Sunday, February 25, 2007

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

First of all, Let Jasmine wish you Happy Oink Oink New Year!!!!!

Jayden, of course had lotsa fun!Yeah. CNY gonna end in a few more days. The kids had gone back to school and we'll start work on Monday. Spent the entire 10 days taking care of my lil one is reaaaaally tiring but very enjoyable since i get to see him all the time, cook porridge for him, and so much more. We celebrated his 11th month at the same time as cny. See how much he has changed..

You know what i love the most during this holiday? I get to see Jayden's first 2 steps. He is beginning to walk and of course he will boink his head and buttock once in a while while trying to walk. But that's the process of growing up right?

We're still thinking how to celebrate his birthday next month. Maybe we'll cater and do a simple bday party at home, or just have a quite dinner outside? Hmmm..Kepala pusing. Anyway, Jayden received his first birthday pressie from London, from my blogger friend~Wendy. So nice of her!

Oh ya...we went for a short 1 night holiday in Port Dickson. Managed to get a room last minute in Legend Water Chalet Resort. My other grandma stayed over in our place so she joined us, plus Oliver's mom too who happens to be in the resort next door with Uncle. She was so bored over there, she came over. So in total, 10 adults, 3 kids in 2 rooms. And how we managed to get everyone into the rooms? I'll show you.

1 king Bed + 1 queen Bed + Sleeping Bags + Extra Tilam = 10 adults + 3 kids. The only inconvinient thing about the room was the toilet (bathing ) area was open concept. So whoever who's bathing gotto lock everyone out of the room or inside the room. Mah Fan!

The kids love the glass floor...

And the adults too! Esp when the water goes down, we can see crab, sotong, fish swimming underneath the room. We even went hunting for crabs. We end up with 2 big sea cucumber and a few small crabs. Since we don't know what to do with the sea cucumber, we threw it back to the sea.

Jayden loves the view....water everywhere.

Jayden loves the pool! Forgot to bring his swimming simply wore a pair of shorts for a dip.

Jayden and me,look at his face~so tired.

And he "lou sang" for the first time.

Overall, we had fun staying in the resort together -gether during cny. This year we had a very quite cny since grandma is not with us for the first time. Although its a quite year, Jayden managed to get ard 400 bucks of he's richer than his mum and dad. Haha!

Saturday, February 17, 2007


GONG XI FA CHAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Are you ready?

Are you ready for CNY? Jayden is ready. He just went for a haircut last Sunday in Hartamas.

At first his Dadi refused to let a barber cut his precious son's hair. Say might look ugly (how ugly can it be? Not much hair also!) Then while we were shopping around Hartamas area last Sunday, so happened we walked pass an Indian barber shop at 9pm++, suddenly Dadi said, come let go cut hair. It was written there that children's haircut is RM7. (okay ma...) So the indian barber placed Jayden on top of a small stool , on top of the big chair. He quietly sat down and didn't fuss at all, although he was very cranky and sleepy at that time. "Wokay! Apa Style Mau?" He asked. I was like "errrr kasi Stylo Mylo Sikit!". I was thinking...what hairstyle can make la..with this little hair? Hahahahhaha ...So Shiak! Shiak! NGEEHHHH ! NGEEHH!!! The sound of the scissors and the shaver, and he still didn't move. Even when the guy tilt his head left and right, he just obliged and follow. So good Boy!!! And he charges us RM5 (guilty la tu..cos Jayden got so lil hair! Haha)

So Jayden is ready for Cny..Are you ready?

Anyway, just wanna say thank you to all of you that Voted for him in Kindergarten Malaysia Baby Contest. He won consolation prize-RM10 voucher. Arrived in the this is what it looked like now..
GONG XI FA CHAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valentines Day

We went to a Mediterranian Restaurant for Makan Makan to celebrate Valentines Day. And looked who enjoyed it more!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007


My once very nicely done room is no longer nice and it doesn't look like an adult room anymore. Everywhere you turn, you'll see a toy. We shifted out bed to the side, touching the wall so that if Jayden is sleeping with us, he won't fall down from the bed. In another words, let him sleep nearest to the wall and lock him there. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO he can wiggle wiggle and wiggle, go on top of you, over you and hang half way , with half body on the bed or your body and another half hanging in the air. Scared the hell out of me the other night when i woke up and he's gonna fall down. Imagine i was half asleep and went like ARGHHHHH!!!!HEELP!!!!!!!!!!BB!!!!!!!!!!!!FASTER!!!!!!!!!! and hubby was like..Ah? WHAT?WHAT? and managed to grab his leg. PHEW!!!!!!!!!!! otherwise..another bungalow. I wanna teach and train him to sleep on his own bed.but Nooooooooooo sticks to us like glue. *sigh*

So everything to the wall, even in our dining room. Make way for Mr Jayden Chan! So he roam freely whereever he feels like it. Dadi says wanna make more room for him to play and also easier to jaga him I guess its a mistake..cos now he gotto run and catch the little monster! hahah Guess hubby will loose the tummy soon? hahahahah
Anyway, I HAVE TO SHARE THESE PICS!!! I love them, just took it a few hours ago...Was trying to see if the Cny clothes fit him properly or not..then i have to wash em before he wears it on CNY....

Hallo? Where did i called ah?New Zealand or Switzerland ah? Both the shirt and jeans costs a bomb! Even thought it's at 50% discount!

This is cheaper..Only RM 19..but still more expensive than Dadi and Mami's shirt...

The backview..see why we have to run here and there? This guy grabs and pulls everything he sees!
Dadi got so tired of chasing after this lil monster...after changing into pajamas..straight into the laundry basket! Look at hime happy to be in a basket!

Look at Dadi's sleepy eyes...Ever since Jayden was born..his eyes have always been like this. Not enough sleep. Always tired and sleepy...

This was my FAVOURITE SHOT! Both smiling at the same time!

Jayden doing his Hulk Hogan Signature teeth grinding action again...GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

This is our pussy willow bought from Ikea. Dressed it up with ribbons and whatever i can find from my store room.

One of it is my rose buds that I've used for my flowers girls headband during my wedding. After 2 years it's still okay and looked brand new. Okay ma...looked like MUI FA right? HAHAHHAHA

And after all this pictures..i just realized that I didn't buy anything for myself for CNY. *Sigh*

Friday, February 09, 2007

A Scrap for Jayden Boy

Jayden fren's (Irfan) mummy liked the picture so much. She asked me for it and made a scrap with it. Look how nice it is! That is his signature look nowadays. Always trying to make funny faces and he understand what we say more and will purposely do opposite what we asked him not to!

He's extremely notty nowadays. Every morning when i reached the nanny's place, she will say, your son is so notty. When i go and pick him up, she will say, your son is SOOO notty! The next morning, she wil say Your son is the nottiest kid i ever jaga. I've looked after so many and I have never met anyone as notty as your son. So everyday is the same complaint. Every single day! I was like..yeah he IS notty. Anything new?

Dadi is so scared if he needs to take care of him. If there's a white underwear around, i guess he will make a "surrender" flag to surrender. Jayden is one fella that will not stop for even one second. He will toss and turn and lunged out towards something he likes when u're carrying him. That explain why he can't gain weight. He eats mostly everything we eat except chilly.

He is starting to talk..or at least trying. He says hwo..? for hello when is playing with our handphone. He says wheh? for where when his toys is missing or rolled somewhere. And he sings..and this morning in the nanny's house, i saw him dancing for the first time. He looked so funny with his Big Diaper and super big T (for sleeping). Jumping and Dancing with his mouth wide open with his 4 teeth showing and giggling at the same time. Boy, i miss him already!

He loves to play in the car! Everyday when i stopped the car, he will stand up and ask me to carry him to play with the steering wheels. Signal la...wiper la.. radio la.

And this is him with his HUM SUP look. Hehehe

Really looked like a rascal! Like what greatgrandpa always calls his grand children..Rascals!

His Dadi cannot tahan gotto put him in the laundry basket cos he is taking out all our clean clothes from the basket. Here's a video of him messing helping me to do my laundry. He will take out all the laundry piece by piece and throw it all over the floor. And he was so occupied with this for the whole night.

Monday, February 05, 2007


Next time you call and you can hear someone should know who picked up the call..

See that he put the handfone behind his head...over shot his ears..hahah

And he did the "berak" action again..trying to press hard hard like his "opening rambutan" act the other day.