Wednesday, July 15, 2009

But I have 2.....

Last night we're goofying in Jayden's room. I carried and swung him around. Then he asked for 2nd time. Not easy to carry a 15kg guy and swing him around you know?

Jayden: mami please can I carry you? ( Can you carry me)

Me: Cannot la.. One time one day okay?

Jayden: 2 times please..

Me: Cannot la. My back pain edi.

Jayden: pls..... *start to kick*

Me: hmmmmm how many kukubird do you have?

Jayden: ONE!

Me: Then one kukubird means one day swing one time only okay? If got 2 kukubirds then swing 2 times. (i know it doesn't make any sense but then what the heck right? for fun of it!)

Jayden: But I have 2 kukuballs!

Me: Ohhhhhhhh *stoned think think faster!* No No Kukuballs not counted!

Jayden: I have 3 bumbums! *cheeky smile*

Me: hahhaha since when you have 3 bumbums?! Only count kukubird okay?

Jayden: hehe okay!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Mami can you spell SUN?

Can you spell sun?

Can you spell cloud?

Can you spell this?

Can you spell that?

Don't try and trick him, he knows.

Today he tried to trick me to colour the sun for him. hehe cheeky lil fler!

Mami can you draw the sun? He drew very fine lines of the sun and I draw darker lines of the sun shining out.

I told him " You colour the sun okay? Mami gotto work"

Then he said "all done"

And I saw this:

He drew eyes, nose and mouth for the sun. Not bad eh?

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What is....

Jayden: What is bangun pagi?
Me: I don't know.
Jayden: Wake up. What is gosok gigi?
Me: Wash face.
Jayden: No. brush teeth. What is cuci muka?
Me: Dunno? Eat something:
Jayden: Wash face. What is makan loti?
Me: drink kopi.
Jayden: No. Eat bread.
Me: You eat bread in the morning meh?
Jayden: No eat egg. What is minum susu?
Me: drink milk lor...
Jayden: No drink MILO.
Me: Then you must say minum MILO. not minum susu.
Jayden: *irritated* what is pakai baju?
Me: Go school lor.
Jayden: Wear clothes! What is pergi sekolahhhh?
Me: sleep
Jayden: Go school! ......what is suka hati?
Me: Happy!
Jayden: *big smile* yes happy!

Oh its Penguin!

In the car...

Me: Nahh Jayden you better sit properly. If not the policeman will catch you and put you in jail.
Jayden: Oh it's Penguin! Jail. Dowan.
Maid: Policeman la...
Jayden: Oh it's Penguin! *giggle*

Not the only time he said that. Whenever we mentioned policeman he'd say "Oh, It's Penguin". Why? I have no idea until I looked at a penguin pic. Ah......

Possible answer:
Black and White?
Big Belly?

Or maybe both. hehe

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Same Same With Best Friend

Nowadays he likes to go out dressing like this.


Cos he wanna look same same like his best friend, who is also his cousin Jeremy. And then he like to put his hand to the back. You know why?


Cos he need to hold his Thomas bag. Very heavy ler.. Jeremy also has one but he dind't carry it when he posed for me.

He will select which trains to bring out and he'd play with them while having dinner. And his best friend will play with his Pokemon toys.

Anything ler as long as sit quietly and let us eat our dinner peacefully. :)

Friday, July 03, 2009

Dadi's bday

It was HL's bday last 24th June. Before the day came, Jayden started to play with some dough and he made this and sang birthday songs to me and also to HL.



yeap it was THAT hot in msia especially in my working room because I don't have an air cond in my working room (save cost!)

The night came and we went out to celebrate at this place called TREEHOUSE BISTRO in Damansara Utama. We're THE ONLY customer that night due to the weather. It was pouring that night.


He refused to take picture with anyone.

HL's order came. Carbonara!

And guess who finished it? He had his dinner at home before he came to this place you know?


After dinner we thought, hey what about a family pic?



Failed big time. He just won't look at the camera. That's until mami said.. " Don't make me angry. NOW LOOK AT THE CAMERA AND SMILE!"


See? Gotto force then only smile. Very fake smile but better than none! haha

After that we went home and surprised HL with a tiny cake. The cake shop forgot to give us a candle. So Jayden went and get a candle..


I love this picture...

Its the body gesture and the eye contact that tells me that they love each other so much.

And this is a video of Jayden singing the bday song. Listen to what he said carefully.

He sang a few times and got it right the 2nd time onwards. He was having fun singing and also blowing the candles that night. Guess when we're old and have kids, our kids will enjoy our bday more than ourselves. Haha