Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I went for YUM SENG!

I went to a wedding dinner last Saturday. This is how mami looked like before she started chasing after me...

Mami said I looked fine that night..

You see, there's this big space outside the grand ballroom for me to RUN! And mami and dadi chased after me the whole night! Boy, I was so tired but its so FUN!!!!!

Run! Dadi is trying to catch me!

And I was so exhausted, I lied down for a rest and Dadi was right at my back! Arghhh!


And I found some flowers and I ran with the flowers.

And I stopped for a while....


Lil Boy waiting for his princess to arrive with a lil pink Daisy..

And while eating half way, everyone shouted YUMMMMMMSENG!!!!! I think they're talking about me....*shy*

And after that I know how to YUM SENG myself...


No, not underaged for Coke right? :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

He is no baby, he is Baby Kor Kor


Before this my neighbour used to tell me.. "Wait la.. when he is 1 1/2 years old".

So I waited, and it came today.

So, wait for what?

More headache!


His profile now
Name : Jayden Chan
Nick Name: Baby Kor Kor, Ah den, Den Den
Weight : 10.3 kg
Height : Tall enough to reach the tv on the rack and also on and off the DVD player.
Can Say : Dadi, Mi, Kor Kor, Aunty, Babble colours like grin, bu, yewow, wed. The other day he said DIG and pretend to dig the ground like Mickey Mouse.
Interest : Watch Barney (getting sick of it), Sesame Street and starting to accept shows with lotsa conversation and not just songs.
Eat : Anything
Drink : ANything
Likes : Spoon, Banana, Dragon Fruit, bathing, sing and going out!
Can do : Climb up the bed, climb up the dining chair and climb up the dining table, Do split (70%)
Hates : Car with high beam headlight, Getting out of the tub, Staying at home and mami forgot what he likes edi when she write until here.
Dislike: Ice cream and Jelly or anything slimy.

Okay That's it.

And why Baby Kor Kor?

Cos when we call him baby, he will say he is kor kor. The baby at the nanny's call him kor kor. So, he is our Baby Kor Kor.


He is now 18 Months! Time flies!

Jayden Says: You know why I like to go Po Po's house?

Because she will let me do whatever and play whatever I want!

See, KongKong and PoPo just came back from Cameron Highlands and Kong Kong bought so many Corns! And guess what I did with it? I play lor.....

Mami recorded me playing with the corn..Boy, i was so tired moving the corn from the table to the basket.

Some aunty and uncle very lazy busy to view video. Mami also made a short animation of me playing with the corn


My PoPo also always cook nice food for my mami. My mami will eat eat eat like a pig and don't bother about me. Then, I can go and play with my Jeremy Kor Kor and Jasmine Cheh Cheh. So fun!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jayden Says: I stand corner *uwaaa*


My mami punished me because.....I like to play with the tv switch.

I like to off the tv when mami and dadi is watching their Chinese show.

I don't like it when they watch Chinese show.

Because no one will play with me.

I want to watch my Barney show.

Mami will shout "Jayden, NO!"

but I will still off and on it back again and run to my dadi for help.

That day my dadi wasn't around to help me.

I tried to on it back again, but nothing on the tv. (astro need to reload again that's why it's slow)

Mami got so angry.

She said " You Stand Corner Now!"

I started to run and hide.

Mami caught me and throw me at the corner.

So I cried....louder.....and louder.......and very very loud.

And I tried to pull mami's hand asking for forgiveness...

and she said "NO!"

So I cried louder and wondered "where's my dadi when I need him the most?"

And I cried.....

and I bite the little spoon that I was holding....

And cried...

and finally.....I used my favourite melting tactic...

I run fast fast and hug my mami!

And then she melted and say...."Okay, mami loves you."

I'm FREE! I'm FREE!!!!

And i'm going to wait for my dadi to come back first then only I off the switch again....*evil grin*

Jayden says: I looked like....

Thanks to Aunty Yvonne for this meter! Now my dadi and mami won't argue about who I looked like anymore! Of course I looked like the both of them. I'm their creation mah!

Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm Speedy Gonzales!


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

He's getting cheekier each day

and goofier each day....


See how goofy he is? hahaha

He went to Ikea Merdeka Sale la! He was so tired, he just stayed there when we placed the bolster around him. But he still don't wanna close his eyes and he still managed to disturb the cashier guy when we're at the counter. The cashier boy was so afraid that he might make him cry if he were to remove the bolster, so he quietly scan the barcode. Suddenly Jayden moved his body like kena electric shock and gave that guy a fright. Aiyo....Ini Budak always give ppl heart attack!
But after that he dozed off...

Laff Samo!

This cheeky boy knows how to imitate people and disturb people nowadays. The other day I was blowing my nose and he blew raspberry and laugh out loud! He was imitating the way I blew my nose! Arghhh!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Spoon Story

Here are the bigger version of the pictures above...

He held it tight when we're in the car...

Held it tight when we're out....

Held it tight when he's sleeping while we're out...

And still holding it tight when he's back at home...even when he is sleeping

And it's just a normal McD porridge spoon...