Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I went to school!

My mami brought me to the sch last Saturday and got me this...

and then she let me play with otehr kids in the class for a while.

Yesterday she brought me to the school again and there were 6 other kids in the class. My teacher is teacher Mani, teacher Lydia and Teacher Venessa. Since I'm new, teacher Lydia asked me to sit next to her. I did ! I did! and I sat for a while looking at them drawing lines and counting 1,2,3.

And then I got bored and started to read the alphabets on the wall and sometimes I like to jump like Tigger.

Then it was recess time and we had biscuit and Milo. After that I started running around the sch and teacher mani played catching with me. We went dancing after that in a big hall. I had so much fun running around. Then I saw mami at the door and asked her to join me dancing.

And then it was back in class and we did some colouring again. And then teacher Lydia say "okay let's pack your bags and Q up to go home" And everyone walked out except me because teacher Lydia carried me cos I was tired and sleepy.

Mami joint me at the gate and when the sch bell rang, everyone said "YAY!!!!!!" I said "YAY" too but I have no idea what is happening.

Then mami drove me to Aunty May's house and I cried. I want to follow mami home. I don't like aunty May's place because Aunty May always help the girl to snatch my toys and food. And Mami said since Aunty May dun wanna take care of me anymore I wil be going to daycare in my school. Then I have more friends to play with!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

and then its 6,7,8,9 and...

Backadated post since errrr I don't know when.


I planned to teach him in 2 stages about counting and knowing his numbers.Don't wanna stress him so much. So 1-5 went well although he didn't give me any reaction when I first taught him until the crayon incident. But this round (6-10) was better.

Now, he can say Sik, Awen/buhbuh (??? dunno why buhbuh), egg, nai...TEN!

If you ask him to count 1-10 he will say wan, too, pai, sik, egg , nai, TEN!


Look at his mouth expression when he say TOOOOOOOO!!!! like a little piggy!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Starting to show affection...

Jayden is like his father. Very shy to show affection. Sometimes I wonder if he loves me or not. It's always Dadidi......dadidi......dadidi.... and he never greet me at all. He used to greet me Meh Meh. But I haven't heard that for long long time.

Recently, he loves to give me a fast cuddle and run off.

Sometimes he'll get very excited about something on tv and will and pull my hand and ask me to watch tv together.

When we're in the car, he'll ask for my hand and hold it tight and giggle abit.

When we're in the car, he'll sit facing me and hug me like a little koala bear. Probably he likes to listen to my heart beat and slowly doze off.

But he will never kiss you or hug you when you ask for it. He will only do it if he's in the mood. That day, he gave me a smooch on my lips without me asking for it. There was another night, I think I got more than 5 smooches. 

I guess he can sense that he's going to be a korkor soon or probably he's getting more and more matured and knows how to be more expressive and affectionate.


See this pic? Look at his expression? When I said "come jayden, let's take off your shirt and take pic with mami" he nodded and when I held him close to me, he closed his eyes and hugged me. I'm glad we caught it on a picture. Well, it's abit shaky but its good enough to remind me of that priceless moment.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I know my 1,2,3!


Mami used to teach me 1,2,3. But each time I refused to repeat after her. Once day she took out the box of crayon (given my by Jee-Boh during christmas) and gave me a book. I started to scribble and Mami drew something and I told her Wan!

She was so surprised, she drew 2,3,4 and 5.

And I told her Tuh, Twee, Poh, Pai!

She was so happy. I was happy too cos she drew Wawer (flower), Ipi (Ice Cream), Hepi (birthday cake), BraBra (zebra), Apu (hippo) and many more things in the book. Now, Mami will always bring the book for me in my Thomas Bag when we go out for dinner. So I can eat and scribble at the same time and not disturb Mami and Dadi eat anymore.

Then mami started to teach me A B C. I know my A and B but I don't like to say C. Sometimes I will dream and say out loud "Pai! Tuh! A! B!" Mami told Dadidi that I'm too excited learning new things that's why I'm talking in my sleep.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

We went HOOOOLIDAY!!!!

Mami and Dadi brought me to Port Dickson to celebrate my Birthday, again!

I like the slide.. I like swimming.. I like the slide with water....I like rambutan....I like...