Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Love Phonas!

Yes I love Phonas. I used to love Awi but then My awi went missing in school one day. Then mami and dad bought me new awi.. but he doesn't look the same. Then I love Phonas. I love Phonas so much, I carry it with me everywhere I go. And Aunty Mott know that I love Phonas so much, she bought me many many Phonas Shirt from Australia. Thank You Aunty Mott!


Even my Titi Has a Phonas Shirt!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

First Class Picture

This is his first ever class picture. Look at him! haha I really cannot believe that he can actualy sit still to take a formal picture like this. You can even see a lil smile there.


But look at his eyes...he looks so sleepy and tired. Sigh.. I hope he can get through this phase fast and be a cheerie boy again.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Big Time, Love And Notty

We're in Old town kopitiam when he decided to go on top of the table to reach for a spoon. Then he accidently knock over his dadi's kueh teow soup. So I quickly grab him and brought him to the toilet to wash his hands when he said..

Jayden: Pour..... Big Time!!!
Me: Yeah you pour dadidi's food. Who asked you to go up the table?
Jayden: :( Big time!

Either its BIG TIME = Big Problem or Big Time= Beat Time I'm not sure. Probably he's saying that its beating time, cos he knows that his dadidi will punish him by smacking his buttock later. :S


I was working at home in front of the pc and he kept coming to pull my hand. I shouted at him and asked him to sit down in the room. He went in and he sat down. Then he came out again and started pulling my hand again.

Me: WHAT!!!
Jayden: *put his hand on under my chin* Mamimi, I love you. *run back to the room*
Me: :O


Dad pick him up from school everyday and everyday without fail, dad will complain to me.

Dad: Aiyoh ..yr son ah... just now lie down on 7-11's floor. Refused to stand up. Ask me to buy vitagen, yakult and this sweet.
Jayden: Notty Boy!
Dad: Somemore you say Notty boy?
Jayden: Notty boy! :D
Dad: :#

Kek Sei Yan....

Monday, November 03, 2008

A Video For Kok Kor Kor

Kok Kor Kor, My mami said you want to hear me talking. So she took this video for you.
This is me singing my favourite song.. "Salty" from Thomas and friends.

check out my mouth when I sing. Tee hee hee.

Pretty & Honey

In 7-11 before Shichida class:
Me: (choosing coffee in chiller)
Jayden: Mamimi..... Pease? (holding mentos) Tit! Tit! (asking me to pay)
Me: Okay.. :) (since he said please without me asking him to do so gazzilion times) Let's go see your sensei now.

Walk side by side..

Jayden: *stop walking*
Me: why Jayden?
Jayden : *grin* Hi...Perrtttie
Me: What did u say?
Jayden: Hi Perrtie.............*Big Grin*
Me: Hi Pretty? where did u learn that?
Jayden: *laugh* and continued to walk
Me: :D


At mum's house last night, Jayden was playing with Jeremy and suddenly he ran to me and said:
Jayden: Hi Honey!
Me: Huh? Honey?
Jayden: Hi Honey!!! bye!
Me: :O


Rolling on the bed:
Jayden : I......Igloo (said it Eye Gloo)
Me: (about to correct him)
Jayden: I said... Igloo.. (EEEEE GLOOO)
ME: :#