Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Dadi & I

HL is getting ready to take care of Jayden while I'm away in Vietnam on the 29th and 30th May. So he's been trying to play and spend a lil more time with Jayden (practise lar). At first he was feeling awkward and didn't know how to play with Jayden. But after a few round of playing with the shape sorters and giggles, they sort of bond and know how to play with each other. Once Jayden tried to put one of the shapes into HL's belly button. Didn't managed to snap that picture but I tell you, it was hilarious!

Anyway I tried to scrap using the pics I have snapped last night. I came out with this scrap and i didn't like it.

And i came to office this morning and re-scrapped it.


Yeah, this lil boy got invited to attend Mami's fren's kids bday party last weekend. He was extremely shy, don't know why. Anyway, he got kissed twice by Rachel. Haha. Look at how shy this guy was?

It was a blast and I think he really enjoyed playing with the balloons there!

Oh yah, Happy Birthday to Rachel this coming 27th May 2007!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Can't get enuff of this guy!

Just can't get enough of this guy! I can snap snap and snap pictures and pictures and i can go on and on. (maybe its time to invest in a more high-tech camera, maybe i should take over HL's camera since he is not using it).

And why not give it a twist and add a lil something of my own by scrapping it. Still very amature in scrapping but i just love doing things like this. Noticed that I have my own style, which is simple and empty kind of scrap. Haha!

Okay just a lil note of my notty boy latest notty doings.

Refused to hold his own bottle when we're travelling to my mum's last week. He just let the bottle hang onto the bar and sway here and there when i turn. And when the bottle fall down, he will cry and i gotto look for the bottle and try to find his mouth while I'm driving. Notty eh?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

This Mami Day is no FUN! They locked me in the house. Dun let me go out to play the fire! You see, They play with this!

And then My Popo came back late from Ipoh. I'm so happy to see her. Because she will bring me to play water at the sink! And then my PoPo said "Okay, i want to change clothes" And she went into the room, my Mami asked me to bring a flower for her. So i went around the house and look for her. And then when i saw her , she said "Wah Got Flower!" But i dropped it on the floor. Of cos la, hold flower how to ask her to carry me jek?

And then Jeremy KoKo said "yeah". Wah my Mami brought a cake out, ICE CREAM CAKE AH!!!!!!! and then we sang Happy Birthday song cos Jeremy KoKo loves to sing Happy Birthday song and blow candle.

And we took picture.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Mami's Crazy Over Girls.

Jayden wrote:

Uwaaaa. My Mami been scrapping for girls! I sked! I Sked!
I Sked she wanna make another baby and leave me. UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Mami Says:

No Jayden Boy. Mami loves you very much. Mami just wanna do
this for fun okay? Not making another girl..yet.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I asked his dad to help to take care of him while I sweep the floor. But this lil rascal refused to stay on the bed. So he came and disturbed me and guess what? He fell down and bit his own lips. His dadi picked him up and surprisingly , his mouth was filled with blood. We thought that he broke his teeth but after wiping all the blood away, we noticed that there was a big cut on his lips. Crying non stop, we offered him his Barney DVD and a bottle of Yakult. He stopped crying immediately, lied down and drank his Yakult while watching his show. And after that he reached for his pacifier and scratched his tummy ....So relaxed...That's his way of chillin'...

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Multipurpose Trolley

Dadi bought me a trolley to learn how to walk. And then 1 week later I can walk by myself. So I don't need the trolley anymore. And then I start to climb on it and mami smack my bum bum because she say i will fall down. So one day when I was walking around while eating my porridge, she asked me to sit down.

So i sit down and watch my tv while I have my porridge lor.

Good boy or not?

Monday, May 07, 2007


Remember Jayden used to put my handfone right at the back of his head?
Now he is better, more accurate.
He can put it right at his ears and say "hwwwoooooooooooooooo???" while sucking his pacifier.

But something is wrong.

You tell me what's wrong.

Friday, May 04, 2007

I'm Well Again!

YAY! I'm so much better! I can run! I can jump (but my leg still touches the floor), i can eat, eat rice, eat porridge, eat grapes, eat watermelon, eat raisins, eat biscuits, eat chicken rice, eat so many things!!!!!!!! and now i drink alot of nen nen also. YAY!

But my mami sick

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Lil Bit Better

Jayden wrote:
Thank Kiu all Aunty and Uncle for your wishes.

I came home on Monday and i was greeted with this

He was better and at least he was trying to smile. However his fever was still up and down till yesterday. We have not given him any suppository today and hope that we wont have to give him anymore! He lost so much weight, just when he just gained a lil weight. *sigh*so sakit hati to see him so skinny. (not that he used to be chubby,haha) But you can really see guitar string and he walks so wobbly like a jello.

Yesterday was Wesak Day and we brought him to the nearby temple for praying. Sorry I'm very short so can only take back pictures.

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After kena renjis renjis the water, both Cs was all wet. But I guess Lil J was abit confused. "eh why play water geh?"

Hope tat my next post will be about him up and running and doing his monkey stuff!