Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm Super Benjol Boy!


See... one night Mami and Dadi asked me to sleep. But I refused and roll roll on the bed and BOOM! I fell down and my head landed on the musical hook. That's why you can see a "C" on my benjol. Dadidi went and boil an egg and tried to massage my benjol. But then half way massaging, yolk started to drip! Mamimi asked him to take ice and massage me but Dadidi refused. Dadidi even massages my head with the egg without removing the shell at first! Sigh.. I know I'm a funny boy and I have a funny Dadidi. :)

Good Job Baby!

We're in the car when I heard him saying "Good Job Baby!" And gave Justin a big wet kiss on the lips. We laughed and HL asked me what did Justin do?

Basically nothing, just being himself sitting on the baby car seat. And that, his kor kor praised him and gave him a kiss. :)


Jayden is so loving and adores his lil brother. I hope it stays this way even after Justin knows how to walk and know how to fight for toys *fingers crossed*

Sunday, October 26, 2008


We went to hunt for tiles for our new house. And while we're in the showroom, I heard him saying this..

Hey! Look at that! Wow, Cool!

That's cool. Cos we don't know where he learnt that. Haha


In The Car:

Mami: We're going to bring you to see monkeys okay? Feed monkeys, okay?
Jayden: I want elephant...
Mami and Dadi : *alamak* errr no ler.. we're going to see monkey only ok?
Jayden: Feed monkey...


Before going to bed:

Jayden: Say Night Night Jayden...
Mami: Night Night Jayden. You say Night Night Mami?
Jayden: *smile* Night Night..................Dadidi
Mami: :( You don't wanna say night night mami?
Dadi: Night night Jayden. Say night night mami ok?
Jayden: Night Night......*smile* dadidi *Close eyes*

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Because I Never Say Sorry

Last Friday I didn't go to school because Dadidi woke up late. Everyone didn't sleep well because TiTi kept crying for milk in the middle of the night. Then Mamimi wanted to send me to school but her car broke down. So I end up being at home with TiTi and Mamimi alone. Mamimi supposed to work on that day but because TiTi and I are being very demanding, Mamimi ended up not working at all.

And then when mamimi refused to give in to my request, I started throwing things and started kick and lie down on the floor. Mamimi "Tah Tah" me and asked me to sit down until I say sorry. But I don't want to. So I sat on the floor and cry...cry... cry....

And since I don't have any toys with me, I started to do some houdini action and I ended up wearing my shirt like this.

And I still refused to say sorry. And I cried for 1 hour plus until my eyes are all swollen. Then Mami yelled "You don't wanna say sorry? Then go SLEEP!"

And I crawl to my elmo pillow while crying and Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



He can now count 1-12 in English And 1-10 in Cantonese and BM. But his Cantonese and BM sounds kinda funny...



Sometimes he will even count his own fingers and also he loves counting Titi's lil toes.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I want COMB (cut) hair!

Mami said my hair is looking like a ball soon. So she brought me to comb (cut) hair. This is a very special comb hair place because they have a car and barney show too. The uncle cut my hair so fast like ZAP ZAP ZUP.

My dadi asking the uncle "faster come!"

Oh yeah.. i hate the cover so dadi took my shirt off when the uncle cut my hair.

When I looked up, I can see that my hair is shorter already! Then he let me ride on the car with the music and I like this place. Now I always tell my mami that I want to COMB (cut) hair!