...

I look chubby leh? Actually I'm not..In the pikture I looked like I'm chubby..Anyway, why no pikture of me swimming in the sea? Cos Mami says its too hot..So we went to the swimming pool to swim..
My Dadi and my moment together...If i put my fingers into your mouth and korek korek means I like you.. so we're friend friend already... Mami managed to get one uncle to take family pikture for us.. Then we checked-out at 12. Since our flight is at 5pm and we still have alot of petrol...we went round and round the town again.. until Mami also fell asleep...

And then we stopped by to eat lunch and drink coconut juice..

Then we went for last minute shopping and rushed to the airport. Luckily our flight never get delayed alot. Only a bit la..

You wanna ask me whether I'm scared to sit in the airplane or not? Nola..not scared at all also..So overall, I love my holiday to Langkawi..I love to swim..I love to swim and I love to swim. Cannot wait for my next holiday in December..we're going to the Chan's family gathering in Lone Pine Penang!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

We're Away!

Yes..we'll be away for our Family Holiday in Langkawi.
It'll be Jayden's first time on a plane..
So no updates from 19th till 25th.
We'll be back from Langkawi by 21st.
But Mimi is on leave on 22nd.
So she will update you guys on the 25th.
So drop by on the 25th and check my picture in my swimming trunk!
See Ya!!

I'll be 6 months in a few more days!

I'm gonna be 6 months old soon...

errr in a couple of days.
Don't ask me how many day?
I cannot count i know how many days?


Last Friday...

Last Friday while feeding Jayden guess what happened?

He fell asleep while eating his sweet potato!
He didn't even finished his food..

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Notty Lil' Me!

Mimi took these pictures last night while she was feeding me. She made me Barney Food (Japanese Purple Sweet Potato). Very Yummy wan.. you want to try??

Anyway, i want to show off my lantern..
My Dadi Buy for me from Jaya Jusco wan.. Choo! CHoo!!

And this is Mimi's first Mooncake for this year.Aunty Yin Yin (the one that that tumpang Mimi's car everyday to work) give wan
But my head abit itchy..cos Mozzie bite bite me..very itchy la Mimi!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The many faces of Jayden Boy

Dadi say since Mimi likes to take picture of Jayden Boy so much..its time to invest on a tiny,slim,changgih and proper camera. So does that mean Mimi is getting a new present from Dadi? Hmmmm

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

When I'm Awake...

....I love to play. I'll play with anything around me. But I love big things. Like this bolster. I like Mami's bolster. Cos it's so huge!

Ah Mami! You're taking my picture again ah!

I also like it when Mami do this to my ear...

Eeeeee so geli...but i like it!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Just the 2 of Us..

These 2 guys are the most important guys in my life.
Look at comfortable...

Look at them chilling out together...

If only Dadi can take over Jayden for a day so Mami can go shopping..

I'm a Star!

Here you go as pictures taken last last Sunday in Bandar Utama's Baby Fair.
Cute or not?
I'm a big boy already..I've finished my third jab. No more fever jab already!

Friday, September 08, 2006

I LAP my new toy!

This is where i sit when Papa & Mama is having their dinner. Normally I'm a good boy..sometimes i'm notty la. And i love to sing ..although the music player kaput already..the sound like squeeking and mumbling but my voice is much louder...dun believe...u see la.

If you want to see me blabling..pls click this video.
Please be patient while waiting for my lil video to load...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Now Da Di Pulak! *pengsan*

Last time HL used to say that he likes our kids to call us PaPa and MaMa. For me, I used to imagine that my kids will call me Mummy, and in short they can call me MiMi. Then last night HL came back and asked Jayden to call him “ Da Di”. Why sudden change leh?

Cos that day Jayden was blabbling and suddenly he said .. “Da Di..Da Di”. HL was so happy..saying that Jayden knows how to call him already.

So now it’s gonna be Da Di for HL and MiMi/Mami for me…*sigh*

I hope Jayden is not confused…if Jayden is not confused..then Mama is confused.

I feel so awkward calling myself MaMi when I’ve been calling myself Mama all these while..Papa you better make up yr mind! off time!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wee! 13 days more to holiday!

Yes! Another 13 days more to look forward to our holiday in Langkawi. It'll be Jayden's first time to wear his swimming outfit and first time swimming! It'll also be a good time for everyone to relax and spend some quality time together.

Papa is not happy yesterday cos he lost a BIG BIG BIG tender that he's been following for long long time.

Jayden says:

Nevermind la papa. Big tender no more, no need to be unhappy.Unhappy also no use, better use the energy to think of other options or customer. Jayden don't need nice clothes, big house, good food, or nice car to travel. All Jayden wants is Papa and Mama to love me and just feed me nen nen when i cry.

Jayden loves you Papa...*Muaks!*

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I went to 2 Birthdays last week! happy.. and so busy. Because have to attend 2 birthdays a....

On the 2nd September, we celebrated my Jee Boh's birthday..her 30th. So old already. Hehehe
We went to makan makan at Ah Wah Chicken Wing usual la. I think we need to find another restaurant cos the food is getting more expensive and its not nice anymore.

Then we went to Sze Yin's birthday party on Sunday. Mama wanted so snap some pictures of the kids there but she failed. Cos they moved to fast. But nevermind, you can still see our pictures here cos my Min Aunty sure post nice nice pictures of Birthday in her blog wan...

Anyway..i want to introduce my cousins in Chan Family to Tan Family la...

From Left to right: Sze Yin, Adam and Laura

You see la.. they cycle so fast. Mama also cannot snap thier pictures properly..

Monday, September 04, 2006

Out Kai Kai in Bandar Utama

Merdeka! Although i dunno what's that...hehehe

Anyway, we went to Bandar Utama to KaiKai..and of course alot of ppl la..cos Megasale going to end edi ma.. No more shopping for Mama. She's broke already. Need to pay car road tax and insurance soon... hehehe

So as usual, i need to drink my milk. So Mama brought me to a pretty room in Parkson. Wah like Barney's room only. All purple colour wan....

Then before we went home Mama and Papa acted like orang gila...why?? Cos they gotto make me smile for my photography session. Sorry a...nice pictures only available after 10th only sneak preview..

Mama just can't get enough of me..wear hat also want to take picture. She say i look like train master wor..what do you think?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

We're Away...

Finally! We'll be going off to our Holiday together-gether in Langkawi..
It'll be Jayden's first time on the plane.
So no news from tomorrow 19th until 24th.
We will update-updating u guys on the 25th.
Or maybe earlier...if we have the opportunity
So See Ya...remember to come by by the 25th...
cos u can see me in my swimming trunk..