Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lil Ming Siew...

Nowadays Ming Siew moves very fast. You blink your eyes, he already turned and began to wander around..This is the Latest Video of lil Ming Siew trying to crawl on four but keep on falling..hehehe must have a pillow stand by just in case he fall down and bang his head..

And this is especially for his Grand Aunty and Aunty..His Laughter Video while playing with me last night.

And lately he likes to move his fingers, indicating he likes something or he wants to be carried. This was taken when he saw Mami's watermelon..But Ming Siew cannot eat lo..

I'm planning to cut his hair..His hair is growing Mohawk Style..Only getting longer in the middle part...What do you think?

Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Deepa Raya!

What a way to start holiday...Whole family went to see doctor last Saturday! First Jayden went to see doctor..then Dadi and then Mami. Jayden was suffering from Diarrhea due to teething..So we have to change his pampers every now and then. So poor thing..and he was so grumpy..

See how grumpy this Ming Siew is la..

Then we went to Dadi and Boh Boh's restaurant and again...Jayden Pooed and kena everywhere...his clothes..his baby chair.. so messy.. Changes him and suddenly....*buek*..he vomitted..and we ran out of clothes. So we wrapped him with his towels and rushed to nearby Giant to buy him T-shirts...but when we got back to the shop...he was fast asleep...

So the diarrhea went on for about few days..until this guy also lembik lembik edi...But holiday was good..cos Dadi and Jayden get to spend some quality time together...and some resting time for Mami..Cos Jayden is like Koala Bear when he is not well...

So sweet..Dadi helping Jayden to remove some dirty things from his face...

Jasmine Cheh Cheh came and stay over on Wednesday..cos her Papa & Mama gotto work. And we went to watch "Open Season". My first time to the cinema..no picture cos cannot bring camera in ma...Its a good show. Dadi and Jasmine Cheh Cheh laughed so loud..But Mami gotto go and stand at the back to rock Jayden to sleep..

This lil devil once was like a tiny kitten when I first took care of her..Now she's helping me to take care of Jayden..time flies..*sigh*
This lil Pooh of mine..Cirit Birit until lembik lembik also still so cheerfull.but only in the day time.At night its mostly crying and crying session...*sigh* If only he can be as cheerful as day time...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Today I felt Better

Yesterday I was having fever...but then today I felt better. Why I get fever??? I also dunno...maybe my teeth coming out? Or maybe the aircond is too strong for me....because I'm very notty..i don't like to wear pants when I sleep. I only like to wear my pampers all night..

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Latest Bad Habit

Jayden has got a new nickname given by his nanny: Ming Siew (Lil Master Ming). Why? Cos he is like a boss. He won't hold his own bottle, must carry HIM only and not other ppl, Must sit next to him and TALK to him, if sitting down to see TV must pat pat his back or his buttock. Like boss , you know...

Anyway, here are some of his pictures taken this morning. We changed his bed cos he keep banging his head on the wooden panels in his old bed frame and he just refuse to sleep in it. So we changed it to a play pen. And finally, he spent a night in his playpen alone for the whole night cos he has been sleeping with us in our queen size bed for many many months edi...

This Boss sleeping also holding the head..must be thinking of work la!

Or thinking about something sweeeeeeeet...

I dunno what is this style called...

Boss sudah bangun...see how he holds his bottle..so malas..

His bad habit starting la..

He will picit picit the nipple head so that water will come out and wet the whole bed!

Look Ma! Your bed is wet!

*sigh* My son..my son...

Just another update

Went for makan makan with Tan Family the other day...and Jeremy kor kor lent me his beanie..Same like my baju! This my picture taken while i was playing with Uncle Andrew

Yeah..we had Roasted Suckling Pig. Mami says...."YUm Yum"...


Mami took my video while playing with me the other day...I love to stuff things into my mouth. But Normally cannot masuk all the thing..cos my toys all big big one!

Tips to view me...press load..then let it load until finish and replay again!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My First Wedding Dinner!


We went to Ipoh for Dadi's cousin wedding..yes..all the way to Ipoh. Show time!

You like my Adidas Beanie???

With my Sexy Mami. Hehehe

With My Dadi & MamiWith my Sze Yin Cheh Cheh
My Dadi say..i looked like Rapper... Yo! Yo!
Forgot to bring my chut chut..Dadi gotto drive to Jusco to buy for me..You see my teary eyes..

Why no pikture of the bride and groom leh? Errr hungry la. Travel so far ....makan first la! Hehehe


As soon as we reach there, Jayden is Grumpy. Wanna know why???
This place is so stuffy...just look at the wall..
And sooooooooooooooooooooooooo stuffy!

I met my uncle..Yes my uncle who is 10 days younger than me! Everyone is comparing us..said he looked chubbier than me and can crawl. I know i cannot crawl yet..and I'm smaller size..but i think I'm smarter leh...at least i can recognise who is my relatives and not just follow anyone ler...
This is where we're seated. At the corner..with a very bright spotlight on top of our head. So Hot!

Mami with Min Min Cheh Cheh.

And of cos with my Mami ler..

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Okay Okay another post..

Nevermind la.. nobody comment then nobody comment la.

Just wanna show you the picture comparison between Jayden and his Dadi..

Same same or not?


Dadi's away to Penang for biz trip. Will only be back on Thursday night. We miss you Dadi..

And Jayden is not feeling well lately. Went to the paed last night and doctors says that Jayden is having Brochitis..so gotto use the inhaler. No pics during the inhaler session cos Mami gotto hold on to Jayden before Jayden whack the doctor up. But he's a good boy...

Here's the picture of him at paed's place:
Just cannot sit still...He's banned from using air cond for at least 3 months. Hope that he get well soon..

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Final Post

I think I want to discontinue writting in this blog cos:

People come in, read and go. No comments on anything. There's no fun in writting a blog like this.

Even his Dadi also never comment or visit this blog often.

What's the point?

So, no more updates on Jayden anymore.

See you guys during Chinese New Year or when you guys come back from overseas la.