Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I want to buy a new dadi!

Dadi went to work and Jayden was extremely upset don't know for what reason. He cried for a very long time but I didn't bother to console him and waited for him to calm down before talking to him. He came to my working room and said to me while sobbing..

" I want to buy a new dadi. Dadi cannot go to work!"

After a few rounds of that I got pissed and went to my mac and googled for "MAN" images and I told him...

"OKAY, choose your dadi from here okay? See which one you want and you just click la. See can buy or not"

And he really did scroll and looked at every picture.


and then as he scroll lower, he can see man with blue face, purple face, funny and scarry faces, he clicked and clicked and went to type THOMAS TRAIN at the google search box.

Guess he think that his dadi is still the best and gave up searching.



MeRy said...

SO cute..

prince n princess mum said...

Har.. how to buy? kekekek~