Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I want to buy a new dadi!

Dadi went to work and Jayden was extremely upset don't know for what reason. He cried for a very long time but I didn't bother to console him and waited for him to calm down before talking to him. He came to my working room and said to me while sobbing..

" I want to buy a new dadi. Dadi cannot go to work!"

After a few rounds of that I got pissed and went to my mac and googled for "MAN" images and I told him...

"OKAY, choose your dadi from here okay? See which one you want and you just click la. See can buy or not"

And he really did scroll and looked at every picture.


and then as he scroll lower, he can see man with blue face, purple face, funny and scarry faces, he clicked and clicked and went to type THOMAS TRAIN at the google search box.

Guess he think that his dadi is still the best and gave up searching.


Monday, August 02, 2010

So buy new one?

I was telling him the story about Hansel & Gretel the other night, and ...

Me:so... Hansel and Gretel reached home and say the papa. The papa was so happy that the kids came home and told them Your Stepmother died last week. No one will ever break us apart now! THE END...

Jayden: Oh....so the papa gotto go and buy a new step mother lor?

Me: O.o aiyoh not buy la.. go find la.

Jayden: find from where?

Me: errr just walk walk around see then like then boy friend girlfriend and get married then become step mother la.

Jayden: mami mami what are you doing?

Me: aiyoh I'm having headache la..going to die edi.

Jayden: Oh when mami die ohdi, dadi will go and buy a new stepmother for me and titi.

Me: O.o

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

His Art

His first class he did this...
Bumble Bee

And his 2nd class he did this..
The theme was "Girls dress in fruit attire party".
He did it all by himself. I'm a proud mami :D

Friday, June 25, 2010

They are so attached to each other..

Took this video while they are playing at at the playground. You can see that they love each other very much and how the kor kor entertains his lil brother. :)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Give him one of each alphabet and..

he built these words. If he has the full set (cos some is missing like I, U and some others) i bet he can make more words from it.

Jayden, sometimes you really surprise us!

His First Arts And Craft Class

Since his dadi says he is happy that his son played with paint on the floor, I took the opportunity to sign him up at the art class near our house. There, go and mess the centre up but not my house!

There were only 3 student including him in that centre cos it was weekday. I left him there for about 1.5 hours and he presented this to me. He told me "Mami, the teacher spoil the spoon!". hehe they used plastic spoon and also cloth peg wire to create the beetle. Although teacher helped him with this art, I'm happy. Cos, he messed the centre, not my house!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mami Your Nen Nen is ...

One day he just went :

JD: Mami, your nen nen is so big.
Me: Ah? hahhahaha then how about dadi?
Jd: Dadi nen nen is MEDIUM size.
Me: Medium? hahahhaha then yours leh
Jd: My nen nen and titi's nen nen is small size.

Muahahhahahahah the things he say can really make ppl pengsan. Well finally my size is the biggest...compared to small kids and a man!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

NoooooooOOOOOOOOooooo Moments

At the coffee Shop:

JD: Mami look!
Me: what whatt?
JD: FAT! *point at the woman right in front of our table*
Me: No!
Me: *whisper* NoooooOOOoooooooOOOooooo don't say that! oh my god....
JD: Yes, its
Me: Ok. Keep quiet. Don't say edi ah...
And the woman was looking for place, didnt hear him. Thank god..

JD: Mami u look!
Me: *oh no what again?*
JD: That koong kooong never brush teeth *pointing at the man that looks like this
Pic Source*
Me: aiyoh nooOOOoooooOOOo dun say like that.
Jd: he never brush teeth so his teeth all fall out edi.
Me: *cover his mouth and whispered to him* jayden, you cannot say like this right in front of ppl. Its very..
Jd: *mumble* rude.
Me: yes... if u wanna say then you whisper like me or you go into the car then only you tell okay?
Jd: *nod and whisper* he never brush his teeth..........
Me: *pengsan*

Mother's Day Card

I saw people posted cards from the kids after they got home from school. So I thought ..eh.. maybe I have one too like every year? So I went and searched his bag and true enough, there was a card.

The outside..

and inside..

so I took a pic of the card and his dad came home. Of course I need to show off la. Then Jayden woke up and I pretended that I didn't know a thing about this card but I asked his dad to asked him if he has anything for mother's day. He quickly ran down to his school bag and searched for it. He came up and said "IT'S MISSING!" Then his dad passed the card to him and he quickly ran to me....

JD: Mami Mami.. I have something for you....
Me: Oh.. what is it? *SIBEH PANDAI ACTING ME....*
JD: It's a Mother's day card for you...
Me: Oh.. It's so nice. Thank you *kiss kiss*
JD: *Paiseh* ........Mami.....?
Me: Yeah babe?
JD: ..................... I need to sing a song AH! (Suddenly learnt the slang AH! from school but its damn hilarious, the way he used it.)
Me: Sing song AH!? Awwww..... okok you sing la..
JD: I LOVE YOU.............YOU LOVE ME..........WE ARE A HAPPY FAMILY.. WITH A GREAT BIG HUG *HUG* and a kiss *kiss* from me to you.. Won't you say you LOVE me TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... Happy Mother's day Mami..
Me: *sniff* Thank you baby....did teacher Chong asked you to sing this song?

I can say.. his teacher really did a good job. Preparing the card and also added something extra.. teaching and reminding them to sing a song to the mother. But today I asked one of the parent.. she said her son never sing to her :S So, did the teacher taught him or he sing himself? I really got no idea.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

First Excursion

He went on his first school excursion to Polar Ice Cream Factory and Beryls Chocolate Factory last week. At first when I told him, I thought that he would say NO, I don't want to go. That's his usual answer for everything if he is going alone. But, surprisingly he told me YES! This is his 3rd year in this school but his first excursion cos we felt that he is not ready last 2 years. This year, he is very ready.

He walked up to the buss and chose a place to sit. He just gave me a quick glimpse and refused to look at me for another picture. I went up to the bus to take his picture and he actually avoided me thinking that I went up to bring him down. :(

This is him when he got back rom the trip.

I must say he is growing so fast.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Look Mami, I'm Mr Bean!

He was getting dressed for his playground day today and he said to me "Look mami! I am Mr Bean!".

He tucked in his t shirt and pulled his pants way too high and posed for me.

hahaahahha what else? Take picture lah!

Monday, May 03, 2010


In the shopping mall after Jayden had a sarsi drink...

Me: Jayden do you want to go shee shee first ?

Jd: Wait.

Me: Wait what?

Jd: wait for the sarsi to go to the bum bum first.

Me: O_o

Too early to find out

In the car...

Jd: Mami I want to hold your hand.

Me: Awww okay.... * hold hands with JD* baby.. next time when you're a big boy and you have a girlfriend, will you still hold mami's hand?


Dadi: Wahaahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaha *choke Choke* hahhahahahahha *choke Choke* hahahhahahahahahhah

Me: O_o

*sigh* I know.. its the fact that THAT will happen in the future. But its too early to find out right? He is only 4 years old...


Friday, April 23, 2010

A visit to his classroom

Normally his dadi will drive him to school and I will pick him up. So I hardly get to go into his classroom or even talk to his teacher. So sometimes I'll drive him to school and talk to the teacher about his progress. So one day while we're in his class, he showed me his artwork.








One by one.. he showed me. And he also showed me his friend's artwork. *very tiring to hear the names one by one*

And do you notice its very neat? He did it all himself.. surprise surprise. Ever since he is taught by Teacher Chong, he changed tremendously. I can say he adore this very strict teacher. (even his dadi is scared of her. Always telling me - Teacher Chong doesn't like her students to be late :S ) He really respect this teacher and he is extremely obedient in school. Even if I wave my hand and ask him to come to me, he wouldn't do so until teacher Chong say "Come Jayden" ,hold his hand and bring him to the gate and pass him to me.

His writting

His teacher commented that he has problem with writting, ie holding pencil method, no strength to hold the pencil and also lack of confidence, we're trying to guide him whenever we can to encourage him to write. After a few days, he improved.

One day he just kept going in and out of my working room and then he told me.. mami look!


And he asked me to take pic of his writting. "Mami Hurry! Take picture!"

I think he is very proud of his own writting and being his mom, I am too very proud of him.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More kwai lowe than a kwai lowe

He can't speak Cantonese and when he speaks he speaks worst slang than a kwai lowe. Haha
Tried to teach him simple cantonese like "por por lei hou mou? " as in how are you por por?" And he ended up asking "Por Por Lei hou mou? " As in por por you are very hairy. hahahaha

But he is better with Bahasa but still he speaks with a slang. That day he asked "where is dadi". I said " Dadi went to alor star" and he said " AYOR STAR". After a while it became AWOR STAR. Haha

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

eat, sleep, bath, pee and poo with

his trains....

Sleeping with his new train Rosie and his fav Thomas

Sleeping on the table before dinner was served in the restaurant. He slept thru the dinner..:P

The only time he is not holding one is when he is in school.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010