Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jayden at 28 months


At 28 months he can:
* recites A-Z accurately when he's angry or sad. Probably a way to calm himself down?

* count 1-12 accurately, but then proceeded with kookteen kookteen, eighteen, twengty.

* Strings up to 4 words like - I en (am) git (good) boy.

* Learnt to say Dang Ku (thank you) from the cartoon "Can you teach my aligator manners". Sigh... I have been teaching him this and he refused to say it. The other day, he heard it over the tv and been saying it since then. But anyway, I'm glad he learnt some manners.

* Learnt the word Soweee (sorry) and said it when he accidently knock on something/someone and when someone knocked him.

*request whatever he wants and he's very demanding. I want Yakult. I want nana. Endless requests.

*fling the fridge door anytime he wants and will take whatever he wish from the fridge like yakult, vitagen and cheese.

* know how to differentiate between itchy and pain.

*hates bathing these few days. I wonder why.

*love to read book while he's doing his no.2 just like his dadidi.

*started to drag his own school bag. Elmo sch bag given by Aunty Violet for his belated bday pressie. *thanks violet*

*loves his dadidi very much. But refused to ask dadidi to pway (play) with him or go to toilet with him. His dadidi's only duty to him is to bring him out to kaikai. Lately he will shout "DADIDI!!" and when there's no reply he will say "Dadidi".

*calls me mami or mamimi. And he just loves to call me- NON STOP!

What else? Cannot remember anymore....*sigh* I'm getting old.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Crazy about ABCs!


He's crazy about ABCs.

When he's angry he will say EH!!!!!!! b, c, d, f, g, h, ...........Z! UWa!!!!!!!!!! Probably he was distracting himself not to be so sad with whatever that made him sad.

Or he will say AR!!!! s, t , u, v, w , x, y, z!!!

Even his teacher asked me why is he like that. I said I have no idea. Probably he's just crazy about ABCs!

Well, at least we know he can remember all 26 alphabets correctly.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Sometimes you can hear him sing:



Yeap! He was singing

Happy Birthday to you!

*slap forehead* ABADUDU!!!

I want....

Ever since we taught him how to say "I want ...... (something)" he's been asking for many things. Everyday after school he will rush to the fridge and ask for
I want Yakult.
I want Cheese.
I want nana (banana)
I want tantantan (rambutan)

And while he is enjoying his food he will ask for
I want Elmo.
I want play.
I want book.

Although he only began to talk in short sentences at 27 months, it's okay. At least he is starting somewhere and we're not pressuring him. However his vocab on single words improved. Being able to differentiate between Wash and Watch really surprised me cos' I have never really taught him. I guess he's finally listening to what I'm saying. Hahaha

But no matter how much he improved and changed, he's still stucked to his pacifier (which is about to koyak anytime now) and his Elmo pillow. Look at his shy face when I snapped his picture in the car the other day.

I just love this shy look of my kiddo!