Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Teacher Mani told me that this lil guy just love to walk around in class when its time to write and colour. But he will stay put when its oral reading time or singing. Guess he is bored with colouring and writting or he is just too playful. So I went and got him some watercolour and printed out some pictures for him to colour.

I have no idea why, he can just sit and colour and keep asking me to add different colours for him to paint. And this are two of his best art that night.

Hmmm did i really paint that?

Eyer! I did! I did! Nice or not jek???

Maybe he is bored in school. Afterall this is his 2nd year in that class and most probably they're doing the same thing they did last year. Hmmmmm

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I want Don't Want Pampers jor

At the playground near our house. He looked so happy just like how we feel now about him.

One night while dadidi was changing him for bed, he suddenly told his dad "I want don't want pampers jor". So his dadidi told him "Okay If you wanna shee shee you gotto tell us okay?"

So first night, he slept through the night.

And same on the second day.

And the third day he woke me up "Mami? You want shee shee or not?" 

Then one week passed.

And then a few days more it'll be his 2nd week.

I'm am so proud of him. It was only a month ago that he can go to pee himself. And suddenly he want to go to bed without diaper. 

Good job Jayden!

Oh it's coffee!

Today we went to The Curve after I have picked him up from school. I fed Jayden and he requested for 100Plus. I said "Okay, you can have 100Plus if you're good boy and let me finish my lunch, then I will buy you 100Plus. Promise."

He reach out his pinky and said "Promise!"

So I slowly ate my curry mee and he sat at his chair and looked left, looked right and sang "Bring back bring back, bring back my body to me, to me...." haha he's funny.

Then he suddenly told me " Oh! I want shee shee Mami!"

Oh man.. the toilet was too far away and I don't wanna leave my maid alone with Justin far away from me.

So I quickly grab the nearly-empty plastic cup and brought him to a corner and asked him to pee.

While peeing he said to me " Oh mami look. It's Coffee!"

Pengsan! Cos the soya milk in the plastic cup + his pee looked like the Ice coffee that I have just ordered.

And yeap, he let me finished my lunch and I got him 100Plus as promised.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TiTi! Don't Suck Chit Chit!

This picture was taken oin the 30th of April 2009. This date marked the last day that he sucked his pacifier. He brought it along and sucked it in the car that morning. And after he left for school, I hid the pacifier and that was the last time he sucked and saw it.

It's going to be 2 weeks since he saw the pacifier. For the first few days he'd ask for it. But then I will just pretend as if I cannot hear or couldn't understand what he was saying. By the fourth day, he didn't ask for it anymore.

Last night while bathing I asked him "Jayden, what happened to your chit chit?"

And he replied "jayden chit chit Blue colour. Jayden want chit chit....*think think* Jayden want don't want chit chit edi. TiTi, Don't suck chit chit!".

His art

I managed to snap a pic of his artwork in school.

I think he did it with teacher's help. It's okay, cos he is only 3.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Go Office!

Jayden 1

Before sleep, I'll normally take the initiative to chat with Jayden to improve his communication skill. He is still not chatting like his peers. So one day I asked him:

Me: Jayden can you pretend to be mei mei?
Jayden: *pretend a blur look that looks like the girl I have mentioned*
Me: hahahhahah Okay Now you pretend to be JoJo.
Jayden: *pretend to be shocked like how the boy looked like*
me: hahahahaha Okay Okay now you pretend to be Paris.
Jayden: I want be teacher Mani.
Me: Okay go ahead.
Jayden: errm I want be teacher Hera (his principle)
Me: Okay.. how?
Jayden: Ek! Notty huh? Go Office!
Me: *surprised* hahahahahahaahahhahaha

The next day when I drop him off to his class I managed to meet up with teacher Mani. And I told her about him acting like teacher Hera. Apparently this lil boy of mine was sent to office a few times because he refused to write himself without Teacher Mani holding onto his hands. You see, last year he was the youngest when he joint the class and he was teacher Mani's pet student. Now that he is not the youngest, teacher mani gotto focus on the younger ones. They will ask him to sit in front of the principle and Voila! he can write by himself and even can colour the picture himself.

jayden 2
Jayden says: Oppssss now you know my secret in school

Monday, May 04, 2009

Hold Your Birdie


It's been a month since Jayden is potty trained. I started to train him during the school holiday one week before his 3rd Birthday cos I see him 24 hours compared to time when he goes to school in the morning and only comes home at 11.30am.

It started with non-sleeping time for a week and he goes to nap with diaper. And then diaperless even during napping time. But he did woke up a few times soaked with urine but he got the idea after a few times. And he will wake up and tell me "Mami, I want Shee Shee", pee and go back to nap.

He used to ask me to help him cos he was so short and couldn't reach the toilet bowl. Then he started going to the toilet by himself by lifting one of his leg up and bend forward to pee in the toilet. After a month, he can stand and pee by himself. How come he can grow so tall in just a month? I really have no idea.

Now, he will announce to me "Mami! I want Shee Shee!" and I'll help him to remove his pants or help him to "search" for his birdie and he'll run to the toilet while saying.. "hold YOUR (MY) oWn birdie!" Hehe..

Oh how about going out time? Also diaperless but gotto stand by some plastic bag in our bag for the just-in-case moments *wink*

I can say training him when we're both ready (as in he understand what is happening and I'm being not so mental) make things easier for the two of us. Now I am just waiting for him to go to toilet himself (as in knowing how to stop announcing to me, needing me to remove his pants for him) to train him to go diaperless at night.