Tuesday, April 28, 2009

He ain't heavy...

He's my brother!

I just love the way Jayden plays with Justin.

I love the way he calls him "AMBEE AH!!!"

Or how he'll ask me "Where's titi?" When I fetches him from his school.

And the way he bend over and kisses Justin.

And the way he'll share his fav trains with him, err except Gordon.

And also ask whether TiTi's coming to bed with him.

Or whether we're going to bath TiTi also after he had his bath.

And now, he even share his favourite pacifier with Justin.

And best of all, he'll bend over so that Justin can pull his hair and get all cheered up.

Note to Jayden:
Jayden boy, mami is so proud of you. Mami never thought that you can such a loving kor kor to your titi. Mami hope that you will stay so loving towards titi and won't fight (so much) when you guys are older. Love you Darling.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Some of his favourites...

One of his fav train, Toby.

I love to see how he play with his trains.. so engrossed with them

And these are just a few of his train collections. His dadidi is really spoiling him. Each train costs about min Rm24.90 for the short ones and Rm34.90 for the long ones.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

And finally a haircut

Finally we brought him to the indian barber. Everytime we asked him "Jayden do you want a haircut?" he will say "I WANT DON'T WANT!". So that day dadidi wanted a haircut and so we brought him along. He had no idea that the Indian man is going to cut his hair until we placed the cloth around him and asked him to sit down. He sat on the chair and grumbled abit. Then he started to speak in some weird language. Haha

No idea what he was babbling about!

And tadaaaa.. new hairstyle...

Oh i miss his neat mushroom hair so much but the weather is killing us. So hot!

Friday, April 10, 2009

This is a boy??

That day we went to pasar malam and my old neighbour saw me and asked "Wah you have one girl and one boy ah?" They thought Jayden was a girl because of his mushroom hair. And she asked "THIS IS A BOY???"

Okay he does look like a girl from far. But when he goes to school I'll put some hair gel on his hair like this.

Not bad right?

Seriously not bad right?

It's okay la. They can say whatever they want as long mami knows he is a boy and mami is always his biggest fan EVER!

It was a weird day...

because all of a sudden he asked for his Thomas hat. He never like it when I put caps or hats on his head. Probably he saw some cartoon characters putting hat on its head and so he asked "where Thomas Hat?"

And you know what is even weirder? He even wore it out.

And what is even more weirder than that??

Posing and taking picture with it!

He's been avoiding me when he sees a camera but now he likes to pose and do funny faces and asked me to show him back the pictures.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Thinking about something......with the cherry from our garden.

My maid laughed and told me that she teased Jayden and called him "Naughty boy!"

He replied "no........" and walked off.

And then he started running round and round the living hall and purposely jump on her lap and said


Aiyoh.. he was trying to explain to her what is naughty.

It was a perfect day.

Last Sunday, he insisted to put this hat on. He never allow me to put anything on his head or on his body. Even in the class when they play dress up and pretend, he'll just stand, look and laugh. That day, he asked "Where Thomas hat?" And I gave it to him and he put it on and sat quietly while waiting for us to get ready to go out for our weekend outing.

Then, he started saying "Now, this is perfect".

Then I overheard him saying "beep Beep. Gordon coming. *park the train* PERFECT!" while playing with his fav train , Gordon.

While eating, he said "Yum. perfect!"

While peeing " YES! Perfect!"

Before he sleep "Okay, Perfect!" when I placed his Elmo pillow at the right spot.

Yeap, a perfect day it was.

A for Api...

Cheese! *showing peace sign*

One night before sleeping, he told me.

Jayden: mami.. mami.. A for....
Me: Apple!
Jayden: A for Api.
Me: Oh BM! B untuk?
Jayden: B for Boya. C for Chawang. D for Daung. E for Emak!
Me: Wow! Clever boy!
Jayden: F For Foto. G........*thinking*....H.....*thinking*.......I for Ikan, J for JAM, K for KUCHING!
Me: WOW WOW! clever boy! Who taught you?
Jayden: Teacher Mani!

Didn't know he know BM too. :p

I carry you!

Nowadays he talk more. And sometimes he will get mixed up.

For example he wanted me to carry him and he told me " I WANT CARRY YOU!"


I help You! (obviously he wanted me to help him)

I Cut you! (asking me to help him cut his finger nails)

So we had fun teasing him and then he will laugh it off and then say it the correct way.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle and 3 Little Monkeys

His first time singing for me while I record it. Normally he would turn his face and run away. Taken in the car after while we're on our way home. You can see that he is in super good mood, probably it was Wednesday- Playground day!