Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jayden 8 Months!

Overdue post...quite busy with work..or pretending to be busy that is. Hahahaha Anyway here's the latest picture we took while bathing him the other day. Nowadays its too hard to even change his diaper! He just won't sit or lay down still for us to change his diaper or change his clothes! And he hates it when we change his clothes...coz his head is just too big. Sometimes the T-shirt will get stuck at the head! hahaha

Notice that he is covering his nen nen? I have no idea why he did that ...but he always giggle when we strip him naked and tease him when we change his diaper.. everytime i say "kkciau!" he will giggle non stop *roll eyes* Hahaha

I think he should be 8kgs now. The other day we went out to meet with other mommy bloggers, when they carried him..they say "Wah So light!" Hahahah Yeap..he is very light! But he eats alot. Dadi always say the same thing "He can finish all the porridge in that tupperware??? Are you sure or not?? Dun feed him so much. He will vomit!". He haven't seen before..first the porridge and then another 8oz of milk. Then take a nap..then fruit puree..one big bowl again! But he just won't gain weight!

And although he is light, his grandparents threw in the while towel the other day. SURRENDER!! This guy just won't sit still..he will wiggle to the left and right non-stop. And he is VERY CLINGY to me just like the elephant glue..I kinda like it at first that he shows that he prefer me more than his Dadi but sometimes I really beh tahan...The other day when i came back from Kuantan, i went into the room quietly and whispered...Jayden...He turned and crawled so fast whil laughing loudly HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH..like he never see me for so long..only 1 day trip ma..

I have not taken any picture of his 2 little front teeth. So cute! Everytime he smile (he normally will laugh) and can see his teeth. Lately he has not been sleeping well at night. I think he is just too excited to learn how to climb and stand. He will sleep till about 2am and then he will start to crawl and wiggle in beetween the 2 of us. And use US as his climbing materials. So there goes our lalaland time...both of us goes to work with panda eyes everyday.

Monday, November 20, 2006

3 Posts today!!!

Look! this is my latest gadget to eat! Just like a chut chut! Can put fruits inside so that i won't choke when eating fruits! cool eh? Nice or not??? You look at the picture and see lor....

I'm Better Already!!!

Yes! No more Fever! No more Rashes! I'm Hensem again!!!!

Balloon Affair!

We went to makan makan in Damansara Village again. This time together gether with Lim family. Donch know if they like the food but i know they love the Balloons!!!!

Jeremy enjoyed the balloon very much. Jumping up and down. Uncle Richard cannot stop making balloons for Sheng Zhe and Jasmine!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Rashes Part II

Okay so Mami never bath me with coconut water cos other aunty said that the rashes will eventually go away by itself wor. This is how i look like now..So geli right??? lately i dun like to smile and laugh. Maybe I'm tired cos of the fever and the medicine. But yesterday Mami was so happy cos i started to smile and play like normal! And to show off my new tooth, she zoom nearer!Yalor..its this tooth la that make me sick sick and poo poo alot lately! But i likey my new tooth. Now i can bite ppl better!

So last night we went to makan with my Grand Aunty(Maipo) and Uncle. Maipo keep on kissing me so many times. I think its because she's going back to New Zealand soon and wont be coming back to Malaysia for many years after this round.
Nevermind Maipo...when Dadi earn lots of money then we sit the aeroplane and Zzuuuuuuuuuuuummmm to New Zealand to find you okay???

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bye Bye Fever Halo Rash!

Okay finally can say bye bye to the fever..Mana tau now Rashes Mali pulak! It seems like the fever heat got pushed out from the body as rashes. Correct or not Mami?? The rashes started around my huge head..then slowly travel to the eyes...then the neck..Eyer..So GELI!!!!!

Anyway, since just recovered from fever..of cos will be extra manja 1000x! But since birth I memang more suka my Mami more than Dadi. Why? Cos Mami was extra angry with Dadi when I'm inside the tummy. So maybe because of that I refuse to even let Dadi hold my bottle when feeding last time. Now abit okay...but cry a little bit.. have to go to Mami. Yesterday Mami gotto carry me and make-up at the same time. Luckily her eyebrows not senget one side like Sammy cheng's eyebrow! haha

Aunty Annie said if got rashes like this, can try to get rid of it using young coconut water. So Mami fast fast sms Dadi to remind him to buy. He say Okay..Okay..Okay...And you know what ? He came back with 3 packet of dishes for dinner. So he fast fast rush out to buy.....

So they stripped me butt naked..and I very the excited wanna masuk the mandi punya tempat. Then Dadi came with the coconut.."Lai Lai...Dadi pour coconut water". HUH????? Cold coconut water??? Yau mowe kau cho ah Dadi? So they end up mixing the coconut water with some hot water...Mami says dunno whether it will work or not liddis??

Mami says "Dun worry Jayden Boy...today buy samo and we mandi pure coconut water only okay?"

Okay Mami....

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Mami!

12th November is my Mami's Birthday. But we didn't really celebrate because i just lost my great grandma. We went to TGIF Bandar Utama to makan makan. But we had to makan fast fast..because i'm very grumpy...Fever ma..Neh..that pneumococcal jab lo..so painful..make me scared scared so fever lor.

Here's some picture taken during the dinner...

No birthday cake for Mami this year...cos we just sent my great grandma to Nirvana Memorial place..very far from my house.. And Mami and Dadi also very tired..Nevermind Mami..when its my birthday we share the cake together-gether okay?