Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Boo Boo Me Sick Sick!

Hmm Jayden is down with fever again. This time it's only fever on the head and not the body. Weird eh? can't blame him...cos his mama also liddat wan....

Anyway we took him to the hospital and we was busy kicking and blablabla-ing and when got into the doctor's room, he can't stop smiling while looking at the doctor (nope, not a lenglui doctor..) And he was busy grabbing her hands while she was examining her. And when we took his temperature with the ear thermometer, he was only 37. somethin something. But then when the doctor took his temperature with the thermometer (she put into his poot poot) he was actually having high fever 38.7. It was an internal fever...anyway this morning he got much much better.*phew*

Yesterday i had a conversation with his nanny. Nanny May said that my boy is the first baby under her care that is very "pantang". He said that normally she dun believe all this but she realize that everything time after someone praised my son, the next day sure sick wan...That's what I was thinking also..but didn't dare to tell her cos she's very kwai lowe type wan. So no more praise praise Jayden boy in front of him.

My hubby don't understand this "pantang" thing at all...he always say "how can you say my son is ugly when he is not?". So sometimes he comes back and say "Jayden ah..u so ugly la.." and turn around and tell me " I really dun get how this thing works!". Men....*shaking head*

Anyway here's a video of him before he's down with fever...yes, he is a talkative boy although he is only 5 months old.

and i never get enough of my little boy

Friday, August 25, 2006

Me like to....

No...I'm not sleeping...

See my eyes open wan mah...

You guess what I'm doing....

Watching tv la..what else!

Monday, August 21, 2006

We went Shopping!

As I have mentioned previously, I really need a break. So I went for therapy to loosen up.

And the choosen therapy.....RETAIL TERAPHY!

I went to Winnie the Pooh’s Adventure Fest in MidValley Megamall. We got there quite early (kiasu ma..very hard to find parking u know…) and when we got there, the exibition centre (pooh’s area) was in total darkness. Overheard the staff said that they "over used the electricity". So while waiting for the electricity to come back, we took some picture outside with the standees…like every parent and children did.

It’s only 10.45 am and it’s already very crowded. No wonder, there’s lots of toys and activities for the bigger kids to play when you purchase stuff from this place. Every RM10 you're entitled to get 1 coupon, which your kid can enjoy 6 games.

Anyway here’s what we bought, Item No. 1. Darlie toothpaste. Buy I Darlie, free 1 cup. Cannot choose unless you buy 6 Darlies to get all. I think with 6 Darlies, I think can use until Jayden starts to brush teeth man… so just bought 1 for the sake of the cup.

Then to the clothes section. I nearly went MAD here cos it’s 50% discount. Since it’s so dangerous to let my baby stay in the stroller while I shop, I had to carry him. Choose & Choose suddenly “Chik chiak” “Chik chiak”. I looked to my left and suddenly a reporter started to snap pictures of Jayden and me. She didn’t even ask my permission and started to snap pictures and she can even ask me “Miss, can you please hold the clothes lower ah…cannot see the design and your son la..” Abit dazzled, I followed her instruction. “Chik chiak” “Chik chiak” ..”Ok. thanks”. So I resume to my shopping and she came again. “Miss can take again ah? Just now not nice ler..” So I posed again and again for her. So if you see Jayden got featured in the newspaper, remember to email me ya...Muahahaha.

My hubby starts to ask, “ why you buy so many?”…And to make him stop questioning me..i just replied “ er… for Chinese New Year ma”. Just when he thought I’m done, while lining up I saw the woman holding some Fisher & Price selling at RM8.95 when the normal price is RM29.90! I said .. “Babe, see this. Go! Go!”…then I changed my mind and called him on his hp “Babe, come back. I go!”. Man…it was like Amazing Race!

So overall, I’m SUPPOSED to spend like RM110++, but the girl asked me to pay RM70++. So I pay la.. then I went home and I think think, how come cheap wan? I think they want to give me discount la…So here’s what I bought…

Anyway, that’s not all, I managed to get something for myself…finally.

We also went to Jusco and its so disappointing cos they’re having renovation (during MEGASALE??WHY??) and the place was covered with wooden partition, so the customers gotto walk around like walking in a maze. So noisy..but my lil Jayden loves to sleep in noisy places.

Went home and my hubby cooked me this…black pepper lamb with baby spare pork ribs…Yummy!

Sunday 20th August 2005.

Today no more shopping for clothes… kena kantoi from my hubby cos I bought so many things yesterday. Anyway he still cannot stop me from shopping. Hehehehe this time shop for flowers, fountains, grass and whatever you can find in Sg Buloh. Here’s some of the stuff they sell there. I wanted to get some nice Bali Fountain but it was way too expensive. I think I better wait till my next round of Bali trip, buy and send it back also not so expensive…anyway, we got ourselves a whole new garden of grass.

I think this was designed based on the Kamasutra..don’t you think so?

And we managed to stop by for makan makan at the rojak store and guess who wants to eat too…Lil Jayden loves to grab our spoon and food now…a very good indication that he’s ready for solid food.

So overall it was a good therapy and good weekend.I guess my hubby wanted to give me a break after he read my earlier blog. hehe (Thanks Babe)

Oh ya..today is my Lil Jayden’s 5 Months Old Day! Show some of the pictures that we took recently…

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Not a usual sunday....

Our Sunday morning is normally like this
Wake up
Feed baby
Bath Baby
Pack things
Go Breakfast.
Then decide where to go jalan-jalan.
But this weekend its different. Cos Mr.Chan wants to go car-shopping. So let’s go.

Jayden also checking out the cars…
Papa.. can u buy the mah si li for me..
I don't know why Mr Chan is so semangat this Sunday. We went to 2 different places to see 2nd-hand car. Then of cos, its my turn pulak to shop lor.. Went to Sunway Pyramid and had lunch. Venue: Bar-b-Q Plaza, Sunway Pyramid. Origin: Thailand.....

I think it’s a new place cos the deco looks new..the tables look new..and of cos the wok look damn new oso. So here's what we ordered...

Pork bbq set and top up RM1.50 for the Garlic Fried Rice. The BBQ set comes with Pork Slices, Bacon, Prawn, Sotong, Cabbage and errr that's all la. Then, got the sauce la..
Special Sauce wor..got BBQ Sauce, Garlic, Cili Padi and Lime. Mix all together...and dip the pork when its cooked. It's not bad...quite nice oso. Here's how you cook the babi...(tidak dijamin halal ok?)

So what did we use to oil the wok? 2 pcs of pork fat. Just leave it inthe middle from the beginning until the end. Usually when we go makan-makan in bbq or steamboat places, its damn hot and stuffy. This place is so cold..and most important the ventilation system is good. Looking at the plate down here..I believe we'll be back for another round-but not so soon. Continue reading to find out why... Just when we're leaving....

Then we went back to my mom's place. Sundays normally is Family Day. Ah Ma cooking day. The day that I will have my Vinegar Pork Leg/Sambal Udang/Salted Fish with Toufu Pok/Big Big Steam Fish/Sweet Sour Pork/blablablablabla. The dished that I normally don't cook. But mom came home late from somewhere and she said ..." Let's go Jalan Alor eat Ah Wah Kai Yek". And our usual orderings...Of cos..Wong Ah Wah Kai Yek..Then My Balitong..cos i wanna practive my kissing ma.. hehe
Then our Usual Fried Rice
that usually goes with this Everyone did quite a good job...But of cos i never forget about you la....Nah..this is for you.
*sigh* You see la.. how to loose weight? Luckily not very Sunday oso like dat. If not, I can join Lydia Sum's gang already. Anyway, after eating BBQ,CHIC WING and all the blablabla up there..sure got sore throat wan...so must drink...

*slurps* Ahhhh like this only complete wan ma..

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Jasmine's Big Day

This was a backdated post about Jasmine's Big Day during her story telling contest held few months back.

She's such a darling...the youngest, cutest and shortest contestant!