Tuesday, February 24, 2009


First it was "because" then it's "And"'s turn

He saw this picture and said "Jayden, sit down. And Kor kor. And Cheh Cheh....and Jayden....and Kor Kor ...And Cheh Cheh....And........" and it went on very long time.


Since we have moved nearer to Jeremy and Jasmine's house, they became closer.


Jayden sometimes will sit at the door and sing ...:

Cheh Cheh , Cheh Cheh where are you?
Cheh Cheh , Cheh Cheh I ....miss .....you.


Sweet eh?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009



Last night he keep asking us to put on our shoes and said "Let's go!" But we didn't budge from our seat. Before sleep he was tossing and turning and finally said...

Jayden::: Oh Oh........Why Mami?....(asking me to ask him why he couldn't sleep)
Me: Oh why Jayden?
Jayden::: Because Mami...
Me: because?....
Jayden::: Because I want (to) go Pasar Malam. (his first time saying pasar malam)
Me: Oh that's why you asked us to put on our shoes eh?
Jayden::: Yes....
Me: What do you want to buy?
Jayden::: Buy Honey Dew....
Me: Some more?
Jayden::: Buy Longan...
Me: Woah longan..somemore?
Jayden::: Apples...
Me: What colour do you want to buy?
Jayden::: Red apples.
Me::S okay...Some more?
Jayden::: I want pak pak (asking me to pat him to sleep)
Me: Okay...

That is the longest conversation i had with Jayden...

and I can foresee many many because to come...

Friday, February 06, 2009

Our Daily Routine

I think he's chubbier now....

Everyday I'll try to wake up early and get him ready to school. But sometimes I'm just tired to get up. Justin sometimes asked for milk in the middle of the night-twice!. I'll send Jayden to school and sometimes will drop by the wet market with Ning and Justin. When we reach home, I'll teach Ning what to cook or start my work (I design freelance at home now) or take care of Justin while my maid is busy with the housework.

Dad will pick Jayden up at 11.45am and send him to our new house. Dad will drop by everyday to see Jayden and play with Justin.

Jayden will get his homecooked lunch every weekday and then he'll go for a bath and then sleep. Most of the time he'll gobble down 8oz of milk before doozing off. Justin will get his bath and I'll nurse him and put him to nap also.

If the aircond is on, they will sleep longer. Otherwise 2 hours is the max I have to work without interruption. When they get up, Ning will take care of them while I continue with my work. Jayden will come in and keep pulling my hand asking me to "COME PLAY WITH ME......." Or "Mummy? Come! " Or " Mummy I want (to see) Thomas". So on and off I gotto go go out with him and slowly sneak back into the working room.

6 Oclock will be cooking time. I gotto monitor my maid cooking, she is still learning. Luckily she is smart and fast learner but sometimes she is too stubborn. Typical Cambodian maid. HL will come home at 7 plus and dinner is serve. We eat at home most of the time. Eating out is really expensive now that we have another mouth to feed.

Sometime we will go out to the supermkt or hypermkt to do our shopping. Sometimes we'll go to pasar malam or just laze at home.

Saturdays Jayden will attend his Shichida class. He love the class and he keep asking me everyday "IS Saturday???" or " I want sensei Tira". I never seen anyone that likes attending class so much!

Sundays will be a busy day for us. So far we've never stay at home on Sunday cos either we're busy buying things for the house, or visiting ppl for cny, or ppl coming over. It's just so havoc.

That's our daily routine.
Right now I just hope that my maid can learn as much as possible and everything to settle down. Our things are still not 100% unpacked. Sometimes its just so hard to find extra time to do some cleaning up. Sometimes when we have the mood to clean up but we don't have the energy. At night, my hands and legs will fall asleep faster than my brains. Haha
Since I'm working from home and taking care of my kids myself, I noticed that Jayden is much happier now. He talks more compared to last time and he can control his temper better than last time. Err thanks to all the smacking from Mamimi and Dadidi. He is healthier now (don't get sick so often) cos I ensure that he get his lunch and dinner and also sleep longer too. I guess that helps in building a stronger immune system. *touch wood*
Justin is growing very well. He is one level above the average weight but slightly shorter than he is supposed to be. Haha He is teething now.. you can see that cos he wants to bite everything..and esp when I nurse him it's REALLY PAINFUL. He adores his brother very much and want to join in and play with Jayden. Jayden also likes to share his toys with Justin but sometimes we gotto take it away-afraid that some screws or small parts will make him choke.
This year I hope to catch up on Jayden's and Justin's development and update more. So stay tuned, more to come!

His fav sentence...


He's a super cheek boy I tell you! This is what he like to tell us when we say NO. We have a maid now, NING. He will go to her when we're about to smack him or when we asked Ning to bring the cane. He'll run to her and tell her MMAI! MMAI! Sometimes he'll be so manja to her and asked her to carry him. Sometimes he'll just say it for fun to tease Ning.