Monday, August 02, 2010

So buy new one?

I was telling him the story about Hansel & Gretel the other night, and ...

Me:so... Hansel and Gretel reached home and say the papa. The papa was so happy that the kids came home and told them Your Stepmother died last week. No one will ever break us apart now! THE END...

Jayden: the papa gotto go and buy a new step mother lor?

Me: O.o aiyoh not buy la.. go find la.

Jayden: find from where?

Me: errr just walk walk around see then like then boy friend girlfriend and get married then become step mother la.

Jayden: mami mami what are you doing?

Me: aiyoh I'm having headache la..going to die edi.

Jayden: Oh when mami die ohdi, dadi will go and buy a new stepmother for me and titi.

Me: O.o