Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Do you like.....

Mami: Do you like Mami or Dadi?
Jayden: Mami!!!
Dadi: Jayden...Jayden do you like mami or dadi?
Jayden: Mami!
Dadi: Do you like Dadi or mami? (trying to twist the question and trick his son here..)
Jayden: Mami!
Dadi: :(
Mami: Muahahahahahahah

Mami 1 , Dadi 0


Blur Angel said...

Mami 3 , Dadi 0 laaaa

2ma said...

yeah!! happy mami!!!

Merryn said...

aiyo.. kesian daddy!!! must do more to gain his votes! hahahahha..