Monday, May 04, 2009

Hold Your Birdie


It's been a month since Jayden is potty trained. I started to train him during the school holiday one week before his 3rd Birthday cos I see him 24 hours compared to time when he goes to school in the morning and only comes home at 11.30am.

It started with non-sleeping time for a week and he goes to nap with diaper. And then diaperless even during napping time. But he did woke up a few times soaked with urine but he got the idea after a few times. And he will wake up and tell me "Mami, I want Shee Shee", pee and go back to nap.

He used to ask me to help him cos he was so short and couldn't reach the toilet bowl. Then he started going to the toilet by himself by lifting one of his leg up and bend forward to pee in the toilet. After a month, he can stand and pee by himself. How come he can grow so tall in just a month? I really have no idea.

Now, he will announce to me "Mami! I want Shee Shee!" and I'll help him to remove his pants or help him to "search" for his birdie and he'll run to the toilet while saying.. "hold YOUR (MY) oWn birdie!" Hehe..

Oh how about going out time? Also diaperless but gotto stand by some plastic bag in our bag for the just-in-case moments *wink*

I can say training him when we're both ready (as in he understand what is happening and I'm being not so mental) make things easier for the two of us. Now I am just waiting for him to go to toilet himself (as in knowing how to stop announcing to me, needing me to remove his pants for him) to train him to go diaperless at night.



I have just started on the daytime training. Eeks ..long way to go lar!

mommy to chumsy said...

well done jay!!! :D

Ann said...

Wow....great acheivement indeed!!!

And how do they grow so tall so fast...I also wonder! But sure is a great sign!!

Great great great indeed!!!

KK and WS said...

Each kiddo has their own time when it comes to toilet train. No need to rush Jayden if he is not ready....:-)

coffeesncookies said...

Well done ! Now, you'll start saving lots of diaper money :)