Friday, April 23, 2010

A visit to his classroom

Normally his dadi will drive him to school and I will pick him up. So I hardly get to go into his classroom or even talk to his teacher. So sometimes I'll drive him to school and talk to the teacher about his progress. So one day while we're in his class, he showed me his artwork.








One by one.. he showed me. And he also showed me his friend's artwork. *very tiring to hear the names one by one*

And do you notice its very neat? He did it all himself.. surprise surprise. Ever since he is taught by Teacher Chong, he changed tremendously. I can say he adore this very strict teacher. (even his dadi is scared of her. Always telling me - Teacher Chong doesn't like her students to be late :S ) He really respect this teacher and he is extremely obedient in school. Even if I wave my hand and ask him to come to me, he wouldn't do so until teacher Chong say "Come Jayden" ,hold his hand and bring him to the gate and pass him to me.

His writting

His teacher commented that he has problem with writting, ie holding pencil method, no strength to hold the pencil and also lack of confidence, we're trying to guide him whenever we can to encourage him to write. After a few days, he improved.

One day he just kept going in and out of my working room and then he told me.. mami look!


And he asked me to take pic of his writting. "Mami Hurry! Take picture!"

I think he is very proud of his own writting and being his mom, I am too very proud of him.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More kwai lowe than a kwai lowe

He can't speak Cantonese and when he speaks he speaks worst slang than a kwai lowe. Haha
Tried to teach him simple cantonese like "por por lei hou mou? " as in how are you por por?" And he ended up asking "Por Por Lei hou mou? " As in por por you are very hairy. hahahaha

But he is better with Bahasa but still he speaks with a slang. That day he asked "where is dadi". I said " Dadi went to alor star" and he said " AYOR STAR". After a while it became AWOR STAR. Haha