Friday, December 18, 2009

Hi, Lo, In, Out, Hot and Cold

Pic taken on 14th November 2009 In Aquaria.

Sometimes Jayden just make me go o.O with his words.

For example at the nail parlour and he saw the manicurist applying lotion on my hands.

Jayden: Mami.. cheh cheh use LOtion on your hand.
Me: Yeah, put lotion then smooth smooth and nice smell.
Jayden: I want to put HIGH-tion mami....
Manicurist: O.O
Me: Aiyoh.. where got HIGH TION Wan?
Jayden: Muahahhaha

In the room one night:
Jayden: Mami Mami *mumbles* Indian. How about OUT-dian mami?
Me: *didn't hear properly* what did you say?
Jayden: Indian Indian. How about OUT-DIAN?
Me: O.o Where got OUTDIAN WAN?!
Jayden: *chuckles*


Pass by Caltex Star Mart...
Me: Jayden you wanna eat Hot Dog or not?
Jayden: No Thanks. I want to eat Cold Dog.
Me: O.o . Okay I buy cold dog for you. You must eat ar....
Jayden: No No.No Cold dog wan. Only Got HOT dog!
Me: :)

Monday, December 07, 2009

Kutu Eat?

Jayden was in Carrefour with my eldest sis while I was checking out some stuff outside. She told me the conversation goes like this:

Sis: Who eat this? *point at dog food*
Jayden: Dog eat
Sis: Then this one? *point at cat food*
Jayden: Cat eat
Sis: this one? *point at fish food*
Jayden : Fish eat. What is this boh boh? *point at tick spray*
Sis: This one for kutu.
Jayden: KUTU EAT???
Sis: Haha Kutu make the body itchy itchy so spray at the kutu and the kutu will die.
Jayden: oh.. kutu itchy itchy...

Haha poor fler must be thinking "wah kutu also got food being sold in the supermarket". hehe kids...

Thursday, December 03, 2009

It's Holiday!


So he spent most of his time in my office/working room. Colouring, painting, and doing some homework. By the time this school holiday end, maybe I can qualify as a tuition teacher :P