Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I also want to go Cinema

DSC_1272 copy

I went for a movie last night and Jayden wanted to cry as he saw me leaving the house alone. So his dad told him that I went out to buy something and will be back very soon. And to my surprised, when I got home at 11pm he was up and waited for me. As soon as I stepped in he asked "Mami What you buy???". I said "errrr ..(and looked into my bag and found popcorn!) I bought Popcorn for you". He came over looked and said "hmmm i don't want popcorn"

So before sleep he asked me one more time:

JD: Mami where you go just now?
Me: Actually Mami went to Cinema to watch movie.
JD: I also want to watch movie.
Me: Then next time I bring you to cinema okay?
JD: I also want to go cinema.
Me: Okay.. promise you next time ok?
JD: Okay..

and he.. crawled up and took a few popcorn and popped into his mouth and went to bed.

he is getting more and more matured each day...:)

How Much Is This Mami?

He love reading especially Hypermarts leaflet. He like to ask "How much is this?" and then expect you to give the answer. Normally we'd say "Dunno la. How much ah?" And he'd answer us correctly. He also likes to go around in the hypermarts and tell us "Mami this one is X dollar XX cents". Sometimes I'll ask him to read for me in the car, good way to keep him seated quietly ;)

The other day I was trying on a dress and he asked me "how much is this dress mami?" I said 'I am not sure, baby. Why not you go and ask the aunty (promoter)?" And he really took the dress out and asked "errr this one how much ? How much?" . hehehe he tickled everyone is that store that day.

Monday, November 09, 2009

His first concert

I am super proud of him altho the dance step is very simple but still I am super proud of him! I never know he can follow instructions and dance so well.


Yeap he got punished cos he pushed Justin down a few times. The day before he pushed him towards the table and make his lil bro hurt at the forehead with 2 big bungalows. So I was angry and I made him sit down on a chair in my working room. Of course he tried to run away a few times and got some good smacking. Hereyou can see him sitting on the floor, tried to run away again but too tired to run.. haha