Friday, June 29, 2007

Phuket Day 1

Friday, June 22, 2007

Pacifier Game

Opps Mami is not happy again. So she dig out some of my funny pictures and started to scrap again. She said funny pics of me make her happy. I dunno how my picture can make her happy but she smiled after that.Hmmmm...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jayden Says: When Mami is not happy...

She will scrap. She will use my pictures and scrap and scrap and scrap. I don't know if its my picture that cheered her up or izit her scrapping that make her happy. Hmmm...

Monday, June 18, 2007

Barney Boy

He was Elmo Boy at first. Until he found a new love. That's Barney. I brought him to Toys 'R' us and he immediately held onto this Barney and didn't let go. He walked around the store and finally let go of Barney to play with the toys. So I hid Barney (I put it away on a stool nearby) and suddenly he realized Barney is missing. So he turned and saw Barney sitting on the stool and went to get it back. And I tried to put it away again and guess what? While I was at the counter, he walked by himself to the original shelf where all the Barney were placed and brought me another Barney! And now he sleeps with Elmo and Barney! At least he never totally ignore the old toy.

Noticed that there's a red dot on his forehead? It was a mozzie bite. Unfortunately he scratched this mozzie bite and caused some bacteria to go inside the wound and caused this skin infection called IMPETIGO. (I dunno if its called this name or not butI did a google search and this was the closest and so happened he really did have a wound before this)

It started around that mozzie bite, then it went to his neck. At first I thought it was just plain rashes until it became and outbreak spread to other parts of the body and worst of all the red dots contains water and it looked like chic pox! So we brought him to the doctor and doctor confirmed it was just bacteria infection.So now he gotto bath with Dettol shower cream and sometimes I wipe him with Dettol diluted with water. And applied the antibiotic cream and calamine lotion to the dots. See sapu his whole body with calamine lotion he buat dunno only. Just wanna watch his Barney.

And also ask for nen nen!

Noticed that there's a cut on the left eye lid? It was a darn close call. He knocked his face on the side table in someone's house cos he wanted to play with the telephone. But he tripped and fell. It happened so fast we cannot even hold him in time. Aiyoh!

I tell you, he is extremly fast! The other day, I took off his diaper and tot to let him go diaperless. So while I was preparing his porridge, I saw him playing in front of the fridge. I turn around and I saw him playing with some kicap on the floor. In my mind I was thinking," Aiyah broke some container and spill on the floor!". Then I opened my eyes wider. SHIT!!! He was playing with his SHIT giggling at the same time!!! He was spreading shit on the floor and trying to use the shit to create some masterpiece on the floor. *pengsan*

Anyway I just hope that he will recover from this rashes thinggy and get ready for our phuket trip. I bet he look very cute in his swimming trunk!

Muum Muum???

His appetite is back! He is asking for muum muum all the time. Biscuits, fruits, anything and everything he sees. He will bring and put it at yr hand and pull yr hand, asking you to open and give it to him.

This is him eating his choc muffin. And then after every bite he will Nod Nod Nod. Don't know for what, maybe saying that its yummy. Oh, he loves Dunkin' Donuts Double Choc donut too. There's once we stopped in front of Dunkin' Donuts, he dropped his pacifier, pointed at the donuts and said "MUUM MUUM!!!!!!". That's his favourite word for now!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mami's New Working Place

Here's my new colik's picture.Today we have celebrated Tivon's farewell. She's gonna be a siu lai lai after this ( I WANT!! UWAAAA!) Anyway Tivon all the best. Next will be Justine.

Overall, all of them are nice but i must say they're crazy. And we eat all the time. What to do snacks company ma...

Mr. Hyper

Yeap, he's back to his hyper self again. Probably its the cough mixture that made him so hyper. We brought him to Bandar Utama for a short outing last tuesday. Wanted to get him an elmo T-shirt since he liked mine so much. So we drop by Parkson but apparently they don't have sesame street collection there. Apalah! Nevermind, this week we will go Jusco to get one.

Look at this angelic face. So nice right? Like so goodie goodie....That's him enjoying the ride on the slide in the shopping mall.

Here's the lil one looking at the delicious cakes. I think he miss eating so much! We tried to control his intake of dairy products because of his diarrhea history. So we're slowly introducing dairy products back to him. Also give him chewies vitamin and scott's emulsion everyday. The other night I prepared bird nest and hopefully I'm not so lazy and his daddy will be more generous in buying nutricianal and exp stuff like this in the future . :)

Here's the video of him oozing and gazing at the cakes left and right and left and right. Very funny.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Jayden Attended His First Malay Wedding

Back Dated Post...

I brought him to my fren's wedding errr sometime ago. I forgot when.But he was all handsome with his hair gel and combed nicely. But as soon as we reached there, it was too hot and he was all sweaty.

Here's the video of him playing with the mirror. Don't play play, after Rachel kissed him that day, now he knows how to kiss edi. But..if kiss me, the mouth will open wide wide. Why ah?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mr Manja

He is extremely manja nowadays. Whenever I pick him up from his nanny's, May ( the babysitter) will tell me all about what he did, whether he pooed or not, when was his last meal and so on. So normally, she will tell about his notty things. And sometimes he will pout his lips to show that he is sad or angry that May actually told me about his notty things. Sometimes he will whine abit. And normally she will disturb him more and it will end up making him WAIL out loud! Yeah la, wanna be notty but don't want people to know.

This morning, he refused to go to May's place. Cried and stomped his feet until I went into the house to accompany him for a while. He started to giggle and play but as soon as he heard a car sound, he cried and started to whine for May to carry him. Then, we know that another baby's mother came. He is jealous that whenever the baby comes, it means he is 2nd priority and May wont carry him. Poor Boy.

And he is very observant. He knows that when we change it means that it's kai kai time. And he will stomp his feet and demand for us to carry him. Sometimes, he think that it's kai kai time after his dad came out from the shower and changed clothes. hehe

Oh yah. This vain boy loves to comb his own hair (although there's not much to comb) but he just love to hold the comb and move up and down , up and down. So we're not gonna cut his hair and let it grow longer. (and hopefully more)

He is down with cough and flu again. Dammit. Why can't the bug stop disturbing him????? Anyway here's some picture of him before the sick sick episode earlier.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

He is better now!

Jayden is finally free from the bug! Thanks for all your wishes (comments and sms) and especially to Shannon and Yvonne who volunteered to come to the hospital to help. Really appreciate it so much!

He has obviously lost weight, me too. Not an ideal way to loose weight but what to do.

This is him saying "FUYOHH!!!". Who else will teach him to say this kinda thing la. See, only the hair grew longer. The rest all kecut (shrink edi) even the mouth also!

You know this saying, ppl say if the kid get sick then they tend to be more manja. Mine of course not excluded. He is now officially a "Koala Bear". Stick to his dad like glue. And want me to carry him and sleep in the playpen with him. Anyone know where to buy an adult size play pen? Last night he was crying so loud in Ming Tien, Tmn Megah food court demanding for food. So we ordered porridge for him and he refused to let me sit down. So I gotto stand up, carrying him and feed him at the same time. Yeah weird right? I look like some maid standing up in the middle of the food court while everyone is sitting down. His dad ate so fast and we exchanged duty. But surrrrrrrprisingly he allow his dad to sit an feed him. Punishment for me because I left him for 2 days? I don't know. Anyway I might be going to Philippines next week. *sigh*

This is him chilling with my toys (handed down to him) while watching his Barney. We waited anxiously the whole day for him to poop. Hahaha Parents waiting for the kid to poop to see if its good or bad news. Isn't that great? Apparently he never poop for the entire day. After this diarrhea and vomiting session, we got so used to sniffing his backside. What a view!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Jayden is sick again.

*sigh* Once I reached KL, i turn on my hp and i received a sms "pls take taxi home. J is having fever".

So I rushed out and figure out it totally crazy if I wanna wait in the long Q for a cab. So I took the KLIA express and then I smsed HL and told him I'm taking the lrt home. But then he called me (with J in the background whining) saying that he will come over to the Sentul Station to pick me up. So they arrived. I saw Lil J sitting in his own chair. He turned and stared at me and turn to the other side, totally ignoring me.I called him but he turned his face away from me. Heart broken and worried, I picked him up and cuddled him. Still, he refused to look at me.

Went home and the whole night he was tossing and turning, crying for no reason. So the whole night I slept with him in his play pen and the next day I was like a zombie, called office and told them I'm taking emergency leave for that day. Glad I did that, cos by 12noon J's nanny called and asked me to take J home cos he was vomiting and purging the whole morning. So I picked him up and called his dad. We brought him to the hospital and doc immediately gave him a drip and some jab to stop him from vomiting. My heart was broken to hear him wail and shouting while they insert the line to his tiny hand. And i think he cried too much, he fell asleep.

Lil J with the line in his left hand.

Doc gave us 2 options, to get admitted immediately or to go home and see what happen. HL chose to go home. According to the paed that HL brought Lil J that day, its common nowadays cos there's some vomit and diarrhea virus going ard and it will subside by few days.

We waited at home, and Lil J began to vomit and have diarrhea. Drink like 2oz and vomited so much like double of what he took. We packed all our stuff and rushed to the hospital at midnight.
Once reached *sigh* they prepared the line again. This time on the right hand cos few hours ago the line was inserted into the left hand. Again he was crying like mad. And then he was ushered to the 5th floor in the kids ward. Not long after that , around 3am, i went down to see the doctor myslf. Cos I vomited and been purging too. They have to give me so many jabs so they end up inserting a line in my hand too. And i fell asleep in the ER for 1 hour plus. Woke up, felt like wanna poop again and checked with the nurse the jabs was not for my purging. It was for my tummy ache. So I went and pay and took my medicine. Boy, its eerie walking around in the hospital alone.

Lil J and Mami's hand. Both with Line and plaster.

Lil J was weak, and surprisingly he didn't pull the line away. Instead he used the board underneath the hand to whack me when he is irritated. He was obviously scared of the nurses and whenever the door opens, he will start to whine and look at who just came in. HL gotto rush to the office to prepare for an important meeting. So I was alone with J until my sis-ML came to the rescue. At least I get to sleep for a while until J began to whine and wanted me to carry him all the time. I think my sis carried him too much till the blood back flowed into the drip. So a few nurses (i think about 4 nurses) came and held him down to squeeze the blood out from the drip and redo the drip tube. My son can really SHOUT. Now whenever he is not happy about something he wil shout.Kepala pun pusing, i tell you.

HL cancelled his important meeting and came to the hospital.Just when we though we can go home, suddenly J pooped all over the floor alhtough he is wearing diaper.So doctor said " wait for another day". So we spent another night and I slept with him in the cot with the cot-sides up. He was tossing and turning the whole night so the whole night i was detangling the tube so that it wont block the drip or cause the blood to back flow.HL even brought my laptop so that Lil J can watch his Barney shows. He was so happy that he clapped his hands although the right hand is all bundled up like a boxing glove.

Doctor came at 930 just like what he had promised and he said "Okay, you can go home!" Boy, we're so relieved. They removed Lil J's drip line and he began to run around in the ward. But he was weak so he walked like orang mabuk. He walked and walked and end up reaching to this door. Once the door was opened, he removed his pacifier and said "MAMMM MAMMM!!!!" Yeah we have reached the cafeteria. He ran and wanted to climb onto a chair. So i picked him up and he was pointing at all the food at the counter and said "mamm maaam, maaam maaam, mammm maaa" non stop. I bought him a pau and he took some of the pau and started to stand up on the baby chair. I used to be irritated when he does that, but today it's a relief that he is doing this.At least he is himself again.

Playing on the hosp bed after they took out the line.

We came home and he played with his toys like he missed them so much and he watched his Barney and slept in his own bed. My sis-MH came over for a visit and just when we decided to go for dinner in Tesco, Lil J pooped again. That was the first time after he came back from the hospital. We decided to let him recover slowly by himself because even when teething baby tends to get diarrhea. Just as long as he is not vomiting and he is taking food, it's ok. So we're controlling his diet and praying that he will get better soon. He refused to drink the Lactose free Milk ( i guess it's tasteless) and want to eat porridge and drink his normal milk. Probably that's why he is still purging. He eats and drink in small portions and sleep for a short while but more often. Well, I guess he is very tired. We're all so tired now. HL said that he felt like he is so useless cause he took care of the small one for only one night and he is sick like this. Seriously I don't blame him, even if I'm around I think this will happen too. At least the small one is more manja and wanted his Dadi not like last time.

Aiyoh, MY SON!! Please get well soon la!