Friday, December 18, 2009

Hi, Lo, In, Out, Hot and Cold

Pic taken on 14th November 2009 In Aquaria.

Sometimes Jayden just make me go o.O with his words.

For example at the nail parlour and he saw the manicurist applying lotion on my hands.

Jayden: Mami.. cheh cheh use LOtion on your hand.
Me: Yeah, put lotion then smooth smooth and nice smell.
Jayden: I want to put HIGH-tion mami....
Manicurist: O.O
Me: Aiyoh.. where got HIGH TION Wan?
Jayden: Muahahhaha

In the room one night:
Jayden: Mami Mami *mumbles* Indian. How about OUT-dian mami?
Me: *didn't hear properly* what did you say?
Jayden: Indian Indian. How about OUT-DIAN?
Me: O.o Where got OUTDIAN WAN?!
Jayden: *chuckles*


Pass by Caltex Star Mart...
Me: Jayden you wanna eat Hot Dog or not?
Jayden: No Thanks. I want to eat Cold Dog.
Me: O.o . Okay I buy cold dog for you. You must eat ar....
Jayden: No No.No Cold dog wan. Only Got HOT dog!
Me: :)

Monday, December 07, 2009

Kutu Eat?

Jayden was in Carrefour with my eldest sis while I was checking out some stuff outside. She told me the conversation goes like this:

Sis: Who eat this? *point at dog food*
Jayden: Dog eat
Sis: Then this one? *point at cat food*
Jayden: Cat eat
Sis: this one? *point at fish food*
Jayden : Fish eat. What is this boh boh? *point at tick spray*
Sis: This one for kutu.
Jayden: KUTU EAT???
Sis: Haha Kutu make the body itchy itchy so spray at the kutu and the kutu will die.
Jayden: oh.. kutu itchy itchy...

Haha poor fler must be thinking "wah kutu also got food being sold in the supermarket". hehe kids...

Thursday, December 03, 2009

It's Holiday!


So he spent most of his time in my office/working room. Colouring, painting, and doing some homework. By the time this school holiday end, maybe I can qualify as a tuition teacher :P

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I also want to go Cinema

DSC_1272 copy

I went for a movie last night and Jayden wanted to cry as he saw me leaving the house alone. So his dad told him that I went out to buy something and will be back very soon. And to my surprised, when I got home at 11pm he was up and waited for me. As soon as I stepped in he asked "Mami What you buy???". I said "errrr ..(and looked into my bag and found popcorn!) I bought Popcorn for you". He came over looked and said "hmmm i don't want popcorn"

So before sleep he asked me one more time:

JD: Mami where you go just now?
Me: Actually Mami went to Cinema to watch movie.
JD: I also want to watch movie.
Me: Then next time I bring you to cinema okay?
JD: I also want to go cinema.
Me: Okay.. promise you next time ok?
JD: Okay..

and he.. crawled up and took a few popcorn and popped into his mouth and went to bed.

he is getting more and more matured each day...:)

How Much Is This Mami?

He love reading especially Hypermarts leaflet. He like to ask "How much is this?" and then expect you to give the answer. Normally we'd say "Dunno la. How much ah?" And he'd answer us correctly. He also likes to go around in the hypermarts and tell us "Mami this one is X dollar XX cents". Sometimes I'll ask him to read for me in the car, good way to keep him seated quietly ;)

The other day I was trying on a dress and he asked me "how much is this dress mami?" I said 'I am not sure, baby. Why not you go and ask the aunty (promoter)?" And he really took the dress out and asked "errr this one how much ? How much?" . hehehe he tickled everyone is that store that day.

Monday, November 09, 2009

His first concert

I am super proud of him altho the dance step is very simple but still I am super proud of him! I never know he can follow instructions and dance so well.


Yeap he got punished cos he pushed Justin down a few times. The day before he pushed him towards the table and make his lil bro hurt at the forehead with 2 big bungalows. So I was angry and I made him sit down on a chair in my working room. Of course he tried to run away a few times and got some good smacking. Hereyou can see him sitting on the floor, tried to run away again but too tired to run.. haha

Friday, October 16, 2009

I want Dadi tah Tah

2 days ago, Jayden threw his Thomas train to the floor.

mami: Which hand throw?

JD: No No.. No throw Thomas

Dadi: jayden you threw Thomas. You better give mami your hand..

JD: No dadi. No throw (anymore)

mami: Which HAND! Give it to me now!

JD: this hand.. No Tah Tah! No throw Thomas..

Dadi: Okay. You want Dadi tah tah or Mami Tah Tah?

JD: Dadi tah tah..

Mami: then you want who to sayang you?

JD: I want Mami Sayang..

Mami: Awwwwww

Dadi: Ok come Dadi tah tah . Which hand?

JD: this hand...

Dadi *whack and miss and hit his own hand :S*

JD: Now mami sayang... *hugs mami*

Mami: U arrrrrrrr...*hugs*

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Umm one question

We're at 7-Eleven that day and Jayden chose Orange Twister. So after we paid, he said:

Jayden : Ummm One Question *raised hand*

Cashier: *looked at Jayden*

Jayden: You ( I ) want straw please?

Cashier: *stunned and point at the straws at the back of Jayden*

hehehe he must be thinking he is in school that he need to raise his hand before asking question. And he still got the You - Me/I mixed up *slap forehead* although he can talk so good now. Haha

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I love you too too

At school gate:

(Background voice): Bye Jayden. I love you! I love you too!!!

So I turned around and it was Paris. The girl he said he love. :S So I told him :

"Jayden go and say bye and say I love you also la.."

He walked over with head down.

"Bye Paris.. I love you too too....."

Super shy boy

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I am Mowgli

Yesterday Jayden came in my working room with his yellow underpants. He told me:

Jayden: Mami Mami! I am Mowgli! (cos the kiddo in the jungle book wore yellow pants like yellow underwear!)

Me: Haha You're Mowgli then what about me?

Jayden : You're SHORTIE!

Me: Not shortie la! SHANNNNNNTI.

Jayden: Shortie! *laugh and run away*

So before his bath I asked him to pose like Mowgli. This is his ala sexi mowgli

and another pose, with a slight smile...

And this is happy mowgli
Gosh! he cracks me up!

Monday, October 05, 2009

What are you talking about mum?


He shouted as he was watching the cartoon. That bunny loves to shout and he love to shout together with her.

So I yelled from my working room.."Stop shouting ah. if not.. when i come out there you'll be sorry!"

and he answered me "what are you talking about mum?"

It made stoned for a while. That's the first time he act dumb and answered me back.

"What??? what you mean you don't understand what I am saying? You don't make me go there and make you understand what I am saying ah...." I replied

And he ... Laughed out loud.

Kek sei...

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

how about....5 cents!

At the foodcourt next to the pay per ride machines:

Jayden: Mami, I want 50 cents please...

Me: ok, You go ask Ning Cheh Cheh la.

Jayden: Ning Cheh Cheh, I want 50 cents please?

Ning: Don't have 50 cents.

Jayden: Then how about 20 cents?

Ning: Also don't have.

Jayden: *frustrated* Then how about 10 cents?????

Ning: 10 Cents also don't have.

Jayden: Ah.. Then how about 5 cents!

Ning: Ah 5 cents got. Wait ah... * give him 5 cents*

Jayden: YAY!! 5 cents! (took the 5 cents and put into the machine) Cannot! Ning Cheh Cheh I want 50 cents!!!!!!

Can see that he is so frustrated asking for money to play the pay per ride. 5 cents also he wanna sapu. But the ride costs 50 cents each time. haha

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Okay, Love mami more.


Me: Jayden, do you love dadi more or love mami more?
Jaydee: hehe Love dadi more.
Me: *pretend to sob*
Jayden: hehe Okay. Love Mami more.

*sigh* definitely a dadi's boy. But just to make me happy he said "okay, love mami more". :P

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finally he complained

With dadi and titi in Genting on Justin's bday

Jayden: mami.... I'm sad mami...
Me: Why? What happened?
Jayden: because.... dadi scold me.

This is the first time that he complaint. Kinda happy that he is finally complaining like other kids. I know, more headache coming...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

err.. see you later

Earlier in kids room, I saw Jayden shaking the "sarung".

JD: titi sleeping...
Me: Oh thanks Jayden. You're a good kor kor.
JD: *smile and continued to shake*

I went back to my working room and then he came hugging his elmo pillow.

JD: mami... mami.....*thinking* errr titi.........*thinking*
Me: why? what happened to titi?
Jd: errr titi.....
Me: *walked over to kids room and found Justin trying to wriggle out of the sarung-secure by safetypin. Trying to escape via the tiny gap) Oh Jayden you're trying to tell me titi woke up huh?
JD: titi wake up di..
Me: yeah. Thanks Jayden. You did great. Give me a high5 man!
JD: *high 5 and smile* errrrrr I see you later..
Me: err okay. bye

My son, seldom complain. Seldom tell. Only mind his own business. But can see he is slowing changing and care alot about his titi. And getting more and more mature in action and words. I see you later...that is the last thing I thought he will say. :)

Pisang Basah


Jayden: *peeling banana skin* P for Pisang.

Me: Clever boy! So you learn Pisang today?

Jayden: Pisang Basah!

Me: Basah? Come let me see

Oh yeah.. the banana is abit wet cos its overcooked.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ah.. he knows....

In toilet, while brushing teeth:
Me: Jayden Pui la.. Pui... don't drink the water okay?
JD: pui SPIT ah?
Me: err yeah SPIT.
JD: *spit*

Last Night:
Me: Jayden help mami find titi's chit chit
Me: Oh yeah Pacifier.
JD: how about in kitchen?
Me: Oh probably hor?

Ah he knows....Never though that he know the actual words for pacifier and spit. Looks like i have underestimated my son. haha

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let's Build A Word!

Let's build a word Mami! He said and he built this

Then he wanted to build B-O-O-K. But his Os are missing so he started to whine and said he want some Os for his B-O-O-K. So his dad told him "go and find something that looked like O". And he managed to find 2 dots from the middle part of some alphabets and used it as Os.

Then he cried and said "Not enough Z for P-I-Z-Z-A". And so he used...

An "N" And rotate it and used it to form Z.

Learnt it from Word World Cartoon in Disney Channel.Its really a good cartoon that teaches kids how to spell. I wonder when will the Msia education system is going to produce cartoons or a shows like this and teach Sejarah. Sure many people will pass. Hehe

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

But I have 2.....

Last night we're goofying in Jayden's room. I carried and swung him around. Then he asked for 2nd time. Not easy to carry a 15kg guy and swing him around you know?

Jayden: mami please can I carry you? ( Can you carry me)

Me: Cannot la.. One time one day okay?

Jayden: 2 times please..

Me: Cannot la. My back pain edi.

Jayden: pls..... *start to kick*

Me: hmmmmm how many kukubird do you have?

Jayden: ONE!

Me: Then one kukubird means one day swing one time only okay? If got 2 kukubirds then swing 2 times. (i know it doesn't make any sense but then what the heck right? for fun of it!)

Jayden: But I have 2 kukuballs!

Me: Ohhhhhhhh *stoned think think faster!* No No Kukuballs not counted!

Jayden: I have 3 bumbums! *cheeky smile*

Me: hahhaha since when you have 3 bumbums?! Only count kukubird okay?

Jayden: hehe okay!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mami can you spell SUN?

Can you spell sun?

Can you spell cloud?

Can you spell this?

Can you spell that?

Don't try and trick him, he knows.

Today he tried to trick me to colour the sun for him. hehe cheeky lil fler!

Mami can you draw the sun? He drew very fine lines of the sun and I draw darker lines of the sun shining out.

I told him " You colour the sun okay? Mami gotto work"

Then he said "all done"

And I saw this:

He drew eyes, nose and mouth for the sun. Not bad eh?

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What is....

Jayden: What is bangun pagi?
Me: I don't know.
Jayden: Wake up. What is gosok gigi?
Me: Wash face.
Jayden: No. brush teeth. What is cuci muka?
Me: Dunno? Eat something:
Jayden: Wash face. What is makan loti?
Me: drink kopi.
Jayden: No. Eat bread.
Me: You eat bread in the morning meh?
Jayden: No eat egg. What is minum susu?
Me: drink milk lor...
Jayden: No drink MILO.
Me: Then you must say minum MILO. not minum susu.
Jayden: *irritated* what is pakai baju?
Me: Go school lor.
Jayden: Wear clothes! What is pergi sekolahhhh?
Me: sleep
Jayden: Go school! ......what is suka hati?
Me: Happy!
Jayden: *big smile* yes happy!

Oh its Penguin!

In the car...

Me: Nahh Jayden you better sit properly. If not the policeman will catch you and put you in jail.
Jayden: Oh it's Penguin! Jail. Dowan.
Maid: Policeman la...
Jayden: Oh it's Penguin! *giggle*

Not the only time he said that. Whenever we mentioned policeman he'd say "Oh, It's Penguin". Why? I have no idea until I looked at a penguin pic. Ah......

Possible answer:
Black and White?
Big Belly?

Or maybe both. hehe

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Same Same With Best Friend

Nowadays he likes to go out dressing like this.


Cos he wanna look same same like his best friend, who is also his cousin Jeremy. And then he like to put his hand to the back. You know why?


Cos he need to hold his Thomas bag. Very heavy ler.. Jeremy also has one but he dind't carry it when he posed for me.

He will select which trains to bring out and he'd play with them while having dinner. And his best friend will play with his Pokemon toys.

Anything ler as long as sit quietly and let us eat our dinner peacefully. :)

Friday, July 03, 2009

Dadi's bday

It was HL's bday last 24th June. Before the day came, Jayden started to play with some dough and he made this and sang birthday songs to me and also to HL.



yeap it was THAT hot in msia especially in my working room because I don't have an air cond in my working room (save cost!)

The night came and we went out to celebrate at this place called TREEHOUSE BISTRO in Damansara Utama. We're THE ONLY customer that night due to the weather. It was pouring that night.


He refused to take picture with anyone.

HL's order came. Carbonara!

And guess who finished it? He had his dinner at home before he came to this place you know?


After dinner we thought, hey what about a family pic?



Failed big time. He just won't look at the camera. That's until mami said.. " Don't make me angry. NOW LOOK AT THE CAMERA AND SMILE!"


See? Gotto force then only smile. Very fake smile but better than none! haha

After that we went home and surprised HL with a tiny cake. The cake shop forgot to give us a candle. So Jayden went and get a candle..


I love this picture...

Its the body gesture and the eye contact that tells me that they love each other so much.

And this is a video of Jayden singing the bday song. Listen to what he said carefully.

He sang a few times and got it right the 2nd time onwards. He was having fun singing and also blowing the candles that night. Guess when we're old and have kids, our kids will enjoy our bday more than ourselves. Haha

Friday, June 26, 2009

Who say leotards are for sissy?

When I told his dad that he is going for gymnastic class, his dad's first reaction was "then need to wear leotards ah? mai look very sissy lor".  


Pls la.. which part look sissy?


Anyway the most important thing is, he enjoyed his class. 

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day Dadi!

We're all watching tv when Jayden suddenly turn and said

"Happy Father's Day!"

Immediately I remember that usually the teacher will help them to prepare a card so I asked my maid to search his bag and true enough, we found a card.

He quickly took it from me and gave it to HL and said "Happy Father's day dadi...."

His dad's reaction?

He was smiling from ear to ear.

Yeah, the card is so pathetic. Obviously the teachers simply did it for the sake of doing it. But nevertheless, the purpose was to cheer the father up. And he's happy. So, okay la.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

D - A - U - N

Teacher Nawa told me this story...

(in playground)

Jayden: Teacher Nawa. What is this? (pointing at a tree)
T. Nawa: That is a tree.
Jayden: No. That is a Daun. D - A - U - N. Daun. Daun is leaf.
T. Nawa: Clever boy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I don't like teacher...

Teacher Nawa told me this story that day...

Jayden: I don't like teacher Nawa. I don't like teacher Mani. I don't like teacher Mala. I don't like teacher Hera.
T. Nawa: Why? Why you don't like me?
Jayden: because......always say drink water. If not go office.
T. Nawa:

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


He took a piece of paper and scribbled this for me.

He told me "mami, this is a heart".

Not a perfect one but its good enough for his mami's eye.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I yike RED

We've been trying to ask him to change his sandals cos we know its very dangerous to wear crocs (fake or original) while going up and down the escalator. But he is so attached to his fake crocs he refused to change it. So we gotto go to Giant and keep buying the same colour but in bigger sizes.

That day in Brands outlet, he was wearing his school shoes. And his fake crocs went missing. So I asked him to try on the blue one and he refused. In fact that was not the first time or the 2nd time. It was like so many times and he refused to try it.

That day I told him.

Me: I don't care. You need to buy a pair. One of your sandals are missing. So we better buy one for you. try blue!
Jayden : Don't Yike Blue!
Me: Try Silver
Jayden: Don't Yike!
Me: Try brown!
Jayden : Don't yike. I don't yike brown!
Me: Okay try red then!
Jayden: I yike red! *pick it up and put it on* Okay lets go tit!  (tit = pay money)

So i pulled the straps that connected both the sandals and i let him wear it immediately and went to the cashier. our lil dude was walking so slow cos that was his first time wearing slip on slipper like this. Well, at least he accepted it. Red is abit sissy to me but then hes likes it so whatever la.........


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Teacher Mani told me that this lil guy just love to walk around in class when its time to write and colour. But he will stay put when its oral reading time or singing. Guess he is bored with colouring and writting or he is just too playful. So I went and got him some watercolour and printed out some pictures for him to colour.

I have no idea why, he can just sit and colour and keep asking me to add different colours for him to paint. And this are two of his best art that night.

Hmmm did i really paint that?

Eyer! I did! I did! Nice or not jek???

Maybe he is bored in school. Afterall this is his 2nd year in that class and most probably they're doing the same thing they did last year. Hmmmmm

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I want Don't Want Pampers jor

At the playground near our house. He looked so happy just like how we feel now about him.

One night while dadidi was changing him for bed, he suddenly told his dad "I want don't want pampers jor". So his dadidi told him "Okay If you wanna shee shee you gotto tell us okay?"

So first night, he slept through the night.

And same on the second day.

And the third day he woke me up "Mami? You want shee shee or not?" 

Then one week passed.

And then a few days more it'll be his 2nd week.

I'm am so proud of him. It was only a month ago that he can go to pee himself. And suddenly he want to go to bed without diaper. 

Good job Jayden!

Oh it's coffee!

Today we went to The Curve after I have picked him up from school. I fed Jayden and he requested for 100Plus. I said "Okay, you can have 100Plus if you're good boy and let me finish my lunch, then I will buy you 100Plus. Promise."

He reach out his pinky and said "Promise!"

So I slowly ate my curry mee and he sat at his chair and looked left, looked right and sang "Bring back bring back, bring back my body to me, to me...." haha he's funny.

Then he suddenly told me " Oh! I want shee shee Mami!"

Oh man.. the toilet was too far away and I don't wanna leave my maid alone with Justin far away from me.

So I quickly grab the nearly-empty plastic cup and brought him to a corner and asked him to pee.

While peeing he said to me " Oh mami look. It's Coffee!"

Pengsan! Cos the soya milk in the plastic cup + his pee looked like the Ice coffee that I have just ordered.

And yeap, he let me finished my lunch and I got him 100Plus as promised.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TiTi! Don't Suck Chit Chit!

This picture was taken oin the 30th of April 2009. This date marked the last day that he sucked his pacifier. He brought it along and sucked it in the car that morning. And after he left for school, I hid the pacifier and that was the last time he sucked and saw it.

It's going to be 2 weeks since he saw the pacifier. For the first few days he'd ask for it. But then I will just pretend as if I cannot hear or couldn't understand what he was saying. By the fourth day, he didn't ask for it anymore.

Last night while bathing I asked him "Jayden, what happened to your chit chit?"

And he replied "jayden chit chit Blue colour. Jayden want chit chit....*think think* Jayden want don't want chit chit edi. TiTi, Don't suck chit chit!".

His art

I managed to snap a pic of his artwork in school.

I think he did it with teacher's help. It's okay, cos he is only 3.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Go Office!

Jayden 1

Before sleep, I'll normally take the initiative to chat with Jayden to improve his communication skill. He is still not chatting like his peers. So one day I asked him:

Me: Jayden can you pretend to be mei mei?
Jayden: *pretend a blur look that looks like the girl I have mentioned*
Me: hahahhahah Okay Now you pretend to be JoJo.
Jayden: *pretend to be shocked like how the boy looked like*
me: hahahahaha Okay Okay now you pretend to be Paris.
Jayden: I want be teacher Mani.
Me: Okay go ahead.
Jayden: errm I want be teacher Hera (his principle)
Me: Okay.. how?
Jayden: Ek! Notty huh? Go Office!
Me: *surprised* hahahahahahaahahhahaha

The next day when I drop him off to his class I managed to meet up with teacher Mani. And I told her about him acting like teacher Hera. Apparently this lil boy of mine was sent to office a few times because he refused to write himself without Teacher Mani holding onto his hands. You see, last year he was the youngest when he joint the class and he was teacher Mani's pet student. Now that he is not the youngest, teacher mani gotto focus on the younger ones. They will ask him to sit in front of the principle and Voila! he can write by himself and even can colour the picture himself.

jayden 2
Jayden says: Oppssss now you know my secret in school

Monday, May 04, 2009

Hold Your Birdie


It's been a month since Jayden is potty trained. I started to train him during the school holiday one week before his 3rd Birthday cos I see him 24 hours compared to time when he goes to school in the morning and only comes home at 11.30am.

It started with non-sleeping time for a week and he goes to nap with diaper. And then diaperless even during napping time. But he did woke up a few times soaked with urine but he got the idea after a few times. And he will wake up and tell me "Mami, I want Shee Shee", pee and go back to nap.

He used to ask me to help him cos he was so short and couldn't reach the toilet bowl. Then he started going to the toilet by himself by lifting one of his leg up and bend forward to pee in the toilet. After a month, he can stand and pee by himself. How come he can grow so tall in just a month? I really have no idea.

Now, he will announce to me "Mami! I want Shee Shee!" and I'll help him to remove his pants or help him to "search" for his birdie and he'll run to the toilet while saying.. "hold YOUR (MY) oWn birdie!" Hehe..

Oh how about going out time? Also diaperless but gotto stand by some plastic bag in our bag for the just-in-case moments *wink*

I can say training him when we're both ready (as in he understand what is happening and I'm being not so mental) make things easier for the two of us. Now I am just waiting for him to go to toilet himself (as in knowing how to stop announcing to me, needing me to remove his pants for him) to train him to go diaperless at night.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

He ain't heavy...

He's my brother!

I just love the way Jayden plays with Justin.

I love the way he calls him "AMBEE AH!!!"

Or how he'll ask me "Where's titi?" When I fetches him from his school.

And the way he bend over and kisses Justin.

And the way he'll share his fav trains with him, err except Gordon.

And also ask whether TiTi's coming to bed with him.

Or whether we're going to bath TiTi also after he had his bath.

And now, he even share his favourite pacifier with Justin.

And best of all, he'll bend over so that Justin can pull his hair and get all cheered up.

Note to Jayden:
Jayden boy, mami is so proud of you. Mami never thought that you can such a loving kor kor to your titi. Mami hope that you will stay so loving towards titi and won't fight (so much) when you guys are older. Love you Darling.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Some of his favourites...

One of his fav train, Toby.

I love to see how he play with his trains.. so engrossed with them

And these are just a few of his train collections. His dadidi is really spoiling him. Each train costs about min Rm24.90 for the short ones and Rm34.90 for the long ones.