Saturday, March 24, 2007

I can Walk!

Yeah! Action! Action! I can walk edi! This is me walking on my birthday! Cool or not? Hahahahah

See how he can manouver his steps to turn and take things and stand up again. Quick eh? Kepala also pusing! And since he can walk so well, I'm starting to pull my hair! Cos not only he is fast in walking, he can climb VERY well!!! Adoi! See how he is climbing onto the toy that his dad bought for him to practise walking!

*pull Hair*


Friday, March 23, 2007

On his bday...

He woke up smiling and giggling. Maybe he knew that IT IS his bday that day. We packed our stuff and headed down to KLCC to go to Aquaria. He woke up once reached and started to gaze ard , stunned! And then he got down from the stroller and started to roam here and there, walking wobbly like orang mabuk.

The first thing he touched was the baby shark. He still havent developed the "scared" feeling yet, obviously.Look at the curious and happy face! Love this shot, his lil hand touching the star fish! So tiny! Wanna know why they open the mouth so big? Cos as soon as he saw this...

He will say Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

And he tried to catch the fish while we're in the tube tunnel.

i finally managed to get a clear shot of the turtle...They're so very the FAST!

And this is lil Chan with Giant Chan. Such a huge difference!

And then we saw some weird frogs like this.......... so cartoonish!

And some weird water snails....

And some nice but weird fish like this and he....

started to say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh again.....

And the lil bossie himself! Very hard to get a clear shot of him...cos he never stop!

So night came and we brought him to Ikano's Fasta Pasta to eat Ma-Ca-O-Ni- & - Cheese! While waiting for Dadi to do something, this lil rascal of mine tried to sabo the fake deco plants around......

And Dadi came bek with a surprise!

And of coz.......He love it! BIG CAR WITH REAL STEERING WHEELS!!!!

Look Ma! Back Hand driving...single handed! And we ordered what we were there for.....and feed the lil rascal....

But he wants fries with ketchup pulak!

Another lil celebration with Dadi, Mami, Boh And Boh Leh!

I think he is happy....well at least the both of us is happy and darn tired when we reached home. And we both kissed him goodnight and said ....Happy Birthday Jayden.......zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Monday, March 19, 2007

Hap to Me!!!

Early morning My Mami and Dadi brought me to eat breakfast. The che che gave me a pack of M&Ms chocolate. Then after dat, my Mami brought me to cut hair. The che che very pretty i keep on looking at her. And when finished, i have a botak head already. Anyway I didn't sleep 2 rounds in the afternoon today. Maybe I'm too excited to go to a party. And then when the sky turn dark dark, everyone came. And they eat and eat.I heard they say the food is yummy...but i didn't eat la.

And then i fell asleep when boh-boh carried me. And then when i woke up, i heard alot of ppl laughing, talking in my house! And then they carried a cake out. Looked so familiar. And then Mami said "Jayden look, POCOYO! ELLIE! PATO!!" and i said "OOOHHHH" It's POCOYO!!!

And we played and played and played samo with my new birthday presents! Wah! i Like birthday Party! Mami can we have another one tomorrow?????

Special Thank You Note For Aunty Min who sponsored the Yummy POCOYO CAKE!!!!

Mami says: We're going to have another round of bday celebration on his actual bday this 21st! Happy birthday my Darling Jayden Boy! Mami Loves u!!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

My BDay Party Today!

It's me,Jayden writting today. Mami is busy preparing for tonight. She say we will be going out for dinner somewhere outside and will come home to eat my Pocoyo cake. I like Pocoyo...Pocoyo is very Cute!

Anyway Mami wanted to make 12 scraps from my first moment till i turn into 1 yr old. But she was so busy at work. Cos she resigned and will be joining another company mah. So she only managed to make 3 scraps. I curi curi show you all...

Okay Mami will update u guys on tonight's dinner. Bai Bai!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Weekend Update!

Can you spot the little driver? Brought him to KFC sect 14 and left him in the playground and he really enjoyed himself.

He is attracted to anything with wheels!

Anyway...brought him KL to get him a bday gift.

A lil something for lil monster to wear when he's walking, which is very soon. Cos now he can take like 5 steps each time before he loose his balance and fall down. After that, we went to look at the function organised by the government, The Malaysia Book of records for the longest yee sang.

Long eh? And we stop by a store to drink Herbal Tea. Now he can drink using straw... Sunday, i took out the baby pool, which initially his Dadi bought for him when he was learning to turn over. So worried that he will boink his head...but we totally forgot about this. So now he's using it as a play tool....and i brought it out to our small garden and fill it up with water...
And managed to snap these wonderful pictures of him having fun..
And on the Chap Goh Meh night, as usual we went to mum's place and ate dinner.
Jeremy with the tong on the head.....

And of cos Jayden also kena put the tong on the head by Jasmine cheh cheh.

This is him soo into watching his TV show and sucking his pacifier while I'm feeding him his lunch.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hulk Hogan

Ever since the day i took his picture trying to open the rambutan, he's been doing this action. We called it the incredible hulk or hulk hogan.

See what i mean?

The last shot was from Shannon's camera. Took it during CNY visiting at Peggy's place. This guy...*sigh* everyday kena complaint by nanny. Yesterday was the best. She told me that my son know Tiger Claw Kung Fu. I told my current boss about it and she nearly choked while eating lunch yesterday.

You know how Tiger Claw kung Fu works? He sleeps in the kayu-framed play pen type kind of bed. So Nanny gotto turn the door side facing the wall since he can climb up and jump out of the bed...Pls remember that he still cannot walk ah...Since very constraint in the bed, he used his toes to "kiap" (kepit)(use toes to hold on) the rounded wood all the way up and try to jump out of the sides of the bed. So turn left right centre everywhere also can come out. How?

She told me she has never taken care of a boy who's so clever and active before. Well, what you expect from Sasha's genes? Anyway, this is his favourite word now...