Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Makan Apple

Last night i brought my small C to go harvest the Apple.But..he was more interested with the leaves.Until he saw the apple.Sekali he *pap* plucked my apple edi. Sakit hati abit also but nevermind..Cos the whole tree is full with blooming flowers. Soon you can see many many small apples growing just in time for CNY. So here it goes..My son looking at the apple before i wash for him and let him play abit with the apple. He must be thinking *Apple oh Apple..I'm going to eat you soon. Sorry ok?* Look at the mozzie bites on his face and fingers. Poor fella. Kena like 10 bites all round the face and hands. But me and Big C never kena at all in our room. Weird eh? Maybe his blood is sweeter?

Just right for small C to chew chew and bite cos he's teething. Can lepas the gian abit.

Went back to my mum's place the other day and Jayden found a Rambutan. Look what he was doing with it.

No....he's not shitting. He was trying to open the rambutan!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Me 10 Months Old!

Yeap! Finally small C is 10 months old. Let me show you how he looked like now...
Like a big boy now. This shot was taken during our makan-makan session in Bar-B-Q plaza in BU to celebrate his 10 months old day. But it seems like Big C and I enjoyed the food there more than Small C. Hehe He was busy doing his "blowing raspberry" action and saying "NoNo" the whole night although he is asking for food. So now NoNo represent No and Yes altogether! Hahaha

I've started shopping for his CNY clothes. And children clothes are SO EXPENSIVE!!!!!! But its worth it..seeing that I'm buying for 12-18 months and 1 year old clothes for Small C is so exciting. But....I miss the Baby Small C very much. But what to do? Takkan i wanna preserve my Jayden and make him small all the time right? So the best I can do now...is to make him HENSEM la!!!!

So I've finally succeeded in training him to quit his night feeding. Nowadays Big C and I looked more "fresh" and Small C too cos we can sleep thru the night. But somehow, he can't sleep by himself for long. At 4am every morning he will cry for us and ask us to let him sleep next to us. The worst part about him, he chase after Big C and will sleep together, touching his body. Fearing that my big "log" will turn around and sleep ontop of the small "log" i have to wake up a few times to look for him and place him next to me. And 5 minutes later, he's doing it again! *sigh*

Food...He eats almost everything. Nanny told me she gave him Char Kueh Tiaw and Nasi Lemak hoping that small C wont ask for mammam all the time when she's eating. But guess what? My small C is not afraid of chilly! So everything also hantam...what we eat, he will eat! But he's not gaining weight cos he's like a super hyper baby, moving non stop..even when he is sleeping! How to gain weight?

Speech: He calls me AhMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAh and sometimes MehMeh. He calls his Dadi Didi and every other things NenNen. He will sing..Nyeh Nyeh Nyeh sometimes to the rythm of Barney's "if all the raindrops are lemondrops and gumdrops" (or something like dat) cos i can hear the "Ah AH Ah Ah " Part where the kids will open the mouth wide facing the sky ( i think shoppingmum knows what I'm talking about cos Justin loves Barney).

Sleeping: He has no fixed time for sleeping. But he knows it when i bath him at night and switch off the lights. And sings for him. Sometimes we will play kucikuci (yeah i know it will only make him more active, but i like to hear him giggle and laugh!) and he loves itsy-bitsy-spider and This-Lil-Piggy! And he will laugh at the ending although I haven't complete the sentence.

Motor skill: He began to cruise around when he was about 9 months and now he began to let go and stand for a while. And he will push his cars and walk together with the big car that we bought for him. He can jump and lift his body up higher than before. Super Kangaroo! And when he is "driving" in our car, he knows how to turn on the radio, on it louder or softer, turn on the "right" signal, wiper and horn! Brought him to the Naza carshow on Sunday and he honked in the showroom. Can you imagine all the ppl staring at us? Pai seh..... He don't like baby toys. He goes for original toys like our handphones, remote control, PSP, laptops, handbags anything that does not look plastic or looked like toys. Why are still spending money to buy toys when he dun play with toys??

This is him enjoying himself with the "free" rides in Giant.

His top 2 teeth is coming out soon. Can see that the gums are swollen and there 2 white lines. But so far there's no fever (TOUCH WOOD!!!!) but there's poopoo indicating that he's teething again. Will updated u guys on it...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Jayden Says No NO!

Yesterday, he was abit sick..coz another boy at Nanny's place is having flu. So he's got the bug too. Probably that's why its was so difficult for him to sleep the other night plus he's teething at the same time. Fed him some chinese medicine and he loves it! I have no idea why he loves chinese medicine and will open his mouth wide for you to feed him but close him mouth tight if he see us feeding him syrup from doctor's place. Anyway, as usual he will crawl here and there and he tried to reach the plug and i said "Jayden, No! No!" And he turned around, looked at me and started to turn his face left and right. I was so surprised and i tought it was just so happened that he did that. So i asked him again..."Jayden, say no no". And he did it again. So confirm, he knows how to say No!No!
This morning the Nanny told me that the day before she asked him whether he want to go for a nap or not and Jayden started to say No. Even if you put him on the bed and if he's not sleepy he will sit up and start to shake his head indicating that he don't want to go to bed. Here's a video of him saying no no. Yeah, very dark i know. Gotto change camera again..*sigh*

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Funny Guy

After I finished scrapping this at 12 a.m, my funny boy began to cry the whole night. He was teething again and this time its the top 2. Poor guy, tossing, turning and crying the whole night through. And of course the 2 of us didn't get any good sleep either. He wanted us to carry him the whole night and when we carried him, he will arch his body. And when we put him on the bed, he began to crawl and bang his head to the bed frame. BoinkZ! Once, it was too dark, he fell in between our bed and his playpen and luckily i found him fast, and managed to hold onto his leg. Otherwise, another bungalow on the head!

Was too sleepy to handle him, so I placed him into his playpen and let him cried for abit before I'm stable enough to handle him. Of course he cried like mad and I have noticed something funny....his chutchut fell out while his mouth was wide open...and then he reached for his chutchut and placed it into his mouth again by himself ...and continued to cry. Another time..his chutchut fell out, he reached for the chutchut. But this time, he didn't put it back into his mouth straight. He used the chutchut as a steering wheel and pretended to drive, while crying! Alamak! Crying and thinking about driving at the same time! HahaHa See my son never fail to entertain me, even when he is crying.

Here's a snippet of him playing with the signal in my car. He's quite a fast learner, Dadi taught him once and now he's always playing with it switching from signal and wiper. Gosh! So irritating! HahA..But in this video..it's only the signal. And he make sure that the signal is ON alll the way!

Monday, January 15, 2007

A Lil Update On Little Chan

A lil update on Little Chan. He begin to like Barney and any "Sing-Song" shows. The shows must be continuously singing and not stop to talk. He used to watch Barney when he was 4 months onld and couldn't do much at that time. Since he knows how to turn around and began to wonder. He won't even stop to look at the tv. And this is him on Saturday morning..watching Barney on Channel 63 Astro.

He's been poo-pooing using our adult toilet..and he will only poo poo if his leg touches the toilet cover. So i have to hold him and kangkang with him while he is doing his business. But the toilet is getting smaller, and he loves to kick the toilet cover when he kau tim his business and make me fall down from the toilet bowl. So fed up with his funny character, i asked him to sit on his own potty. But he only manage to sheeshee using this potty! and the rest of the time, trying to drive the bearbear's head and jump up and down...how to mm mm leh?

Sunday, we went for mop hunting. Actually been hunting for mop since Saturday but couldn't find it. Yalah, now that we're our own maid..need a special magic mop ma...Hahahaha and me managed to find it on Sunday. Yipee! On the same day, we wanted to get Jayden a toy car cos he loves cars but we don't have BIG ones for him to play. Search and search...we bought him this big car that he can sit on it!

Yeap my Little Chan is standing already. But still abit clumsy and sometimes he will boinkz his head on the floor and the wall. Maybe he can start to walk in his 10th month soon? We'll see...Oh..and this morning i found him like this...

That is Jayden trying to tell all the aunty and uncle..

"yeap...its Monday again. Have a great week!".

Friday, January 12, 2007

Jayden Driving

Yesterday i let Jayden hang around in my car after we reached our house..Jayden just love the steering wheel. I have no idea why. He will lunge out towards the steering wheel, cling on it and starts to jump and down. Sometimes I'll just let him hang around like this..and he will turn the entire wheels left and right moving his whole body. Hehehe

And this is him, driving and giggling with me...that's if you wanna see la..

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Today, at the same time last 2 years, we're eating at home after the wedding ceremony. In another few hours time we'll be rushing to Pan Pacific for our wedding dinner.

Last year at the time, we're celebrating our Anniversary together..with my big tummy.

This year, we're celebrating it with our precious Jayden Boy...although HL is away in Johor for a last minute meeting and will be back late tonight... What to do..gotto work ma.
So, Happy Anniversary!

Monday, January 08, 2007

New Year Resolution Half Way...

One of my new year resolution is to make Jayden quit midnight feeding. I tried it on Friday night itself. He was turning and fussing on the bed, i gave him water and he rejected it. So i gave him his chut chut instead and carried him so he fell back asleep. I did that a few times that night. Mr C was grumbling saying that we should give it to him, pity him that he is hungry and blablablablabla but kena scolding from this fierce wifey. I did it ..the first night. His morning feed was around 7am. His Dadi fast fast make milk for his son..saying that he should be very hungry. hahaha

Second night, he fussed abit and i did the same thing. And last night was the 3rd night. I didn't bother to put him in his own bed. Let him sleep in between me and Mr C. I expected him to toss and turn...but mana tau its his own mom that cannot sleep well. And Jayden didn't wake up...and he maintained his "I" position and not sleeping like the clock last night. Probably we took all the space so he can't move! Hahahaha

So did i achieved my first new year resolution? We'll see for another few more days. *cross fingers and toes*

This is him during the weekend. He managed to "free" himself from the mozzie door from our room and he roamed outside, looking for chacha. Abit dark cos inside the house and didn't switch on the lights...during noon ma...He's naked cos he's supposed to go mandi...but he wants to go out to see the doggies..what to do ?

I've uploaded this video long time ago...just to show you how notty my son is..This is him, with his Morinaga (morigana?) Baby Bolo Biscuit. Julian and Shannon, you guys can buy this biscuit for your kids..melt in the mouth.

Oh...and i wanna share this with you guys...a lil something from me garden...err not actually garden..cos i have't planted this at my garden yet..baru bought back from Sungai Buloh..A Bunga Raya flower that is bigger than my palm...

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Me in Contest!!!

Yah, Mami submitted my ugly picture into the baby contest. If you like, you also can vote for me. I'm Baby No. 8!!!! Very "ong" hor?

You can go here to vote for me.
So far only 1 vote...that's of coz my Mami.
Every person can only vote one time!
Thank you very much!!!!
Muaks! Muaks!!!

I love to Drive!!!



I just love to drive!!! i can hold on to the steering wheels and on the radio as well, at the same time, jump up and down!