Thursday, December 27, 2007


Our lil J is here is about confused with some words.

The other day he pointed at a girl at the playground and said Cheh Cheh. And we thought thet he knew what is the meaning until that night he pointed at a baby girl and said Cheh Cheh. So we taught him that, the baby is called BABY and not Cheh Cheh. So did he get it?

Last night he ran towards an Indian girl and called her Cheh Cheh. But still, we don't know if he knows the meaning or not. *scratch head*

Then I showed him Orange and he said AHPUH!
And I showed him pear and he said AHPUH!
And he saw banana and he said AHPUH!
And he saw some other fruits and he said AHPUH!

So now, I get it. He thought that fruits are called AhPuh. So I bought Oranges and will show him tonight that its different fron Apple. Maybe he will enjoy the orange and will pick up the word Orange just like how he picked up the word Apple. Cos I once read before that kids pick up faster when they are enjoying themselves. But then there's so many types of fruits out there...pengsan la this time!

He was holding on to an orange in the supermarket and he started to bite the orange. So I told him "Jayden, Don't bite!" and he mumbled "hokay hokay". So I told his dad that Jayden knows how to say OKAY. Again he began to bite the orange again and after we told him not to and he replied while biting the orange HOKAYHOKAY. *blink eye* maybe just being lucky or maybe I thought I heard him saying.

At home he calls our dog CHACHA. He will always hug the right dog when he calls ChaCha. The other day, he chase after BoBo and began to call him Cha cha. So we thought maybe he was confused since they looked alike.

On Sunday night, while having dinner he saw some cats walking around in the restaurant and he said ChaCha! Alamak! Now all animals are called ChaCha! So last night we told him that BoBo = BoBo and ChaCha=ChaCha. Not the same. And he repeated after me when I said BoBo. He said GoGo! Good Attempt!

And last night, he was babbling Dadi, BiBi, Dadi, BiBi. Maybe I called him Baby too often. Or maybe he finally get it when we thought him that the baby girl is BABY and not Cheh Cheh?

Things I Love When I am 21 months!

I love....

My New Bed..

My 4 legged toys...

I like to play other people's toys and not my own.

I like train that joints with magnet..i hope mami get me one of my own...

I like to hide in cabinets..

I like it when mami blow bubble in the water...

I like to eat standing up..

I love to dance in front of the mirror...

Sometimes I will miss the mirror and bang the mirror...

I love playground...

I love the swing...

and i still love spoon!

And i love to drool..


Friday, December 21, 2007

Jeremy & Jasmine

TMH said that she wanted to bring Jeremy for a studio photoshoot. And I jokingly said "no need la...we do ourself la"..

So we lay the blanket and asked Jeremy to sit in front of the camera and start snapping. And the result...


That's his new school bag. He is going to school next year!

Of course, Jasmine will be in the picture too!




Not bad la...only the back drop got problem! FOC what....hahhaha its like that la.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Jayden's Evolution

This is how he looks like now...
He looks like a big boy. *sigh* no more baby face.

But do you remember how he looks like a few months ago? Let me do a short recap for you guys...
Big difference right?


Although I am so busy with my work, I need to blog about this. My little one said "AH PUH!" as in Apple. Okay, not that accurate but at least he is trying to say something else besides Koong Koong, MAMA (his version of MUM MUM), And ISH...for FISH.

The way he said it is so cute! So I need to post a video of this and also include a pic for remembrance. Ooooh check out his lashes...simply just love it! All the kiddos (Jayden, Jasmine and Jeremy's) has long eye lashes! Maybe its in the genes. I just hope that it will remain there until they grow old and not just for the kiddo time being.


Friday, November 30, 2007

Koong Koonnnggg...


Ah.....I think koong kooong melted when he said that the other day.

Ah den, call koong kooong lah!

And Lil J will say "Kooonggg koooongg" in the manja-est voice ever.

Last night I asked him to say it, he still say it with with the sweetest voice ever "kooonggg kooonngg"

Eh how come when saying koong kooong so manja but with he calls me MEH MEH is like instructing me to do things wan? *scratch head*

My little shy boy


Looking at his notty face you might think that he is REALLY NOTTY. In fact he is opposite. So don't judge a book by its cover eh? He doesn't hit, bite or like to grab things from other kids. In fact he is the one that got bullied. But what does Jayden do when he get bullied? He will go and play with other toys. Couldn't be bothered to fight. I like his attitude. But no doubt about his hyper activeness and his curious behaviour. That's why you can never see him sitting quietly.

But I noticed something else about him. He is super shy we caught him doing mushy things like holding his bear or pretending to kiss his bear. this shyness from his dad! What to do?

He will also show his "manly" side when we're out. He won't be super manja with me :(
Only when we're in the car, he will sit next to me, hold my hands and sometime (when he is sleepy) he wants me to hug him and let him sleep on my chest. But as soon as he's out of the car, no more mami. Only dadi. :(

But good also. Mami's hand is free to flip things and shop! Muahahhahahahahha

Friday, November 23, 2007

He Cracks me Up!

You won't believe this!

One day I was busy chatting online and suddenly I heard Jayden calling me



And I turned around and guess what?


Okay! I know your first reaction will be


You see, my lil boy loves to ranksack my kitchen. He will bring the pots and pans and whatever he can reach, and bring it to the room. Sometimes he will hide things in the blender, in between my clothes, under his pillow and so on. So if something is missing we know where to find them!

Anyway, You will ask. What Happened?

Obviously he tried to sit on the pot and now he got stucked. Just look at him. Stucked and crying but still can reach for a book to read!
And did he learn from that after his dadi saved him?

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo He tried on the smaller pot!

Luckily his diaper/buttock is too big for the small pot.

Oh son really cracks me Up!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Little TauKeh

jayden-bathing-time-small little taukeh (big boss). You're so cute. You like to imitate us without us realizing it. Just that day i found you doing this...

He is trying to imitate his dadi by putting the hp into his pants - the ahem section cos he couldn't find the pocket. He puts it there and pretend to wait for a while. And then pretend to hear the fone ring and he will take it out from the pants and say "AH! AH! WO!" . I think he learnt that from his grandpa. That's his style of picking up a call.


Now he likes to put his hands on the waist. Walking like a little taukeh inspecting things around the room and sometimes when he watches his tv. But when can he imitate us talking? hmmmmmmm *waiting patiently*

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dua Puluh.


I am officially 20 months today. Mami is not updating my blog so often because she is busy. She has a new toy. So she's busy taking pictures of me. Here are some of the nice pics that she want to share with you. The model = me.


See? I love corn!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Who's enjoying it more?

I wonder who is enjoying the ride more?

The adult accompanying or the person who is riding the ride? hahahaha

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

It's my Jeremy Kor Kor Birthday today. I think he is 4 today. Or izit 3? I don't know. I don't know how to count okay? Anyway..

Happy Birthday
Jeremy kor kor!
My Jeremy Kor Kor

With My Jasmine Cheh Cheh

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Love and Hate It

Yeap its a love and hate relationship between Jayden and .....The Hair Dryer!

See how he run to and fro. Scared of it but wanna feel the air blowing.
Funny Boy!

It was my Mami's bday yesterday!

Yes my mami is so old already. She said she is 27 yesterday. Dadi brought us to this dark dark place with candles.
See what I mean?
The ordered nice food like this
And this..
See so old already still so happy?
The only gave me CORN! CORN u know??
But I like Corn!

And I don't know why they just like to take pictures!

And then when we went home, I plucked a flower from mami's garden and she asked me to give it to her. So I give la. If not she will piak piak me again you know?
I thought she will scold me saying that I'm notty for plucking her flower. But she said Pandai and Sayang me.

I think she's really that old already. :)