Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I AM 2!

Mami and Dadi gave me a surprised party many days ago in McDonalds but my Mami is very lazy to update it here.
It was bright and sunny day on the 16th March 2008.

But I was sleeping when we arrived at McD's. 

This is my Birthday Poster at the ground floor.My party starts at 2pm.

Then I woke up and immediately I said LOOK! LOOK! cos Aunty Shannon was there ready to snap my picture.

These are my special red eggs. Mami dunno how to make so end up everyone's hand turns red after eating this.

These are my Party Packs. Got lots goodies inside. :)

This is my Awi Cake.

And we took pic with my Awi Cake.

That day, i sat alone and eat alone.
Everyone asked my Mami "what happened to Jayden? Why he so "Kwai" today?". Normally i'm very KWAAI meh?

Jeremy Kor kor thought that it was his birthday!

This is how surprised I was!
When everyone was singing Happy Birthday song, I was busy saying AWI!AWI!

I still loook very confused!

And I managed to blow only one candle. When we practise last time, there's only 2 candles. How come now have so many wan????

Then got this ugly birdie came and say Happy Birthday and gave me a pressie.

And she wanted to hug me. Arghh!!!!! Help!!!

This is me, Jasmine Cheh Cheh and Jeremy Kor kor playing on the slide.

I had so much fun. I Mami invited some friends over. And they brought so much pressie over. Nearly all are THOMAS things! Woohooo!!!

Dadi and Mami gave me this for my present.
Thomas House for my Awi.

And Mami said another present coming on the way This September.

I wonder what is inside. *hmmmmmmmm*

That's all for my birthday party.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Do I Look LIke My Mami?

When I'm alone with my mami, we do funny stuff like this...


And like this!

Do I look like my Mami?

My Yang Wa Wa Song

I like to watch a video at my "aunty's" place. The girls like to sing "Yang Wa Wa" and I like to follow them too. But then, when I am at home or at my PoPo's house, when they ask me to sing I feel very very shy and will laugh when I sing Yang Wa Wa. Mami took a video of me laughing at the end of the video. So sorry that my mami's singing is so terrible. The girls in the video sings better, but my mami has nicer teeth than those girls.

I can feed myself!

Ok, Mami finally managed to snap a video of my eating...PROPERLY.

How? Ok?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Because I love train...

Because I love train so much, my Boh Boh and Mami took me for a ride. But this train is not like my Henry, can make toot toot toot sound. This train says "stesen berikutnya Taman Bahagia. Ding Dong." At first I was blur. I didn't know its a train. Then Mami and Boh Boh brought me, went in and out from the train then only I know. I like it very much. Thank you Ah Boh....

I am Big Boy Now!


I am a big boy now (although my size is small) I can feed myself using fork now. My favourite now is fishball, cake and fruits. But don't worry if you see me using a metal fork. I know how manouver it and aim the food to my mouth.

I have no problem with drinking with a cup. But I still like to drink my nen-nen using my bottle. The feeling is so nice...especially when I lie down on my Elmo pillow and watch my show in tv..Ah so nice. But only one problem, if I see any cup on the table with liquid inside, I will take and drink. Mami always say "Jayden, NO!!!!!"

Now, I am learning to eat porridge and rice with spoon. But sometimes one or two grains of rice will fall out. Mami says I need to practise more. When I am better then only she will take pic and show you ok?.

I have new skill!

One day Mami and Dadi was watching Guiness Books Of Records. Then I saw 2 uncles smashing watermelon using thier heads. First, they line the watermelons in a straight line. Then they fast fast bang the head to the watermelon. The more they break the watermelon, the more people cheer for them.

So that day I saw many mandarin oranges on the table. After eating dinner, while Mami is washing the dishes, I lined the oranges straight and I did this...


But Mami never cheer for me. She laughed and took my pics.

Mami, why you never cheer for me? I have new skill wor!