Thursday, January 24, 2008

2 more months to go!

Happpy 22 months Lil'J! In 2 months time you will be blowing your birthday candles again!

So what's new with Lil J?

He is now 11.3 kgs. I always thought that he is 10kgs. Hahaha cos I cannot see the difference. The only thing i realized is that his hair grew very fast this month. He just had his hair cut 2 weeks ago and now its long again. But still he looks very skinny, but as long as he's healthy , it's okay la!

Jayden speech is slowly improving. He can:

Count WA.......*pause* WEEEEEE! (one two three!) and throw the ball. He loves Baby Einstein's number nursery. He can on and play the DVD, and each time he will say OKAY OKAY! and walk to the bed and sit down, waiting for the show to start. Then when the show start he will say YEAHHHHH!!!!!

Says Okay! Okay! all the time!
Says KA KA? for kau kau (sleep)
Says KA! KA! for Kai Kai (shopping, jalan jalan)
Says Muck Muck Muck for Quack Quack Quack (duck)
Says WoWo for BoBo and the rest of the dogs.
Says CHACHA just for our dog, ChaCha.
Says Oh Look! Oh Look! when he wants us to see something. Picked it up from our Bangkok trip.
Says CHICHI (for chutchut) with a shy face. Maybe he is shy to ask for it also ? :P
Says Yo Tai for red light! he gets very excited when we reach red light!
Says Oh O! when he /we dropped something on the floor. (will blog about his Oh O later)

When he does something, he will only do it with the person that taught him. For example, he will only let my BIL play the remote control car and not his dadi. If his dadi hold the remote control he will take it back and pass it to my BIL (oliver). Like me, Itaught him about animals so he will ask me to hold one animal while he hold one and we pretend to sing song. Dadi cannot do it, only mami can. :D

He loves our dog ChaCha. Once, I shaved chacha bald and he came running shouting CHACHA! looking for her. He cannot recognise her anymore. Dadi told him that Chacha is in the basket (the fur that I've just shaved off) and he stood there looking at the fur calling "chacha?" for so long. He even wanted to hug the fur in the basket. And the poor dog is standing next to him wagging her tail, waiting for Jayden to hug her. So for few days they missed each other although they were in the same house. So one day, Chacha's hair grew longer and Jayden said "CHA CHA!!!" And hugged her and also... errrr

Sit on her. And she lets him do it. And they became good friends again...

Pic: Offering his grapes to me!

He loves fruit and hates things like Jelly, Pudding, Cincau those wiggly food. Exactly the same as my brother. I have no idea why.
He loves chips esp arrowhead chip that my mum fried for CNY. CNY not here yet but the chips are gone already! He knows where to get them!
He loves fries and nuggets so maybe we can have the party in McD?

He still eats with his hands but he will hold the spoon and eat with his hands. He will only use spoon for Ice Cream.:D He is quite good with eating by himself but we still feed him just to make sure he gets his nutrient. Last time he used to dirty his clothes but he is getting better now. And he likes to drink water using cup. So we're training him to hold the cup and drink by himself, by pouring little bit by little bit into the cup for him. Sometimes he gets too excited and will pour water all over himself but nevermind la....mandi after that or just change clothes la.

He sleeps by himself. But sometimes he will come over to ours and roll-roll abit and when we off the light the lil boy will wiggle down and go back to his own bed to sleep. And yes, he still loves his Elmo pillow. :D

That's all I can think of now. Will update more when my brain is functioning again :P

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Remember I said I want to teach him to say Orange?

Well, as planned I bought 2 oranges from the supermarket and sliced it up real nicely and another one left it untouched. So i showed it to him and immediately he said AHPUH!

I told him "No Jayden. Not Apple. This is OOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAANGEEEEEEEEEE

He looked at me.

Blinked his eyes.

And he opened his mouth and said ...


At this moment, in my heart I was saying "YES! YES! He's gonna say it!"

And he continued to say



Okayla...Oti, Oti la. As long he knows that Orange is not Apple.

No not gonna teach him COCONUT. I think I will go botak! Hahahahahah
Just wanted to show you guys that he can carry a coconut by himself while he has another spoon in the hand. My son quite strong eh? But what happened to the muscle?