Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm Still...


Monday, October 22, 2007

Jayden says: I am 19 Months and ChutChut-less!

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Yesterday I have turned to be 19 months! And good new for Mai Poh and bad news for me, I'm Off ChutChut for almost 6 days already! Sometimes I felt that I miss my chutchut so much I will wiggle and looked sad but Mami and Dadi will bring me out for kaikai and distract me from being sad. But sometimes especially when I want to sleep and when I wake up, I will miss my chutchut. *sob*

Yesterday, a camera man came to our house and took videos of us. He came so near to my face and I was so scared. Luckily he left quite fast. *phew*

And today Mami didn't go to work. She changed me when I was half asleep. When I woke up I saw my favourite shirt and my socks. I love to wear socks. When I wear socks it means that I get to wear my sports shoes. And when I get to wear my sports shoes it means that I can go out and run and run and run!!!!

Dadi came home and picked us up And we drove to this place called TV3. And we went to a room filled with other ppl. I saw Rachel but I was too busy running around and playing with.....errr myself and my blocks and my book.

Then they brough Mami to another room with so many spotlights and camera man! And then they say "In 5 seconds!" and they start to talk. I don't know what they're talking about but I was too busy checking out the studio with Dadi.

Mami said she has the video but she needs to upload it, but do you want to see it?
If yes, then she will upload it.

Here are sone of the picture taken after the show.

With the two sexy hosts and the rest of the blogger mommies and kids.

Rachel, Qiqi and Myself.

With my Mami

And Just Mommies and Kids!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Mischievous Jayden

Holding a Pegaga Leaf from our garden in the room
(can't put him in our garden, lotsa mozzie)

I went to pick him up after work and his nanny told me that he was playing on the floor and suddenly he jumped up and ask her to carry him (always do this). And his nanny said to him "why wanna carry you? You play la. You're not hurt or crying ma...."

And guess what the small one did?

He went down, head towards the coffee table and SLOWLY put his head on the table and faked crying, saying that he bumped his head to the coffee table while pointing to his forehead.

Then nanny got no choice but to carry him.

See how he understand us and find the way to get what he wants? *sigh*

Friday, October 12, 2007

Visiting the paed

This is the video of him visiting the paed that I have blogged earlier.

PIAK PIAK PIAK!!! He just love his sandals!

And yeap, he is a little gangster!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Chicken Pox

We brought him for his chicken pox jab 2 days ago. He don't have idea what's gonna happen when we went into the car. He thought that we're going for kaikai like always. Then as we reached the clinic, he happily walk in and started to play with the slide inside the clinic. In the clinic there a few sick kids. Nobody is moving but the small one was running around with his shoes. Piak Piak Piak Piak! He just love the sound of it. And then he ransacked the toys area. Other kids just stare at him.

Then the nurse opened the door and called a malay girl's name and our little master ming, ran into the room! The Malay family, doctor and nurse laughed at his doings and that guy refused to come out until his dadi went in and carried him out. And then it was his turn, but he went in....through the nurse table. Can you believe it???? Headache!!!!

And then he ran in and asked for us to carry him to sit on the chair and he smile to the doctor. Doctor said..."ah jayden, you cannot wait for you jab huh? Later u will know!"

He then went down, walked around, took the doctor's vitamin bottle, went to the sink, inspect the bottom of the sink, walked here and there while both of us discussed with the doctor about his hyperactivesness. We even spoke about autism, because Jayden don't like to have eye contact with anyone. *worried*

And then doctor gave him a quick jab, he did wail abit. But as soon as doctor let go of him, he slid down from the bed and wonder off again. This time he grabbed doctor's pen on the table. Immediately after his dadi carried him, he gave a "OoooVui!" (his version of flying kiss) to the doctor and walked out happily.

What a view, he's no longer the little boy. So proud of him.

And now the wait for the possible fever after the jab....

Fingers crossed.......pls...no fever plss.......

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Jayden Says: My Mami Is Balding!

My mami hair is thinning. Don't know why. But then she get very excited when I do this in the kitchen. She will pull her hair wan when she get excited!


I was just checking whether the things are breakable or not ma..


I try whether the basket still fit my head or not ma..


Then i practise to make roti canai ma.. then I added powder in it. Oh, then only I know if pour powder ah, the powder will stay there wan.

After the shouting (she shouts when she get excited) I did this ....and she smiled la when she say me do this..


I think she love me alot. :)

But I still don't know why her hair fall so much.