Monday, April 30, 2007

Major Eruption

He took his MMR jab last Sunday and we expected that he will get his fever ard Friday, but he got his fever on Thursday. And by Friday, he was so whiny till his nanny gotto call me and asked me to go and pick him up early. But I was stucked in the Agency place till 8p.m. We rushed to see the doctor and she said that his fever shud subside by 2 days and then she checked his mouth. Something else caused the fever. It was major eruption of teeth, 1 lateral incisor and FEW first premolars erupting all at the same time! No wonder he looked like a hamster!

And so the fever episode continued. He was whiny the whole day, cried for no reasons and he stopped taking his milk and any form of liquid. We gave him suppository and the fever went up and down. And finally at 2 a.m, we rushed to the hospital. Once reached the doctor checked and advised us to go for blood test. We’re in the old Assunta building and they’re in the midst of renovating and shifting the old block things over to the new block. Walking in the old block reminds me of my Popo who passed away there last November. And they padlocked all the rooms except for a few that turned into prayers room for the malays. Once reached, J was very curious and looked around. Then the drama started when the girl pricked his left middle finger and another nurse held him tight. They press and press for the blood to come out. And he was CRYING LIKE MAD! Mamamamamamama!!!! My tears came down, HL started to get worried and asked for the nurse to give Lil J a break and wiped off my tears and of coz lil J’s also. But they can’t. And they continued to press and press and more blood came out filling the small tube. And when it’s over, Lil J was still sobbing and then settled down once reached the emergency ward again.

Doctor Celine asked J to go into the emergency room and checked again, to see if there’s any ulcer in the mouth and then she received a phone call. And she shouted “WHAT??? CLOT?”. Yeah we heard her saying that out loud. We gotto go again, cos the blood taken just now clotted cos J was struggling and the nurse was too slow. Off we walk along the eerie walkway again. And once he reached the room he went EKKKKK?????? He remembered what happened there a while ago. And he started to struggle. This time it was his Dadi who carried him. You can see that his face began to change and he look extremely tired, imagine no solid, no liquid and crying like this for hours and hours.

This is Lil J with his bandanged middle fingers.

We went upstairs and bought Lil J soymilk hoping that he will take it. We experimented and he liked it so we show him that its from the SoyMilk bottle and poured it into the bottle for him, to prove that its not MILK. And he drank the SoyMilk and slept. His lips began to be pinkish again and not super red (like wearing lipstick man!) like during the day time. And the bloood test showed that he dont have dengue, just a lil bacteria infection and eruption of many teeth all at the same time, causing the gum to be swollen and the cranky kid. She gave him zitromax and lil something for the gum.

Once reached home, he woke up and cried and slept and cried and slept. I think a few hours later, we all pengsan and slept till 10am. And the drama went on again. Tired of reading edi? I am tired just thinking about it. It was Jasmine's birthday on Saturday and I couldn’t bring her out for a birthday outings and there was a discussion between my sisters on what to do for her, bbq or family karaoke in Midvalley? Seriously my mind wasn’t thinking right. All I hope for was Lil J to recover. Seeing him not eating makes me wanna stop eating too. But he can take biscuits, some chrysanthemum drink and fruits. Just don’t wanna take milk. So I kept feeding him fruits, peeling the grapes into small small bits, but he was storing it in his cheeks, like hamster you know.

We went to my mom’s place and he was better cos his cuzzies was playing with him. I gave him watermelon and he ate the watermelon. Then we went to dinner in Jln Alor and many helped to take care of him while HL and I ate. I ate like I’ve never eaten for days. And J ate some toufu and drank some water. And then we went home and I tried to force him to drink some milk. And he shut his mouth TIGHT, refused to take it. And I lost my patience; I shouted at him and threw his pacifier to the wall. I’m starting to go coookooo. HL was clam all the way, he took over and told me everything will be fine soon. And we all went to bed.

I must say, thank god that I have HL to be with me when all these happened. He was calm all the way and it certainly helped me to cool down. He was shaking when I asked him to put the suppository into J’s buttock and now he’s expert in doing that. Hahaha Who wants Big HL to help? And I must say luckily that I have my family to standby. Dad was worried sick of Lil J and he brought the whole kampung to my house on Saturday to see him and they even accompanied us to have our dinner at 10pm.

Back to Lil J, he slept better last night compared to the nights before. And when I left the house (yeah HL on holiday today *jeles*) and he looked better. He finally drank milk, not much just about 5oz and went back to sleep. At least, he drank milk. I called home and HL said he was still a lil warm when he sent him over to the nanny’s. I don’t know how’s his condition gonna be like today but I hope he recover soon. I miss his smile, laughter and giggle so much! He lost a lot of weight, you can see his guitar strings and he walked like a jelly.

Last night before I slept, i prayed out loud hoping that he will get better soon. If can, I wanna take it for him. If he gets better I really don’t mind. And now, I’m sick with flu and sore throat. So, you think that the Big Guy up there heard me?

P/S: Just called nanny and she said he took porridge (his normal portion) and drank nearly 5 oz of water. But i can hear him whining at the back. Biasa la after sick sure very manja. Now that I'm sick, who's gonna manja me leh?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Nowadays I like to JUMP! But when I jump, my leg still touches the floor. Why ah?

Monday, April 23, 2007

Lil Helper.

Yeah, although he can really gimme headache sometimes, but sometimes you really wanna give him a big Muaks on the face. How can you not love this guy?

I taught him once how to throw his own dirty diaper. And now, he can't stand to see any dirty diaper lying around in the room. But he can differentiate between the dirty ones and the clean ones. (oh yeah, he play with his clean diapers too. Taking it in and out of the diaper container).

Went to mom's place and mom gave him $20. And guess what he did with the $20?
He throw it into the dustbin. Clap Hands la everyone!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

You Know That....

He loves to go out and jalan-jalan when....

He hold his shoes and start walking around the room....saying Blih Bleh Blih Bleh and finally sat down and try to put on his shoes and stand in front of the door until you bring him out of the house!

You know that he is irritating kept telling him "NO" "NO" and he kept doing it!

Repeatedly told him, don't touch the switch! And ON, OFF, ON, OFF the tv non stop! He will do it and look at the tv and on and off! argh! And I will threatened him with a hanger and sometimes whack his fingers so that he will be scared of touching the switch. See in the pic he was trying to put in my handphone charger to the plug! I will ask him "Jayden! which hand is the notty hands?" And he will extend out his right hand...and i will piak piak his hand.....and sometimes he challenge me like this...

See that he is holding my hanger? He is not scared!

You know that he is creative when......he starts to explore different ways to play with his boring toys!
See how he terbalikan his trolley and play with the wheels. Sometimes he stand in the middle and turn the wheels like DJ. At least he is exploring different ways and i don't need to buy new toys for him. *proud*

But you know that he loves you when.....You piak piak him and made him cry like mad and he came running towards you for a HUG! *awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww*

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


This is Lil J, scolding the waiter and waitresses in One Noodle restaurant. He was so hungry, he complained until the food came. And look at his hand gesture, as if he was indicating to me " Mommy, yau mowe kau cho ah????Where is my food???? " Then he keep on looking at the waiter walking around with tray of food. Haha

I love weekend!

You know what I like the most? Food! Food! and spending time with Lil J. I wanted to bring HL to try the "Yee Tau Mai" (Fish head meehoon) in SS2. You tell me. Are they stupid enough to open shop for business at 12.30pm ON WEEKENDS? Anyway we end up walking straight and went to "ONE NOODLE". This is what we order!
Seefood Kari Lai Meen (pull mee). One word. YUM.

But they're kind of "duh" abit. Cos they placed the hot food near Lil J. And you know my son love chilly food, right? And then i passed him to his Dadi, he swung his hands and *PIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK* he broke the receipt holder. Oppssss..but they didnt charge us...cos mainly its their own fault eh?

Hey Hey! Dadi snapped our pic and i noticed this picture looked familiar!

Thats Lil J when he was about 1 1/2 months in Genting.

Anyway, he had fun in the Car Showroom..

He had fun running around the car showroom....very spacious so he can do his 360 degree turn. Boy...he's starting to run now. Look at this video...wait until the end to see the finale. You wont regret it. Haha

Just look at how much he had grown! So macho wearing clothes like this. Errr.minus the pacifier la...haha

And we went to SS2 later again that day. Nope, im not craving or pregnant or pms or something like that. It's just that so happened we passed by and we're hungry. Notice the spot on his KKB area? Thats water mark from the rain, yea..dun think of other stuff. He slept not long after that ...and we had a peaceful meal....Yum

Huge portion for 2 ppl. HL was abit shocked that I actually recommended this (btw its SKY CAFE, SS2) cos he knows that I'm not a big fan of FISH. But this is okay, not fishy and i love the char choy (okay i dunno what its called in english).We had this at around 5ish. So, later that night we had suppper...Roti Canai! Yum! Truly Malaysian!

And this is how my Lil Fella sit. *sigh* Definitely not from me okay?

It was a TIRING weekend. But I'm so happy that I spend time with my Lil J since i hardly spend (well, not as much as last time) ever since I started work in my new working place. *sigh* another long week....counting down...another 4 days.*sigh*

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Off to Cameron!

We Went to Cameron Highlands last Saturday right after HL came back from Qing Ming. It was a last minute kind thing cos i was busy doing my work and enquiring alot of about tea lately. So HL thought...Hey Let's go there and have a look. At the same time, we can visit my confinement lady and show the real Jayden to her cos we used to send picture of him to her. He was shy when she carried him. YEAH, my JAYDEN Shy...can you believe it? But he had a blast just being in her house..cos her house is the kampung type kind of house and he sabotaged her astro remote control. Hmmm

Anyway J slept from KL right up to Ringlet. But i was busy trying to fall asleep and trying not to vomit. come they cannot make a straight road right up to the hill! Dammit! Hahaha So we continued our journey from Ringlet and managed to stop by Bharat Tea farm to snap pictures.

Look at how happy he is with the cold weather!Dadi saying to Jayden : Look tea leaves......This is the view from our room. Super big with one queen and one single bed. Jayden loves it cos he can walk and run around...Climbing on the bed frame and doing his "cheeky"look Right after we checked in, we left and went to the Strawberry farm. My J loves the Strawberry Ice. RM1 per stick...everyone is eating this..

And after a visit to the market, J gobble up the corn. Another of his favourite! He can just hold and bite and bite and bite by himself. He is more independent nowadays (if he wants to).

We chosed a very bad timing, during public holiday (which i have no idea what holiday izit) and Ching Ming timing. TRAFFIC JAM IN CAMERON!!!! HAHAHAH why why why? not becos of warehouse sale ......Its because..everyone wanna buy VEGETABLES at the market. Hahahahahha what a sight! Man!

We brought Lil J down to the pool. At first we thought that its a hot pool. We're so wrong.

For the first time, Small C hated the pool. For obvious reason.....Too Cold la!

He loves the bathroom.Mami also can dip dip inside with him.

Then the next day we went to Boh Plantation. The road into the farm...TWO word DAMN SMALL. VERY CRAZY. Its like the heart can fall out of the body..cos the vehicles can go so near and sometimes like hanging from the cliff.

So overall, okay la. The journey up was winding road. Journey down was extreme. I wanted to vomit. Then Jayden heard me Buek Buek ..then he vomitted on my clothes. And then I vomitted. And then he couldn't stop moving. And then i couldn't concentrate with him that even made me wanna vomit more. MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! finally he fell asleep on my lap with the weirdest post ever (no picture! crazy meh. I pening edi mah!). And then it took us forever to reach home cos the north south highway was like snail moving on the road. The toilet was filthy cos NO WATER!!!!!!!!! EEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We finally cincai took a turn into some exit. Pay the toll, Masuk Ijok, Keluar kampung....Masuk sini sana ..end up in Sungai buloh at 830. Had our BAKKUTTEH and continues the journey to my mum's to pick up my car and headed home. Imagine...we left Cameron at 4+. And then my mum and sis was complaining that we never tell em that we went..otherwise they will go up with us. Last minute now they're planning to go up again. Man..if go again. I will make sure I'm driving OR I take sleeping pill OR Someone pls knock me out before we go up. Other than the journey...everything is fine. And my J, he loves it.

If you're happy and you know it ...clap your hands!