Friday, May 30, 2008

He is A-Ok!

Jayden boy, mami is really proud of you. You're slowly adjusting to the daycare life and everyday you looked more and more matured. I cannot help it but to ask you to stand at the school's staircase and snap a picture of you.


Today, teacher praised you and said that you're a clever boy. Saying that you always make sure that the door were closed.

Teacher also said that you're a good boy because you insisted to eat on your own when some of your friends asked the teachers to feed them.

Although you still whine a 'lil everyday after I left you in school, you will settle down and began to blend in.

And the cutest thing you ever did today was, you kissed teacher Mani on her cheeks to say goodbye.

All these little action you did indicated to me that you will be A-OK in school. :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Little Picaso

They said that kids should start writting/drawing in circles. Then up to a certain age, they should know how to draw straight lines. I'm not worried about Jayden cos he can certainly draw straight lines...


But he likes it on his thigh. *slap forehead*

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Mami said I'm always on the run. Always so busy and moving so fast. That is because according to an aunty that day, my brain works 2 times more than adult. That's why I am constantly moving. Cos i wanna see more things and learn more things. Now you know why I'm so busy?

This is me visting Terry. My neighbour's dog. She's nice...but shy

And then I will run opposite to look for Panda. She's also a nice dog and shy one too.
Mami says I look like my dadi when he was young in this pic. Especially the eyes.

And then I'll run back to Terry's side again. And then Panda's side again. And then Mami said "okay enough...i cannot catch up with you anymore. let's go home".

Sigh..I think she's getting fatter and fatter each day. Sikit sikit also say tired.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

It's been a week...

It's been a week since Jayden went to school.  He's coping well in school. Teacher said that he loves Alphabet and he usually shout very loudly if he knows the alphabets.

For the first week, he didn't cry but this week he started to cry whenever I said "Bye". He'll grab onto my leg or jumped on me and refused to let go.

Sometimes he'll be extremely happy when he see the sch building and walk in happily. But the other day, he hugged me tight in the carpark and then he let go and walked in himself. Awwwww....

Everyday I'll fetch him at 11.30am, send him to nanny's house , buy lunch and go back to work and eat my lunch at work. That's for the time being until he is switched to daycare. Usually I'll wait with him in the sch compound until the bell rings. But yesterday I waited outside the gate. Once he saw me he started to ask me to "save" him.

The teacher was so afraid that he might hurt himself. So asked him not to open the gate cover. And he whine....and whined...

Then he cannot stand it anymore and he cried and said "MA!!! Shhhhhhhh!! Ma!!!! Shhhhh!" Calling and me and telling himself not to cry at the same time. *sigh* Kesian (pity him) but then it's kinda cute the way he wanted to cry but he stopped himself from crying at the same time.

Friday, May 02, 2008

You know that he's in a good mood when...

he start to sing and laugh by himself like this!

On the way home from nanny's...

This is how we used to spend some time together, walking home from nanny's place. He'll read the car plate numbers, look around for tree, for cat, for dogs, for his dadidi's car and for my neighbour whom he calls aunty too.

Just wanna show this to him when he is older, to show him how he used to run when I asked him not to, how he talk with his cute little voice when his mouth is so big, and how he called his dadi, dadidi.