Wednesday, September 30, 2009

how about....5 cents!

At the foodcourt next to the pay per ride machines:

Jayden: Mami, I want 50 cents please...

Me: ok, You go ask Ning Cheh Cheh la.

Jayden: Ning Cheh Cheh, I want 50 cents please?

Ning: Don't have 50 cents.

Jayden: Then how about 20 cents?

Ning: Also don't have.

Jayden: *frustrated* Then how about 10 cents?????

Ning: 10 Cents also don't have.

Jayden: Ah.. Then how about 5 cents!

Ning: Ah 5 cents got. Wait ah... * give him 5 cents*

Jayden: YAY!! 5 cents! (took the 5 cents and put into the machine) Cannot! Ning Cheh Cheh I want 50 cents!!!!!!

Can see that he is so frustrated asking for money to play the pay per ride. 5 cents also he wanna sapu. But the ride costs 50 cents each time. haha

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Okay, Love mami more.


Me: Jayden, do you love dadi more or love mami more?
Jaydee: hehe Love dadi more.
Me: *pretend to sob*
Jayden: hehe Okay. Love Mami more.

*sigh* definitely a dadi's boy. But just to make me happy he said "okay, love mami more". :P

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finally he complained

With dadi and titi in Genting on Justin's bday

Jayden: mami.... I'm sad mami...
Me: Why? What happened?
Jayden: because.... dadi scold me.

This is the first time that he complaint. Kinda happy that he is finally complaining like other kids. I know, more headache coming...

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

err.. see you later

Earlier in kids room, I saw Jayden shaking the "sarung".

JD: titi sleeping...
Me: Oh thanks Jayden. You're a good kor kor.
JD: *smile and continued to shake*

I went back to my working room and then he came hugging his elmo pillow.

JD: mami... mami.....*thinking* errr titi.........*thinking*
Me: why? what happened to titi?
Jd: errr titi.....
Me: *walked over to kids room and found Justin trying to wriggle out of the sarung-secure by safetypin. Trying to escape via the tiny gap) Oh Jayden you're trying to tell me titi woke up huh?
JD: titi wake up di..
Me: yeah. Thanks Jayden. You did great. Give me a high5 man!
JD: *high 5 and smile* errrrrr I see you later..
Me: err okay. bye

My son, seldom complain. Seldom tell. Only mind his own business. But can see he is slowing changing and care alot about his titi. And getting more and more mature in action and words. I see you later...that is the last thing I thought he will say. :)

Pisang Basah


Jayden: *peeling banana skin* P for Pisang.

Me: Clever boy! So you learn Pisang today?

Jayden: Pisang Basah!

Me: Basah? Come let me see

Oh yeah.. the banana is abit wet cos its overcooked.