Saturday, December 20, 2008

I help Mami..

The other day I had fever viral for a week. So I didn't go to school and stayed at home with Mami, Titi and Jasmine Cheh Cheh. Although I'm sick, but I helped mami to take care of TiTi. Like this....


Friday, December 19, 2008

I look Like my Mami

My mami say I look like her when she was young. Now I know where i got my nose and mouth from.

My New Chair...


Mami and Dadi bought this chair for me. They said I can use this in our new house while I watch tv. I'm starting to like it already!

Don't Yike!

Mami: Jayden good boy okay? Jayden go to school tomorrow and see Tacher Mani...
Jayden: MM AI teacher mani. Ai Sensei...
Mami: No..sensei is only on Saturdays. Tomorrow you see teacher Mani..then you play with friends..Then eat together...then bom bom...then sleep...then koong koong will bring you back home.
Jayden: MM ai teacher Mani. Ai Sensei.................Don't....Yike......Friends......
Mami: Ai la... Ai friends la. Play together ma..
Jayden: Don't yike.


In the shop trying Thomas shoes.

Mami: Try this one Jayden *showed him rm89.90 shoes*
Jayden: try....try....(remove shoes and try Thomas shoes)
Mami: (in mind: so expensive.If go home then don't like edi how? better buy cheaper one) Try this one Jayden..*pass him the 69.90 thomas shoes)
Jayden: Wah..... try try....
Mami: *pass rm19.90 thomas slipper* How about this one?
Jayden: NO. Don't yike Put Back! Put Back!
Mami: Okay Okay...Then what you want?
Jayden: *look around* This one! *grab a Thomas cap and walk to the counter.*

Muahahahha He love the cap and the thomas t-shirt so much. But I kept asking him to pose nicely for me and he wanted to go watch his tele. So he kept telling me DON'T YIKE PICTURE!!!! I'm such an evil mum!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Cheeky Lil Guy


Me: What's your dadidi's name?
Jayden: Chan WAK MI! (very near to the real name)
Me: Good... What's your mamimi's name? Tan.....
Jayden: Tan....
Me: Tan What?
Me: No.. Tan.....?
Me: :S
Jayden: TAN WHAT ONE! (quite near but the middle one totally wrong...)

He's one very cheeky lil guy!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You're Right!


Me: *cutting Persimmon*
Jayden: Meminon......Thank You sayang...
Me: Persimmon....and welcome sayang...
Jayden: Meninon..Welcome sayang...
Me: Perrrrrrsimmoooooon
Jayden: Peminon...
Me: Yeah Persimmon..
Jayden: You're right! You're right! You're right! You're Right!
Me: Okay Okay.. You're right!
Jayden : :D

Thursday, December 04, 2008

I Love My TiTi

Yes, I love my titi. When mami wants to bath my titi, I'll tell mamimi " I want wipe titi" and mami will say " Okay but becareful okay?"


One day mami was about to bath titi and I wanted to help as well.. then mami said "okay you come and bath too"...


See? My titi is so cute. I like to kiss my titi on his lips and mamimi and dadidi will say "EYERRRRRRRR!"