Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I went to a festival

Mami and Dadi brought me to Bandar Utama Community Fest that day. My aunt Min (Ah Kor) was selling her cakes there.

This burger cake look so yummy but its too big for me...

She gave me one of these yellow muffin..

and I ate it....Yes, I'm left handed ...sometimes..

My dadi says faster......very hot la

But Mami is smarter, she chose to stand under the tree to take picture..

And finally me, without my pacifier. Do you like my lips?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

He is 17 months already!

Time flies and he is already 17 months old!

He is so active and mischievous and we're so happy although the both of us are so tired running around chasing after the little one. At home, once you turn around he's gone somewhere else. If he goes out to the hall, he will push the mozzie door open and he will close it back! And we've never taught him to do so!

He will run to the kitchen and open every single cabinet in the kitchen. If we're slow, the plates or the pots are out of the cabinet. So far, nothing's been broken except my Nescafe cup. He was trying to reach for the spoon. *sigh*

This lil guy had grown so much (not in terms of weight). he understands things better. For example he will cry whenever other kids go home before him. The other day, I went to pick him up and I saw him sitting down looking at the other boy putting on his shoes. Our lil one here looked so sad and was about to cry. Then he saw me, he jumped up and shouted "YAY" and started to do his joy dance while clapping his hands. And when I picked him up, he gave this "I-WON" kinda look to the other boys’ mother. Everyone laughed and the other boy's mother teased him "Oh...everyday people go home you cry huh? Today you so "action" huh? Your mummy came early to fetch you, you so “action" huh? hahahah My boy!

He also understands and will try to calm us when we pretend to be sad and cry. He will suck him pacifier for the last time (at least 10 seconds) and then put into our mouth (for 10 seconds only) and shake shake his head and then proudly take the pacifier back and put it back into his own mouth. HAHAHAHAHAHHA

Nowadays he constantly give me (more) heart attack cos he is starting to climb onto our bed and do his joy-dance on it. How he did it? He will pull whatever he can reach and put it as his stepping ladder before coming up. Sometimes he will successfully remember to go down the bed the right way (butt-down) but sometimes, he is too fast and you know what happen next......THUD!Uwaaaaa!!!!

Previously he used to like playing by himself. Now he wants us to play with him. He will play with older kids and not kids who are the same age as him or younger. I hope that he can learn how to mix with other kids like his cousin brother and sis.

That is our lil one with Ryan who just migrated to Singapore.And another pic of him playing by himself....(pic from Nadia)

Here's a little video of him shopping yesterday in Giant. If we were to let him be the shopping coordinator we will go broke.

We will be celebrating our National Day next week. So here's the little one showing that he is patriotic too!

Yeah, he's pretty excited about it too!

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Happy Holiday!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lah Cha Kau Chai

Normally when ppl see dirty kids they will go like "Lah Cha Meow" (dirty cat).I have no idea why they call kids that is dirty Lah Cha Meow. But this is my version of the Lah Cha Kau Chai.(Kau Chai = Lil doggie. Remember that he was born in the year of Dog?).

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Normally the super clean mom will go like "Arghhhh!! So dirty!". But I'm not the super clean + perfect mum and I like him to explore things by himself. He's improving, although he looked super dirty. At least I can't see any mee on the floor this time. Yipee!

Friday, August 10, 2007

He likes to colour...

I bought this lil small pack of colour pencil(RM1 only!) from Mydin and took home a few pieces of recycle paper from my sis office and see how much the lil one enjoyed scribbling away....ahhhh the joy of just looking at him drawing and giggling and babbling.

But then suddenly I felt so touched (wanna cry errr) just looking at him drawing and he looked so big boy edi (not in terms of size la...cos u know he is skinny).

Look at him scribbling with 2 hands! I don't know why, he always need to hold something in both his hands then only he can balance himself. I didn't know that drawing also need to hold pencil in both hands! hahah And then look at him squatting while scribbling. Cute right?

I know I know it's bad for him to write with this position so we went for table and chair hunting in Ikea. But it seems like the table and chairs are too expensive. So the very next day we went to Mydin and this is what we got for him.

A short table for RM 17.90 (just in case he climb on it and do some funny dance and fell down. At least it's lower than normal table so the "injury" will be "less". Haha which HE DID LAST NIGHT, WHILE WATCHING BARNEY. Wanna dance on the table and fell down like cempedak. Cried like mad, I tell you!) And a small stool (RM3.90) where he can sit by himself, with the position like sumo wrestlers lifting up their legs before the match..HAHAHA funny sight)

And he happily posed for me...

And he said "Oh No !!! HOMEWORK!!!!! HEADACHE!!!"

And Dadi came home and played with him. He used the little plastic knife to cut the watermelon in half for his dad. That's his new toy. I bought in from Spore to teach him about fruits and vege and also how to divide things in to 2. His nanny told the other boy's mum that these toys like GIRL!!!! Girl her head la *fuming*

He's beginning to have conversation with me. Shorts one. he will say DIGA DIGA IKA IKA???? Okay, I dunno what that means but somehow I know what he want. Haha His dad always ask me what he want ah?

The other day when I picked him up from nanny's she told me. He asked "MAMA eh?" after all the other children left. Yeah, I'm not surprised cos sometimes he will ask me "dadih eh?" He's beginning to ask me questions. One time I tied my hair back and as he lay on my chest, he asked me " diga? diga?" then point point at my ear and my hair for a few times. Then I realised, he asked me where's my hair? So put my hair down and he smiled and started pulling my hair...Adoi!

Every morning he need to do the same thing. Drink his milk and slowly pass the bottle to me (cos he used to throw his bottle and I smacked him, so he's scared edi) and will ask me to carry him to see ISH.... that's his version of fish. And he will say udddd.... for Bird.. And Chiak Chiak for my dog, ChaCha.

Okay that's all the update for now.Ta.

Food Review By Ming Siew

You don't know who is Ming Siew (Master Ming) ah? Ming Siew used to be the nickname given by his nanny to Jayden. He said he is like a little master. Whatever that means la, okay. Anyway I pass my blog over to Ming Siew la.

*ahem* That day my Dadi wanted to go to Kg Tungku Post opit. Then he said hungry so we went to C-Park to eat mee. This place is called Soo Kee Ipoh Shreded Chicken Hor Fun. So we sat down and ordered something. Then the pweetie cheh chech brought this to our table. So, I cannot talk much now edi because my saliva is drooping and somemore I'm not sucking my chutchut(pacifier).

So my mami gave me a spoon and a small bowl and ask me to get to work eat. First you need to check the temperature of the noodle. You don't wanna burn your lips and remember me!
Then you test test water noodle and if its not hot you can start to eat like me.Yes hold a spoon in your left hand and use your right hand to eat.
It's the newest style of eating.
Oppsss the noodle fell out cos so slippery. But then you use your little pointer (that's what mami called my 2nd finger cos Barney sings "where is pointer? where is pointer? hehe) to push it back in. My mami always scold advised me not to waste food.
And you make sure you sapu everything in the bowl including the soup. If can, make sure you lick the bowl also ya.
And then you ask for more when your bowl is empty. So I guess the noodle is nice because I asked for more. But then I tell you all a secret..... My mami said it's expensive because it's 4 linggit a bowl and I can eat half a bowl. She say dun wanna come anymore....just like the last time she said before! I think she is lying wan....hehe

Must see video

You will miss out something funny if you don't see this!

I was reading my newspaper in the car the other day and suddenly I overheard someone talking. Exactly like an adult talking using a handphone. Ah...Hmm....Ah... So I turned and saw Jayden using his Dadi's car player remote control and was pretending to talk on the phone! So I started to record and suddenly.....

Finally some Spore updates

HL went for training the day after we reached Spore. So only left the mother and the lil one in the hotel all alone. So every morning we will sleep till 10am and then we will walk out for makan makan session at the nearby flats.

The 2nd day, I enrolled for a Ducktour around the city and the river. But before the tour we need to get to Suntec City to get our tickets. So we went for a ride in the double decker bus. He liked it at first then he began to get irritated cos the wind was blowing towards his eyes.

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And the tour guide, talk and talk and talk non stop......
and Mami snap and snap pictures non stop...
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Finally we got our tickets but we need to wait for another hour. So we took a quick bite of Nasi Lemak and Teh Ais before we went on the boat ride. The vehicle is actually a land and water kind of vehicle. And we're the last one to go on it, and there's no other seat available except the front seat nearest to the driver and the tour guide was just next to us. Talk and Talk and Talk again!
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Nothing special for the boat ride, Jayden slept after 20 mins of the boat ride. According to the tour guide, the river that we're at will be converted into a damp or water reservoir just in case Malaysia won't supply them water in the future. Okay, that's a good plan!
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Every night both Jayden and mami will look forward for Dadi's return from training. Then we will go for our dinner and walk walk around our hotel area. Our hotel area is near to Bugis night market. So lotsa things to SEE and buy. (But I didn't buy many things la..Save money lo) Jayden was so impressed with the Giant Fan in the Bugis night market. It was so windy and nice......But most of the time it was raining in Spore so when the rain comes..brrrrr cold!
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The next day, I enrolled ourselves to Jurong Bird Park visit. We took the 2pm tour cause the earlier one was at 8am. Both mother and son still in lalaland how to wake up leh??? And there's another 2 ladies from Dubai that joint us in the same van. They're so nice. The daughter ( she looked the the hottie Ashwarai something something leh....) helped me to carry Jayden and also the stroller while we're at the park.
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But those who wish to go Jurong Bird Park, I suggest that you go early in the morning cause you won't be able to see all in 3 hours only. Our tour was an express one! The tour guide repeated told us "You need to go straight to the amphitheater to see the Bird Show. International Standard! Don't miss it!Then after that, don't take picture! Go straight to the monorail! Don't go down! wait until you reach the point and go straight to the Hawk show! Then you have 15 minutes to take picture! I will wait for you at the entrance at 4:45pm. Okay? Remember!"

The next day was just roaming around the Orchard road. Dang! It rained like mad that day. And I tell you it's so hard to travel around with him in the stroller and umbrella. Not many places in Spore is stroller/wheel chair friendly. I gotto carry him in the strolller up and down the stairs. And please remember that most of the restaurant do not have baby chair, except fast food outlets like McD or KFC.

The last day I woke up with a cacated right leg. Don't know why it was so painful but I think I sprained my leg or walked too much. But a mother got to do her duty. Still gotto walk out to buy breakfast. And it was a rainy day again. *sigh* But luckily it was the last day.

So as conclusion,
Dadi happy cause he don't have to miss home.
Mami is happy because she get to be with both the guys that she love.
Jayden is happy because he get to travel in the bus, taxi, boat, MRT and Monorail. Only never get to ride bicycle. And get to swim in the bath tub everyday. And don't need to walk cause he travel most of the time in the stroller and get to see many many things. Buildings, fish, birds, vehicles blablabla...